21 secrets of success and happiness

Needing to be right all the time can be extremely limiting and energy consuming. It is being open that anything can happen, yet at the same time confident that “I can do something positive with anything that comes”. If they turn out to be easy, I`m happy; if they turn out to be hard… well, no surprises here. Living day by day with a higher direction in mind, yet with our feet on the ground, seems to be the balance point between present and future. Your happiness is where your values are. It is not about blindly believing that things will always turn out the best. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. 0000003741 00000 n Here’s what’s fascinating: The dogs are then moved to a new area and taught a new way to avoid the shocks. In the beginning, you will succeed only for a few seconds. Yes, even emotions like stress, anger, envy, can be used for something positive, as motivators for action. They are your map for every single decision in your life.

Commit to making 3 simple changes to increase their power. If somebody did something bad to us, we cannot start believing that they simply didn’t do that (we actually can, but that’s delusional); but we can change our belief about what that means to us. 0000002747 00000 n And the skills we need to learn is that of changing our “explanatory styles”, which is how we chose to talk to ourselves when interpreting what’s happening.

Action step: Start looking for ways to develop your spirituality, a deeper perspective and values in life. The good news is that you can learn every one of these principles by Our body is fed by food, water, and other elements; our mind is fed through ideas and the five senses. Even for your kids. The inability to say no is actually rooted in fear. 25 Key Traits to Millionaire Success. Happy are those that are bigger than their fears. Action step: Are you struggling to accept some major reality in yourself or your life? Some mindsets empower a life of success and fulfilment; others create difficulties and pain. Our second dog “learns” that he is helpless in the face of these shocks. It is the kind of per-son you have to become to earn that money and then hold on to it. Understanding how often we are wrong makes us be more compassionate towards ourselves. Years later the same kids were interviewed, and Goleman discovered that their ability to delay gratification  revealed a great deal about the trajectory that child would likely take in their lives.

Yes, wellbeing and happiness is a matter of choice.

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