teamspeak badges

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Am 31. GUID: 089c7295-3aa2-48b0-b2f1-2dd1bec12caf Click here to find out more about how the TeamSpeak3 SDK can enhance your application or game. You need to play at the TeamSpeak stand at Gamescom 2018, or use the public code.

These can be seasonal badges, event based badges, or for things where you have to complete something to earn the badge.

With our mobile TeamSpeak apps for Android and iOS, you’ll never be far from the action. Name: TeamSpeak Competition Winner Badge​ (TeamSpeak Competition Winner) Need to play at the TeamSpeak stand at Gamescom 2017.

Visit TeamSpeak stand at Gamescom 2017, or use the public code. TeamSpeak Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. How do I set up badges on TeamSpeak? GUID: dfc70674-0fd0-431e-b3a1-edc32d7b09b2 Stay Home, Stay Safe (Playing Apart, Staying Connected), Overwatch League (I follow the Overwatch League).

HTTP und HTTPS funktionieren beide, anders als bei vielen anderen Protokollen in TeamSpeak.

Badge code: Non-Assignable (Available until: Never). Name: Test (Testing, Testing​)GUID: c2368518–3728–4260-bcd1–8b85e9f8984cBadge code: One-time code (Available until: 31.12.2019​). Be at the heart of the game with Positional Audio. MyTeamSpeak account registration after may 2018. Name: Time Machine​ (Worked like a machine to update addons in super-quick time)GUID: 904e232c-f369–44db-87f7–5142e15620cc​Badge code: One-time code (Available until: 30.09.2019​). A similar icon on Found Tim Speak — which was previously called, you can get it by meeting this hero and talk with him. Scale up from small group conversations to large conferences with thousands of participants with our advanced Client-Server architecture. Need to buy something in the third batch of goods from the official TeamSpeak store. or Content Creators, that currently (or would like to) use TeamSpeak for their online communication. Be 100% confident of your privacy and security. Schön, dass Du hereinschaust! Und wieder gibt es kostenlose Teamspeak Badges. Beendet! Our sponsorship packages can include everything from Licenses and Servers, to Exclusive Merchandise and even Course … Obwohl die Codes bereits am 21. Get access to thousands of TeamSpeak 3 add-ons and set up your perfect interface. Designed with privacy in mind, we do not have access to your voice or text chat data, and there is no sign-up required.

Beide SVG-Versionen der TS-Abzeichen vom 6.

Badge code: One-time code (Available until: 29.08.2017​).

GUID: facee3a7-1db0-4493-a5cf-24c9f938d35d

At TeamSpeak, we're proud of our users and the many ways they use our software.

Hier findet ihr die passende Beratung und Diskussionsplattform. Badge code: Auto Assign (Available until: unlimited​), Name: Challenge Accepted (Challenges, tournaments and more!) GUID: 9cd152a7-bf65–4ece-aeba-62d27678f79a

I've noticed within my server I can issue group roles, but what do the different group roles do? GUID: 4b0fd4f5-d456–4294–973d-853a1db5c7d8 Badge code: QTL3MXJZGN (Available until: 31.12.2019​), Name: Bug Catcher (I found a bug!​)

Once you receive a code you can then redeem this on your "account" by clicking on "redeem", entering the code and clicking redeem.

We don’t tell you how things should work or look. We are looking to sponsor established or growing Esports Teams, Universities & Colleges . Name: Official TeamSpeak Gamer (New myTeamSpeak member​) Follow Overwatch League, or use the public code.

Badge code: 9CFAMVLLXC (Available until: 19.04.2020), Name: Mind Egg​ (Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt​)

Und ein Badge anlässlich der Pandemie mit dem Titel "Stay Home Stay Safe" und als letztes das Overwatch Badge.

Name: Valentim’s Day 2019 (Valentim’s Day 2019)GUID: 4b0fd4f5-d456–4294–973d-853a1db5c7d8Badge code: 5Q52W3VM1T (Available until: 17.02.2019​​​​).

Die Beta-Abzeichen stammen aus dem Oxygen-Satz von KDE.

Name: Sponsorship License​ (Sponsored by TeamSpeak)GUID: ef567ec5-f46e-4520-be07–6021023cf6bd​Badge code: One-time code (Available until: unlimited), Name: Gamescom 2019 (Visited TeamSpeak at Gamescom 2019​)GUID: b82a45a5-b235–4926-be77-de102222e5ebBadge code: PNKCB76VZ8 (Available until: 01.09.2019​).

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