a troll in central park script

Troll Guard 3: Silence! Gus puts his toy boat in the water, and Rosie holds the remote control. [(Gnorga growls)] Horrible creature, isn't she! And, uh...duelists? As the trolls again start demanding Stanley, the Digimon and the duelists to be turned to stone, Gnorga smacks the turtle in the rear only to tell it to sit still as she gets ready to think of a punishment for them. So, uh... Stanley and our heroes are in big trouble for it as Llort continue to discuss on how to punish them. (stomping his foot on the floor) It always has to be later! Stanley tells the squirrel to wait here while he goes back into the bridge to show him something. Joey (impressed with Leonardo's comment): Ha ha ha! Good-bye. Here, take the wheel. Rocksteady: What should we do about all of them without Stanley, boss? Dom Inside the darkness of the cocoon... Agumon: Stanley, why not you, me and Yugi come out first, then the others will go next. Joey: If we get out of this cave, our sizes will be changed back to normal magically. Troll: Hello, my pretties. Llort (to Stanley): Stanley, uh, because you have repeatedly...repeatedly... Gnorga (encouraging Llort with adding more words): Disobeyed? They were safe when a skateboarder came by and chased them until they landed on their backs on his skateboard. Pastor Galswells: Young man, learn your vows. The Pirates of the Caribbean, or Peter Pan? Agumon: Let him be, guys. Gomamon: Yeah!

Stop being such a scaredy-cat! Another, THE PENGUIN STORY, has just been announced. Don't you know dreams are fragile things? Gus gasps to see that he and Rosy are going back to Gnorga while she laughs wickedly again getting to them. Gomamon also saw what's happening and become horrified. I like it a lot. Gentlemen, first. That's impossible! Welcome one and all. Maddie: Previet, Vladmir. Do you see what we see? generous amount of comedy, a little bit of terror, and a lot of After finding it which turns out to be a perfect place for Gnorga, Llort and the Foot Clan mutants to make a trap for Stanley, Gus and our heroes are climbing up to it to save Rosie with some help from the flowers, the turtles and Splinter. One is a man, and the other is a woman. Tea: Maybe you're right.

Why are you crying? Stanley: Hey, come on, come on. Llort: Not a hint. See this boat? Yugi: He even believe it wasn't our fault. Llort also appear from the same rock and on his bike with shield, and they started following the children. On the other side of the bridge, Rosie was still having some fun with the butterfly. Rosie begins to drink her milk, but although she got what she wants, the little girl still feels sad. She's a baby. Stanley: No way. Rosie sad face then turns into a smile and laughs while Gus tries to figure a way to fix his boat with an annoyed look towards the flowers. Agumon: It's got to be a bottomless pit down below. (to Gnorga): Nothing, just something from the swamp, my dear! Stanley (coming to Rosie and putting his hat back on): Oh, now look what you have done. My fur's gonna get wet and I'm gonna stink. SATYRDAY Palmon: He did used to serve Devimon, but his heart is as good as gold. Rosie laughs with joy as Gus looks at the inside of the cave with a confused look on his face. (laughing). Troll: Now that you introduced yourselves to me, I think I should introduce myself to you.

Once outside, the Digi-Squad and duelists manage to catch up to Gus and the flowers. But suddenly, water then goes under Stanley, and the good troll then looks down onto the floor and gasps. Troll Guard: Oh, you'll see, lizard boy! Bebop: Me too, but's that's on Oith (Earth). Agumon: Gennai said to me that our next mission is to go to the Planet Monstressor in a galaxy far, far away from Earth.

Inside the apartment and right in the living room, the man, whose name is Alan, was very foolish even though he didn't look where his brief case was and laughed. Gnorga: Llort, you idiot. It looks different, or a bit the same. Oh, oh! Your mother and I thought we thought of fun things we can do today. Agumon: By the way, Gus. [(his thumb touches the patch to create a rose)] That's nice. For this garden needs a big Rosie Posie.

Stanley: Oh, uh, no! Even though the flowers always come up from the ground. Got that? Don't you understand? Why, that's what you told me about before. With a sign, Stanley then tries to think of something else, and in no time, he has an idea. Rocksteady: Ooh, ooh! Are you going to accept your dad's promise this time? That's for sure. As the dogs are still in pursuit of them, Stanley, the Digital Monsters and the duelists jumped up onto a gate and up a tree to lose them. (looking around): Oh, um, I'm afraid they've gone out to find Stanley and the Digi-Squad. So Gus, the flowers, Splinter, the turtles, the Digi-Squad and the duelists halt by the bars to watch Gnorga, Llort, Bebop and Rocksteady when they hear the troll queen complaining about the villains' one last effort to get Stanley and let her turn him to stone in addition to destroying the Digimon and their friends. Tea (frustrated): That wicked old witch who threatened us?

Rocksteady: Uh-oh! Troll. Back at the site of an abandoned building where the battle with Gnorga and the Foot Clan is won by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and our heroes, Rocksteady and Bebop are still stuck in the cement pile. Flowers: Troll, troll! An angry Gnorga attempted to turn Rosie to stone, but Llort restrained her by holding our, making her fire purple sparks all over the place, prompting the mutants to dodge. I sure wish it be one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Toitles we have nearly fought on the orders of Shredder and Krang. (chuckles) Hey, wait a minute! Tea (whispering): Keep quiet, Tristan! While Gnorga and the mutant quarrel among themselves indistinctly, Gus and the flowers with the Digimon, the duelists and the turtles from behind continue watching. Llort is annoyed with the others tackling him. Back inside the room, Bebop and Rocksteady, unable to watch Gnorga and Llort keep fighting, make a communication to the Shredder in Krang's Technodrome. Shhhh.

wanders off and finds Stanley in his cubby hole, where they Luckily, Bebop and Rocksteady finally saw this and become a bit horrified. And to fight back, Rocksteady and Bebop began throwing cars at the turtles, the Digimon and the duelists, forcing them to run away and dodge them. Shredder: You two will try again to do as you must. He is now happy with surprise and joy. And after letting out another laughter, Gnorga cleared her throat and began to cast an evil spell on Gus in order to get rid of the Digi-Squad and Stanley. And with a kick from its feet, it pushes him off the tower and onto the balcony. Then, the waiter is adding some pepper to the salad, while the customer watches in delight.

Rosie What's your name? I see. Patamon: Except for some bugs including spiders, mosquitoes and fleas. Did I or didn't I put that wretched little creature and his friends out of MY misery? Back at Stanley's hideout, Gus is still fuming when he feels very strange and starts to cry, getting the attention of the Digimon and the duelists. It's not dangerous, it's harmless. Agumon: Okay, Stanley. The crystal shard shows the blonde-haired girl crying. Palmon: Do you have any other great ideas, Stanley? I don't want to go to school! In a rage, Gnorga throws her dog's bone at Llort and the Foot Clan mutants, but the three ducks and the bone hits the crystal shard instead, revealing Stanley and the Digimon then go blurry again. The kids, the flowers, the turtles, the Digimon and the duelists resume their getaway. Rocksteady: That's why you have been too busy fiddling with your wig, Llort. Gus and Rosie are so happy to see him normal again. Tea: Well, you could've lower your voice too!

Gus: Oh, sure! And with that, the two kids set off for their journey back to their apartment. Agumon: Well, it looks like we're going to hit they hay for now. You said it was big. Rocksteady: Aww, did I hurt yous? But first, I must teleport you back to me and Krang in Central Park. Shredder (correcting Gnorga): A human boy with a nasty temper. Bebop (whispering): Let us be quiet, Rocky. I truly agree. production.

Agumon: Wait a minute, Stanley! I don't like it here. (snickering) A troll boy with a nasty temper? All we ever encountered were their mutant minions, Bebop and Rocksteady. Alan: That is so strange. When we last off, Stanley manage to turn Gus' toy boat into a gigantic boat in his, the Digimon (also known as the Digi-Squad) and the duelists' efforts to help him and Rosie avoid Gnorga's evil spell that was cast on the boy to drown everyone. He and Rosie finally saw Gnorga coming after them with a maniacal laughter. Bebop: Heh! Llort: NNNO! Rosie walks up to him with a smile on his face as the Digimon or Digital Monsters (also known as the Digi-Squad) and the Duelists observe her.

Meanwhile in the Land of Trolls, King Llort and Queen Gnorga were relaxing together in their bedchambers with the Foot Clan mutants, Bebop and Rocksteady polishing their room. One of America's State's in North America, and one of this country's cities too. Llort: No, no, no, Rocksteady and Bebop. Rocksteady: Oh, we've been stuck in this darn stinking pile for hours! But... (chuckles) It's a wrong story. Gnorga's dog wakes up hearing that noise, and discovers that the Digital Monsters, Gus and the flowers are helping Rosie escape. Gus (putting on his red shirt): And then, Dad and me are gonna sail my boat. (Smelling Gnorga's sandals and chuckling) If you don't mind me saying so. Rosie (crying): Stanley. Agumon: Don't blame Gus, Stanley. Stanley: Good. After letting out a playful giggle, Rosie look down to the ladybug and becomes scared. (chuckling) Floradorable. We sprinkled this classic tale with a

Gus, the flowers and the Digi-Squad hide as Rosie kept quiet, not wanting to blow their cover. I know I am. He feels the grass and it's perfect for him to make a comfy bed. Biyomon: Are you saying that she has your sister, and is holding her for ransom? Nothing to worry your, uh, pleasing plump little head. Stanley: Oh, no, no, no. And keep an eye on Rosie. Stanley shivers with fear, and then shushes three of the other flowers as they dosed their lights, and so did with some other ones. (slamming his toy boat to the floor and running to Alan) Why can't we do what I wanna do? Gnorga: You don't have to worry about how I felt. Sort of, that is. Bebop: I'd say we shall blast them all with explosions, while you turn Stanley to stone for good. We gotta go home. Wh...what time is it? that are very likable and appealing. With one small explosion, Agumon's Pepper Breath attack blows Bebop away only for him to hit the ground.

It's a kind of personality destroys the Park. began developing a story and boards. In thinking of a new idea to turn Stanley to stone and destroy the Digimon, Gnorga starts patting her dog very rough that it whimpers, then figures it out another strategy. Hello, hello, hello! I bet there's something more to us than meets the eye. But the two mutants grabbed the dumpster, and the four fighters spin it around with everyone but Raphael, Michelangelo and Tentomon watching from their spots.

Patamon (looking up and then smiling): It's magic alright.

While Llort and the two mutants were distracted, the shard shows Stanley and our two teams of heroes sleeping with the children, the flowers and the animals. Rocksteady and Bebop came from behind a tree, ready to carry out the orders of the Shredder and Krang to help the trolls.

Gnorga sneers and agrees with Llort's idea to exile Stanley and our heroes. Agumon: He must be her brother, and his name is Gus.

Maudeline: As if that has anything to do with marriage.

Agumon: Yep. Like flowers. Yugi: Wow! Why do you always attack me? Gnorga (speaking monstrously): Let me at her. Palmon: But on top of that, just who are those two creatures beside Queen Gnorga and King Llort?

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