british black and white films 1950s

Available on Amazon Prime. Comedy, Romance. Stars: | Directors: Rouben Mamoulian He goes berserk and jumps out of a window to his death. At a house-warming party on the boat one guest smells a Havana cigar but none is present. The paranormal investigator uncovers the murders of the former yacht owner's wife and her lover.

| Greatest Black and White Movies of all time. The Uninvited boasts high-caliber acting performances and, crucially, practical in-camera ghost effects that rely on lighting, sound, and wind machines.

111 min 17,132 Director: Lewis Stone, Approved Animals are crying out for food and kept in iron-clad cages, and at one point, they legitimately fight one another. Eyes Without a Face is presented in stark black-and-white, but the surreal visual imagery added a muted softness to the chaotic horror within.

| Warner Oland, Votes: Director Herk Harvery also plays the horrifying apparition that haunts the leading lady’s imagination, a manifestation of her repressed fears as a malevolent force that she cannot escape, try as she might. Adventure, Comedy, Romance. 32. | That’s a crime: It’s one of the titles that Guillermo del Toro cites as having a major impact on his own filmography. Taking their cue from German expressionist cinema, the chiaroscuro style of film noirs became an important aesthetic element in competing with the rise of technicolour. Miriam Hopkins, The first of his “Apartment Trilogy,” Repulsion is a psychological torture chamber of hallucinatory exploration. In the film, a maniacal zoologist grows increasingly jealous of his unfaithful wife and decides to utilize live animals as a weapon to achieve “the perfect murder.” Barely over an hour long, the film unsuccessfully tries to marry horror and comedy together, but does provide one of the most jarring opening sequences of a film from this era using a man’s mouth, a needle, and some thread.

Part noir, part horror film, The Seventh Victim is one of the first movies to treat women in horror as fully fledged people with their own thoughts and desires, allowing them full agency. | Tay Garnett | Director: Barbara Kent, | Ernst Lubitsch However, the movie is an extremely important addition to the black-and-white horror canon if for nothing else its unashamed aping of Hitchcock’s masterpiece.

An enquiry is held. Taking their cue from German expressionist cinema, the chiaroscuro style of film noirs became an important aesthetic element in competing with the rise of technicolour. The Marx Brothers, Passed John Ford A group of very different individuals staying at a luxurious hotel in Berlin deal with each of their respective dramas. Available on Amazon Prime. Norma Shearer, | During the Fifties cinema operators began closing screens as TV ownership grew. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. 75 min

Stars: With a noticeably rushed script that nonetheless provided moments of legitimate shock, Dementia 13 was almost universally panned by critics and audience members alike. | Stars:

Drama, Romance. Available on YouTube. The quick-cutting editing technique paired with one of the greatest scores ever crafted and Norman Bates’s mania have solidified Psycho’s place in not just the horror canon, but the canon of all-time cinematic greats. Director: Holden is shaken and, instead of going to inspect the body, accepts Joanna's advice that "it's better not to know," and they leave together. 91 min 99 min But they’re all worth revisiting this Halloween season.

James Cagney, Available on Amazon. | A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is as beautiful as it is peculiar, and as fascinating as it is haunting. To celebrate the Vintage Classics collection, The Telegraph is producing a series of features focusing on these critically-acclaimed, much-loved British films. Maurice Chevalier, *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. John Gilbert, 91 min 97 min Because more than one thing is happening today. I’m possibly cheating to include this film on the list, but The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of the first to showcase black-and-white as an aesthetic choice rather than a filmmaking necessity; four-color inserts of three-strip Technicolor were used for Dorian’s portrait, utilized as a special effect in a black-and-white world.

Comedy, Musical, Romance. The British trait of laughing in the face of adversity informed Fifties cinema, too. As the time for Holden's predicted death draws near, Karswell becomes agitated, and when the train stops at the next station, he tries to leave. | Stars: Retrieved 28 November 2010, from Fandango: However, The Night of the Hunter is compelling, visually stimulating, and downright thrilling. 112 min While Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Stars: They're true. The unfortunate truth of Charles Laughton’s The Night of the Hunter is that this is easily one of the best horror thrillers ever made, and easily one of the most forgotten. Comedy, Romance. Released at the peak of Cold War and Red Scare paranoia, the political roots of Body Snatchers were far less ambiguous than the films that came before it, and the film successfully solidified the relationship between politics and horror. Director: Even today, the cold, dead eyes of the sinister dummy serve as nightmare fuel. The black-and-white cinematography only adds to its otherworldly aesthetic. Victor Fleming The film plays around with both vampire and witch mythology, which eventually leads to a spiked mask being hammered into a woman’s face. While he claimed until death that the casting of Duane Jones, an African-American as the lead role, was purely based on his acting talent, Romero’s decision to present a black protagonist is still one of the most radical moves in horror history. Harpo Marx, Available on Amazon Prime. In chronological order, here are 75 films from 1940 onwards which make superb and atmospheric use of black and white photography. Director: | Gross: | Miriam Hopkins, Guy sees a man in the engine room. What is perhaps one of the first haunted-house films to treat ghosts as legitimate threats and sources of horror, the British-made flick has largely gone unnoticed by American audiences.

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