can kratos kill cthulhu

The ability to influence fate is probably an effective weapon.

Though survivors of Ragnarok in actual Norse mythology, Modi definitely doesn't escape with his life intact. After failing his brother and being called a coward by Thor, Modi attempts to take down Kratos and avenge his brother.

Kratos kills the King of the Seas while facing his human form, breaking Poseidon's neck and squeezing his eyes.

That list seems pretty lacking if we're talking about mythos figures. Your hero or army will need the following attributes: 1. Edit: appears like I replied to the wrong comment, don't get how that happened. Is it fine if I play God of War on PS4 without playing the others? I can picture it, Kratos, with his blades of chaos, cutting off Cthulhu's feelers in a quick time event. God of War III was the last time we saw Poseidon, but gods returning from death isn't unprecedented.

Only in the God of War series, since he just kinda runs through every pantheon and obliterates everything. So thus chart puts Dr. manhattan and cthulhu on the same rank. "That is not dead which can eternal lie. There’s also a side mission player can complete in which a bandit is stabbed in the back by his own child. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Dr.[REDACTED]: Head of Foundation Research at Site [REDACTED]. No, just because one of these is more powerful than the intrusion of Cthulhu on our universe doesn't mean that it's enough to destroy him, destroying his physical body is only enough to slow down Cthulhu, you need some powerful magic to keep him down for more than a few minutes. 1 0. In fact, she appears in the original God of War as Kratos' guide and co-conspirator in killing Ares.

Defeating him is... achievable by mortal means, if you're taking advantage of particular weaknesses. Thanatos, in Greek culture, is the personification of death who is said to predate the life and death cycle. I always love discovering new cool subreddits. I'm not trying to poo-poo this analysis, just a note for others to consider. To Cthulhu, humans may as well be ants. Because Gods are said to be Immortal, not invincible, perhaps really powerful, but not invincible. As the main antagonist of the first God of War game and a notorious figure in God of War: Ascension, Ares was the original God of War in the games, as well as in Greek mythology.

He took a ship to the face and was back to 'perfect form' in a matter of moments. Well, that link set me off on a 2 hour reading spree. Also, if it's not obvious by now I think the old one wins. God, this would be such an epic fucking fight. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

If he did, though, Kratos would be obliterated. But here's a twist fans didn't see coming — Kratos isn't the one who kills Modi; Atreus is. At the same time, Kratos forms relationships with gods like Athena, who (spoiler alert) he kills by mistake. There is nothing Kratos can do to truly hurt Cthulhu, and odds are good Kratos would go insane simply from looking at him. How to Transfer Xbox One Titles (& Game Saves) to Xbox Series X/S, God of War Theory: Kratos Will Finally Die In God of War 5. Though they’re not translated within the game, Internet sleuths have suggested the words are very telling when translated correctly. That was awesome, thank you! Offline. But one of the paintings Atreus doesn’t seem to spot features an image of him holding his father while Kratos seemingly takes his final breath. In a blinding rage, Kratos snaps the neck of Hera, so she may never speak again. level 1. Because they nerfed the gods more and more with each entry, who weren't close to their Greek counterpart's power to begin with. You can't "kill" an outer god since that word doesn't make sense when talking about them. 1 0. 4 years ago. Going by the canon Cthulhu, Kratos tears him apart easily. 4 years ago. There’s also a side mission player can complete in which a bandit is stabbed in the back by his own child. NEXT: God of War Ending Painting: Every Reveal & Tease About Kratos' Future. As good as Kratos is a chopping God’s heads off, Cthulhu has been there, done that. But Kratos finishes the deed by beating Zeus to a bloody pulp with his bare hands (not unlike how he defeated Hercules). The game would start off with kratos fighting cthulu and destroying him...6 hour campaign later final cutscene shows a half devoured kratos with a time tagline "5 seconds in", Kratos goes into vegetable mode so fast his brain has to make an entire story to help him comprehend its insanity, Reminds me of the Black Mirror episode Playtest. The God of War game series is loosely based on Greek mythology, but take "based on" with a big grain of salt. Press J to jump to the feed. For one, Kratos struggles throughout the story campaign over whether to tell his son he killed his own father Zeus, let alone his first wife and child. The battle concludes with Kratos pulverizing Persephone to death using the Gauntlet of Zeus. I looked the passage that mentions the steamboat and it's clear he regenerated instantly. So yeah. Baldur serves as the main antagonist for the latest God of War game. Kratos rips out the God of the Underworld's soul, killing him with the claws. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

However, Athena tries to stop Kratos from fighting Zeus in order to save Olympus. Physical capabilities roughly on-par with what it takes to defend against Godzilla 3.

How was Kratos able to kill all these Gods again. An unassuming character, the God of Light doesn't cut too intimidating a form (he's known more for his "beauty" in Norse mythology). You'll find Logan enjoying video games such as Dark Souls, Halo, Diablo II, Super Mario 64, God of War, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft. How will Kratos be able to kill Thor at all? As many fans remember, Ares previously tricked Kratos into slaying his family, so many might say Ares' destruction was in good taste. Old Man Henderson with a double-barreled sawed off 12 gauge shotgun and a lawn gnome stuffed with C4. - the scattered plasticity of that nameless sky-spawn was nebulously recombining in its hateful original form, whilst its distance widened every second as the Alert gained impetus from its mounting steam.".

NEXT: All The God Of War Games Ranked From Best To Worst. So what you really need to do is sick Galactus on him.

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I could see the use of bringing down some of the architecture of Ry'leh on Cthulhu, or having it used like a ram. He got rammed by a steamship and was basically knocked out by it. Naive, passionate, and modest. Unfortunately for Magni, he doesn't survive that hunt for too long. So he regained the power at the end of the third game to kill … The murals tell the story of how the father and son traveled to Jotunheim, and even more, they reveal that Atreus is actually Loki. Thor's also the God of Strength, the strongest out of all of the Norse Gods (Same physical strength as Odin) and of course the God of Thunder. RELATED: 10 God Of War Memes That Prove The Games Make No Sense. Throughout the latest entry into the God of War franchise, Modi and his half-brother Magni follow their uncle, Baldur, to locate and murder Kratos.

I'm pretty sure he can hit a lot harder than a steam boat.

The father and son are unsure why she chose the highest peak as the place for them to honor her, but once they reach their final destination of Jotunheim, everything falls into place. This is what you need. If you want to go by the piles and piles of Cthulhu fanfiction, (the stuff not written by Lovecraft) then he's a nearly omnipotent super being that would probably make Living Tribunal his working girl. Updated by Juliet Childers on September 19th, 2020: Many gamers in the Gen X, Millennial, and even Gen Z generations will remember the original God of War game from the early 2000s. As the first god to be seen in the God of War series, Poseidon makes a return in God of War III.

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