The Healing Power of Music is Unlike any Other Form of Treatment
Music therapy is a combination of the art of music and intervention treatment (psychology). It is the only sensory medium that can activate all areas of the brain at the same time, which triggers the development of new neuropathways for healing and wellness.

Our music therapy treatments are expansive and personalized, which helps patients see benefits faster and makes treatment more effective than treatment without music. The benefits of music therapy are beneficial for everyone and have been documented healing people with a wide variety of conditions:

Therapy for those with Autism, Alzheimer’s, and dementia; brain injuries, stroke, stress, depression, and addiction.
Music therapy is so powerful it can reduce the use of pharmaceuticals and medicine for many conditions and can completely change your mood and your life.
Companies are seeing positive effects in their workplace with improved employee morale, stress reduction, increased ability to focus and a relief from anxiety.
Healthy individuals can use music as a wellness tool for stress reduction and relaxation.

Where It Started
Music Therapy started around the time of WWI to serve Post Traumatic Stress soldiers returning from the front lines. Musicians were hired into the hospitals in Europe to play for the wounded and emotionally traumatized patients. The doctors and nurses noticed how the music was positively affecting these soldiers and relieving the symptoms of PTSD. The musicians noticed too and were inspired by the improvements. Talking among themselves, musicians realized they needed to conduct research and training and determine what types of music and music therapy techniques helped the most. Since then, Music Therapy has evolved and is now facilitated by certified music therapists to affect positive health and wellness changes in the patients being served.
How Does It Work?
Music Therapy is a psychological and clinical intervention prescribed that uses body-sound-non-verbal expressions to develop a relational bond between the therapist and the people who need help to improve their quality of life, from physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive to social conditions.

Many clinical studies have shown that Music Therapy can improve social behaviors, increase focus and attention, and communication, reduce anxiety and improve body awareness and coordination for children and young adults with Autism and other social communication disorders. Music therapy becomes a new communication channel for special needs people.

Utilizing the European Certification Model with a Worldwide Presence
Athena is the only organization in the U.S. and Asia that offers music therapy certification through the European Certification Board.

The European Music Therapy philosophy is a mix of studies from different cultures of the old continent. Our certified therapists have a unique and very rich clinical and non-clinical experience learning different models and cultures and providing a more holistic treatment of the mind and body.

Our global business model of education, treatment, and wellness is delivered across three continents: North America, Europe, and Asia.

Music Therapy Will Make A Difference
Music Therapy is a fundamental attribute to improve the quality of the life of children, adults and seniors, with special needs. Virtually all cultures, from the most primitive to the most advanced, make music. It’s been true through history, and it’s true throughout an individual’s lifespan.

Music is a part of our daily life. Music Therapy takes us to the core of ourselves and has shown capabilities for great change globally for all humans health and happiness. Music Therapy benefits everyone.