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Taking data from various inputs and activating it to create new views allows bionic organizations to leapfrog innovation into something different than what currently exist. But it also actively manages out people who are unable or unwilling to succeed. P&L Excellence. Insurers have been working with big data and actuarial science for years, giving them a head start in transforming to bionic organizations. A bank that wants to become bionic, therefore, needs to find short-term opportunities that are consistent with the medium-term vision but that also fund the transformation.

Join a community of over 1M of your peers. We're entering a whole new realm of insurance where data is driving a dialogue between humans and machines. To scale a bionic organization, investing in the right technology systems and processes are crucial. It is internally capable of identifying new digital technologies and assessing their likely impact on the business.

A bionic retail bank also seeks to migrate transactions over time to the most convenient and cost-effective channels. But organizations also need to acknowledge that their future organizational state will of necessity need to be more flexible and organic than in recent years. However, articulating the vision coherently is a prerequisite for success. This will combine an Agile way of working, focused on collaboration and rapid decision making, organizing for change through new talent and skills, and considering location changes, whether flexible, remote, or onsite working models. Boston Consulting Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All rights reserved. A bionic retail bank stores customer insights in a rich and robust data set that facilitates better lead generation, sales effectiveness, risk management, and product development. Telephony and Digital-Channel Excellence. Adopting innovations such as 5G and mobile edge compute (MEC), software-defined networking and cloud-enablement, can enable the effective use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Machine Learning to help enterprises deliver on their digital transformation goals.

In our view, bionic retail banks are anchored by six key strengths. Risk and Regulatory Relations. On this basis, Deloitte suggests that future success will be predicated on how well organizations can leverage the environment that technology creates to humanize the world of work. Moreover, accountability is paramount for bionic retail banks. To scale a bionic organization, investing in the right technology systems and processes are crucial. One CEO of a leading bank has insisted that everything be captured “on one page—without my reading glasses!”. Such institutions have strong asset and liability management, enabling them to achieve low funding costs. This fosters smooth internal collaboration, easy customer hand-offs, and an organization that is cooperative, not siloed. Customers naturally want a bank that helps them achieve their financial goals and that protects their assets, but they also want regular and convenient interactions, total reliability, simple ways of doing things, and adaptability when life circumstances change. Technology and operations arguably constitute the domain that most differentiates bionic retail banks from more traditional institutions.

For Verizon and BCG, to enable stage 4, remote work deployed at scale, companies need to create a bionic organization, where technology and humanity combine. Insurance companies have re-designed their businesses, increased their market presence, and become more operationally efficient and effective. The bank establishes clear guidelines on how sales agents, product specialists, and channel owners should interact. It rigorously monitors customer volume and conversion rates, with a balanced focus on both the quantity and the quality of leads, achieving twice as many sales from its leads as banks that focus on either quantity or quality alone. Banks can also take into account their customers’ life stages to tailor financial advice—such as by offering loans or savings plans to students, mortgage services to young adults settling down, and retirement services for people nearing the end of their careers. Grasping these elements is especially important in creating digital strategies. The bank defines its service proposition by segment, providing a clear articulation of priorities, such as whether it aims to be the most available, reliable, or helpful bank. Learn More: How HR Pros Are Preparing for the Post-Pandemic Future of Work. We have seen a wide variety of cost-to-income ratios both across and within major markets, with leading banks ranging from as high as 80 percent to as low as 35 percent. The most important challenge for all organizations today is keeping individuals and the human touch, at the center of the business. Bionics or biologically inspired engineering is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology.. For some banks, this can mean halving and radically simplifying the number of applications. Once momentum has been gained, the bank should focus on winning in the medium term. As insurers prepare for the future by making the shift from reactive, probabilistic to a proactive, holistic approach to customer outcomes, there are three things they can do: Expose leadership to the latest developments, Pick a place to reduce probabilistic error in terms of customer value, Contact a member of our team to discuss how we can help your business. It helps a bionic retail bank to better take advantage of technology to drive innovation. Hands are about innovating and executing with agility. Beyond its branch footprint, a bionic retail bank maintains an energetic and consistent operating rhythm across its network.

Technology is significant; however, individuals must start things out. To begin a successful transformation that can improve return on equity by 8 to 10 percentage points, a bank’s leadership needs to establish a clear call to action, building the case for change and sharing a vision of the future with the rest of the organization. {{contentList.dataService.numberHits}} {{contentList.dataService.numberHits == 1 ? It uses knowledge of its customers to meet their needs and achieve sustainable, valuable, long-term relationships. This is where AI and automation come into play, technology systems need to work harder to serve your customers and your core team, and AI and automation can allow machines to do the heavy lifting, enabling employees to focus on the tasks that require uniquely human attributes and decision making. Smart Data and Customer Relationship Management. Early success is critical because these initial wins not only fund future efforts but also demonstrate the value to the organization of transformation. A bionic retail bank is ruthless in its quest to reduce business complexity. But if ‘business as unusual’ is the new business norm, what do companies need to do to empower their employees for success in the future? Share your thoughts with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. We explored those steps in The Emerging Equilibrium in Banking: A Tool Kit for Success (BCG Focus, December 2014).

For example, for many customers, the natural pathway for a mortgage application begins with online research and simulations, continues with a phone call to explore options, and then involves meeting with a mortgage advisor to complete the sales process. Additionally, rolling out new patches and security updates are tasks that, in a remote working structure, take on greater importance and time intensity.

Business Unit Strategy, This capability is paired with strict monitoring of cost efficiency that maintains a low cost-to-income ratio at minimum but strives for further decreases. CNN Transcript Jan 1, 2010. However, the successful blending of technology and humanity will be critical for business success in the coming months.

A bionic retail bank is grounded in deep knowledge of its customers. Boston Consulting Group partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities.

As insurers become more digital and data driven, they will need to establish cultures that encourage bringing machines and humans together. When thorny issues crop up, a bionic retail bank addresses the root causes, not just the symptoms, of any undesired behavior.

As we enter the fourth wave of remote work, the fusion of the bionic organization and ‘Superteams’ will need to be deployed at scale to manage the office environment’s changing nature.

Business lines, products, and markets are assessed using well-defined criteria. This position must answer the following questions: In a world of limited capital, the CEO of a bionic retail bank must act as an investor, ruthlessly focusing the institution’s portfolio to align with its strategic position. Simplified IT. The Emerging Equilibrium in Banking: A Tool Kit for Success.

Indeed, a number of leading banks have recently rationalized and simplified their product ranges by as much as 40 percent and reduced documentation by as much as 80 percent.

© Boston Consulting Group 2020. It carefully manages the on-boarding and early tenure of its customers, focusing on quality sales that meet customer needs and that endure over time. But what about retail banks in particular? Credit tools are well established and effective, including behavioral scoring and asset classification. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Create your account to get started.

By reviewing the data surrounding the number of instances that your team faces in terms of user requests, you can understand the level of services needed, the resolution time, and spikes in occurrences. It creates high morale in the middle of the organization, where managers have traditionally been either over- or undermanaged. Our research shows that retail-banking customers are typically pleased to receive relevant prompts that are triggered by life events. BCG believes that there is no one “correct” target state for such an institution; indeed, different business models can work well. We disagree. (See Exhibit 1.). But benefits would be substantial if banks could raise their games. Their products are clearly explained, simple to use, fast to start up, and contain features and alternatives that are easy to understand. It keeps its branch network under constant, critical review. It is essentially a fruit salad … Effective stress-testing capabilities are embedded in the organization. The word bionic was coined by Jack E. Steele in August 1958, being formed as a portmanteau from biology and electronics. Its mix and level of resources are anchored by what the business model determines the institution can afford—the allowable cost dictated by the target revenue. But it also provides services designed to actively help and educate them, including budget visualization tools and financial planners. Bionic organizations should be able to attract the best talent in the areas of big data, machine learning, and decision-science. Things like remedying issues related to device-specific security, faulty or broken hardware, and ultimately deciding on replacement needs become critical. Today’s retail banks must not only build stronger compliance functions but also integrate the right behaviors in the way employees do business every day. In order to thrive in such a challenging, dynamic climate, banks need a tool kit that offers practical steps to attaining or maintaining market leadership.

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