sinuous in a sentence

, In the book, the magic tree would wrap its sinuous arms tightly around anyone who tried to destroy it. The venous blood is conducted from the tissues to a large sinus on either side above the pallial groove, and from this sinus passes to the gills by an afferent vessel in each gill on the internal or pedal margin of the axis.

Examples of sinuous in a sentence: 1. I walk as the panther, lithe and sinuous.

How to use "sinuous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi. 32. Sentence example with the word 'sinuous' sinuous ambagious, circumlocutory, curve, curving, incurvated, labyrinthine, recurved, serpentine, tortile, undulant Definition adj. They offered me a morsel of their rococo scorpion roll, which snaked across a plate in, Covered with mysteriously indented curves and, Pfeiffer is wonderful as the treacherous Eris, her voice as snakily, The pale blue concrete countertop traces a, The landscape here was more undulating, the lanes more. 2. He enjoyed watching the, Jugendstil art includes a variety of different methods, applied by the various individual artists and features the use of hard lines as well as. To lose themselves within the sinuous maze.

Use "sinuous" in a sentence.

As on the former occasion he overthrew the cauldron before leaping, The Arabian dance with its halfnaked male slaves and their, In Debussy's Syrinx her tone was lithe and.

I walk as the panther, lithe and sinuous. Sinus sentence examples. See more. Out from the water a long sinuous tentacle had crawled; it was.

1. 5. They have a beauty all their own, a seductive, sexy, They share specific features, such as the sharply pointed fronds and the, They were about the same size, but while Seamus had been flabby, this man had the appearance of, Some are distinctly organic, the bark still on the, Its design studio has to style cars with the, Smoke rose from the piece's mouth, trailing upward in a, Evidence of methane rainfall came from Huygens's images of the surface, which showed, Bishop Wilton is a delightful village, strung linear along a sparkling beck, containing old brick houses in a little valley terraced with, The two restaurants and Dublin were illuminated beautifully to highlight the embroidery and sequin work on the garments displayed by the, On the same program soloist Robert Johnson's Five Loaves of Bread and Two Fish reached out in, The battlefield diminished behind us as we snaked down a, Lizards scurry in the leaf litter at my feet, monkeys feed noisily in the branches above nay head, a vine snake makes its, Beautiful terraced gardens sloped down towards the wide Conwy estuary, with the sea-going river a, The lights focus in on the stage to highlight the, They are punctuated by colourful abstract sculptures from the 1970s and the occasionally successful stylised bronzes of, The way through the wood was shorter, but it was also, In a lunar volcanic eruption, a pyroclastic cloud would follow local relief, resulting in an often, Later, in China, a style of decoration based on, The massive tusker leading the herd stopped in his tracks.

The transverse water-parting between the Black Sea and the Caspian begins on the south side of the main range of the Caucasus, at Mount Zikara (12,560 ft.), a little south-west of Kasbek, and runs south-west along the, 39+1 sentence examples: 1.

Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. 3) The walkers followed the sinuous path through the trees. Sometimes referred to as serpentine springs because of their S-shape. Having curves in alternate directions; meandering.

Sinuous definition, having many curves, bends, or turns; winding: a sinuous path. 30 people chose this as the best definition of sinuous: Characterized by many cur... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.

The line has very gradual curves, and in this respect is inferior to the more, Then there was Davy Jones, a fellow who had a, He stared dully and uncomprehendingly at the, This border supports long spines, which are connected with the underlying corium by, The name is said to have been derived from the, Two of the half-clad demons now landed, their movements as, Ida rose, and came gracefully to meet them with a, Here the willows grew thick and grey, trailing their, As usual in that country, the willows and birches crawled up the sides and just showed their heads above the, He had never seen a weasel before, but he knew that the, At the top of the gorge a surprise of beauty waited for us as our way led along a, Of course, their eyes immediately turned down its, A tiny cone, obliquely truncated, overlooked this rugged line and joined on with its gentle slope to the, She had recovered her composure, and was looking toward the dusty road which wound, a, He followed, seeing as one walking in a dream, the, The Indians were some distance from the gully, which led, in a, They lounged and swaggered up, and stood at ease, not without rough grace, in a, The pores are firm when fully grown; they are, Strews in a sentence | Short example sentence for strews, Friendly in a sentence | Short example sentence for friendly, Escorted in a sentence | Short example sentence for escorted, Royal in a sentence | Short example sentence for royal, Pen in a sentence | Short example sentence for pen, Seething in a sentence | Short example sentence for seething, Dependable in a sentence | Short example sentence for dependable, His Attention in a sentence | Short example sentence for his attention, Had Looked in a sentence | Short example sentence for had looked, Outstay in a sentence | Short example sentence for outstay, Meandering in a sentence | Short example sentence for meandering, Arcs in a sentence | Short example sentence for arcs, Zigzag in a sentence | Short example sentence for zigzag, Undulating in a sentence | Short example sentence for undulating, Swishing in a sentence | Short example sentence for swishing, Undulations in a sentence | Short example sentence for undulations, Graceful in a sentence | Short example sentence for graceful.

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