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Discover the process Marvel Games, Square Enix, and Crystal Dynamics developed when creating the Mightiest Super Hero experience in "Marvel's Avengers," in this behind-the-scenes look from Intel Gaming. Blue Marvel (real name Adam Bernard Brashear) is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Stamina: Limitless. Blue Marvel of Hearts does not have a major role in the main storymode of LEGO Marvel's Avengers. [2] Anti-matter is the same as normal matter except that the sub-atomic particles are the opposite charge.

Superior Spider-Man once likened him to being his own Electron Microscope,[13] enabling him to see into Spectrum's damaged energy form in order to repair what Proxima had done. The Avengers: S.H.I.E.L.D. The Avengers (Iron Man | Thor Odinson | Captain America | Hulk | Black Widow | Hawkeye | War Machine | Ant-Man | Captain Marvel | Nebula | Okoye | Rocket Racoon | Spider-Man | Scarlet Witch | Falcon) | Masters of the Mystic Arts (Doctor Strange | Wong | The Ancient One) | Black Panther | Wasp | Valkyrie | Bucky Barnes | Guardians of the Galaxy (Mantis | Drax the Destroyer | Groot | Star-Lord | Gamora) | Shuri | Happy Hogan | May Parker | Korg | Ramonda | Hank Pym | Janet Van Dyne | Thunderbolt Ross | Maria Hill | M'Baku | Ned Leeds | Rescue | Nick Fury | Cassie Lang | F.R.I.D.A.Y. Adam defeated Anti-Man, taking him to the edge of the ionosphere and took his energy, causing his collapse. Blue MarvelThe Man of MarvelsThe Blue Bomber of BattleMagnificent Master of Might Prince Namor himself stated that after Blue Marvel's long hiatus, that only the Hulk and Thor have hit him as hard. The Avengers: United They Stand: To be added His muscles produces very no fatigue toxins, thereby granting limitless stamina. Brashear later became the project lead on a scientific attempt to harness anti-matter through the creation of a Negative Reactor which created a bridge between the Negative Zone and the positive matter universe. Subsequently, Blue Marvel was among those Luke Cage declared to be part of his Mighty Avengers.

None. Secret Invasion #1 (February 2010). Blue Marvel has been seen creating antimatter shields, around himself ad others.The shields are strong enough to deflect and absorb charging attacks from King Hyperion. Superhuman Stamina: Blue Marvel's enhanced musculature is far more efficient than that of a humans. Adam became a stable “antimatter reactor” and developed a set of superhuman abilities [Adam: The Blue Marvel #4]. Conner Sims, the Anti-Man, was a radical who, partly because of his history with Adam Brashear, violently hated racism (he being Caucasian) and, in his power-fuelled insanity, sought to eradicate it. It is not known if this power is limited to electromagnetic particles only, or if Blue Marvel is able to affect all matter, allowing him to alter an object's molecular composition or transmute elements. After a surprise confrontation with Sims on the moon, Brashear was left unconscious.

How do you reassemble the Avengers? Blue Diamond is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, debuting under the company's 1940s forerunner, Timely Comics.The character was created in 1941 by Ben Thompson, who also drew the first comic book adventures of Ka-Zar the Great and Citizen V for Timely, as well as the Masked Marvel for Centaur Publications and Dr. Superhero. Blue Marvel is capable of lifting far in excess of 100 tons easily, as shown when he's lifted a disabled battleship weighing 100,000 tons and flew it back to port for repair. [16] While in Exo-Space with the Ultimates within their ship the Aboena, Blue Marvel finds that his old enemy Anti-Man has reassembled there. Yet Adam had a secret, he was an African-American, a fact not lost on the government. Light Generation: Blue Marvel has exhibited the ability literally "create his own light". Blue Marvel's reanimated corpse appears as part of a legion of undead heroes sent against Old King Thor by the God of Mischief, but are ultimately defeated by The God of Thunder.[19]. Weapons. Brashear survived the incident, as his powers became stable and would gift him with superhuman abilities, as Sims dissolved. Antimatter Stabilization: According to Blue Marvel himself, he is a stable "antimatter reactor", but from his broader explanation, what he appears to do is channel exotic particles generated by a stable event horizon, caused by the interaction of opposing positive matter and negative matter (Negative Zone) universes. [2][3] A different version later appeared briefly in What If? FantasticUatu the WatcherWinter GuardSpectrum (love-interest)Luke CageShe-HulkBlack PantherCaptain MarvelGalactusSuperior Spider-ManSam Wilson Lifting Strength: Stellar+ (Comparable to Sentry), Durability: Solar System level+ (Can take attacks from Sentry and King Hyperion). Blue Marvel can release anti-matter energy from his hands as bolts of concussive force. [15] Blue Marvel's first mission with the Ultimates involved retrieving the incubator that Galactus was brought out of prematurely. [5] He maintains a massive undersea headquarters in the Marianas Trench at a location known only to Namor the Sub-Mariner. This source of power is the energy released from anti-matter which derives from the inter-dimensional universe called the Negative Zone.

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Because Brashear has retained his abilities all this time, it would seem that either the specific generative reaction, that granted him his powers continues at an unseen or subatomic level in the facility where he first gained his abilities, or exotic particles generated by the experiment somehow became quantum entangled with Brashear.[8].

Blue Marvel would come into conflict with the Avengers when his son decided to open a portal to the negative zone, and fought against the Beyond Corporation. [9], Afterward, Brashear returned as a full-time superhero in Age of Heroes #3. There are a few Blue Marvel abilities that we have missed out. Namor notes only Hulk and Thor have hit him harder [Adam: The Blue Marvel #4]. Blue Marvel can turn antimatter into any item he's seen, can imagine, or has a good idea how it functions. Taking his last mission, he was considered dead, but this was a cover by the U.S. Government so he could be monitored. A brilliant scientist and Korean War veteran transformed into a living anti-matter reactor in a lab accident, Adam Brashear became the Blue Marvel, one of Earth's greatest and most respected heroes. Alias Dozens of people remain unaccounted for as deadly wildfires scorch Western states by Amir Vera Anti-Matter Energy Absorption Physiology: Theoretically, it seems to be the main source of Blue Marvel's power. Self-Sustenance: Blue Marvel can survive in harsh environments without air, food, or water.

For the Golden Age version of the Blue Marvel, see, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update #1, SDCC '08: Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel, "Marvel's MIGHTY Reveals Two New Members, One Big Surprise",, "Marvel Future Fight Players Backlash After Netmarble Intros Loot Box",, Fictional United States Marine Corps personnel, Marvel Comics characters who can move at superhuman speeds, Marvel Comics characters with superhuman strength, Articles with dead external links from July 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Vast superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes and senses, Energy, manipulation, generation, absorption and projection, Anti-matter manipulation, absorption and projection, He can release his energy in the form of energy blasts, including Concussive Force Bolts, Stun Bolts and Energy Pulses, Blue Marvel appears as a playable character in, Blue Marvel appears on the cover of the 10th Anniversary LP of, This page was last edited on 29 July 2020, at 01:46.

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