causes of the syrian civil war essay

Bashar in comparison to his brother was an intellectual and exhibited a quiet and reserved demeanour. Although all these states saw protests and internal conflict as part of the transformation, none of these countries got involved into a full-fledged civil war as was the case with Syria. However, the causes listed below are major factors that led to the start of the Syrian Civil War and have kept it going.

Guns and bomb make it is hard to say Syria is a nation anymore. Although all the media of Syria is kept under a tight control, the satellite television proliferation, the internet and mobile phones after 2000 meant that all government attempts to cut the youth off the outer world was doomed to fail from the very beginning. Therefore, when the Syrian Government arrested and tortured a group of teenagers who painted revolutionary slogans on a school wall, the people erupted. So far, the Syrian civil war has caused more than 300,000 deaths, 10.6million displaced persons injured. Introduction a. (1) A provisional constitution then took place in 1964 and annulled two years later.

The President of the country Bashar al-Assad assumed power in 2000. As we have seen in the above discussion about the problems that Syria is facing it is more of a government problem than the society as a whole.

Tens of thousands of impoverished farmer families flocked into rapidly expanding urban slums. In recent years, there has been an extreme shift in the desire for change throughout Syria on a political level.

(1) The constitution, The Causes Of The Overwhelming Civil War In Syria. With the wave of new social movements in the Arab world the Syrian people also realized that they could have a state and a way of life that they want for themselves and they do not have to abide by the historical notions of power and social organization. Similarly any internal situation in a country does have an impact on its relations with the whole world for example the Syrian crisis is a hot topic for the entire world. Syrian civil was is an armed conflict, which started in March 2011 and developed into international demonstrations in April. You can view samples of our professional work here.


free guarantee. (1) The religious population in Syria is 74 percent Sunni Muslim and 10 percent Christians. The protests in these countries were a spark of hope to be free from tyrant regimes which ignited in other countries of Middle East like Yemen and B…

The protests in these countries were a spark of hope to be free from tyrant regimes which ignited in other countries of Middle East like Yemen and Bahrain and continued their spread to include Syria as well. Thus it leads to the possibility of constructing their own method of governance, social organization and economy fuelling ideas of change that have eventually contributed to the current state of conflict. (Corydon Ireland, 30 Nov 2012). (Primoz Manfreda), Drought was one of the major reasons behind the crippled economy and thus contributed to the uprising. Paradoxically, but the whole system in Syria is so corrupted that even the anti-President rebels purchase weapons from the representatives of the government. The start of the Syrian Civil War escalated during the spring of 2011, and was provoked after several decades of political injustice and brutality. The sight of the fall of Egyptian and Tunisian regimes in 2011, shown on the TV channel Al Jazeera, provided millions of people in Syria with an opportunity to realize that changes are possible. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. Today people of Syria are willing to pay any price for the revolution to succeed and overthrow Bashar Al-Assad and his government. However if we look closely at Syria not even one of these criteria are met; all the more reason Syria needs to realise which path it is taking and where it would lead to. However, privatization has favored families with personal links to Assad, leaving provincial Syria, later the hotbed of the uprising, seething with anger as living costs soared and jobs remained scarce. So far, the Syrian civil war has caused more than 300,000 deaths, 10.6million displaced persons injured.

Their anger at the lack of government help was further fuelled by the new pretentious wealth of the rich that they saw and increased feelings of marginalization and powerlessness. After assuming the power Assad quickly destroyed all hopes of reform, as power remained concentrated in the ruling family, and the one-party system left few channels for political opposition. Civil War in Syria: What Caused the Conflict? Many people who follow current events are aware of the civil wars in Syria and, Two factions, along with their allies and supporters, are warring for the cause of creating a new government. • Young Lebanese are discouraged from working and aspire for out-migration, because of lack of demand for skilled educated graduate student while there is a high demand for unskilled low-cost Syrian worker. Prof. Kraft Upon taking power, Assad tried to modernize the regime invoking the Chinese model of economic reform, but time and other factors was running against him. Last but not least, the wall of fear in Syria would not have been broken at this particular time had it not been for Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunisian street-vendor whose self-immolation in December 2010 triggered a wave of anti-government uprisings across the Middle East. 1st Jan 1970 waves. In June 1967 Syria, Jordan and Egypt wage war against Israel which resulted in the destruction of much of the Syrian forces.

The conflict lasts long enough, but scientists and politicians still argue about the main reasons for the uprising. (Primoz Manfreda). His father had ruled the country since 1970 and once he passed away, Bashar got an opportunity to become the ruler. What makes the most stalble country in Middle East become to hell, just in 5 years. We've received widespread press coverage since 2003, Your UKEssays purchase is secure and we're rated 4.4/5 on The main causes of displacement amongst the population is the, often, with political motives. To Dana’s family there was no choice, they had to flee. Then in 1958 Syria along with Egypt joined the United Arab Republic (UAR). The protest was peaceful to begin with calling for the kids' release, but the government responded angrily. For those without the money and good contacts, it’s a powerful grievance against the state.

The Syrian uprising began in March 2011 with anti-government protests in provincial areas that later spread throughout the country. All work is written to order. The more people were killed, the more protests it led to. The refugee crisis in Syria is the biggest effect of the Syrian civil war. Meanwhile, this also coincides with at the rise of Hafez Al-Assad who becomes the defence minister. Political turmoil and sectarian violence swept the Arab world after the Arab Spring in 2011. Its this group that conquered large tracks of territory from Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, along with murdering ten of thousands of none believers. On March 18, 2011 the syrian army opened fire on protesters, killing four people. Syrian rebels challenged Bassir Al-Assad, the current President of Syria, which evoked the Syrian government to respond to protestors with violence and lethal force. Reference this. Taking into account the fact that there was no peaceful transfer of political power since 1950s, it seems like only the nation’s uprising or military coup can bring changes to Syria. The Situation in Syria In the same year war broke out between Iraq and Iran in which Syria backed Iran because of bitterness between Iraqi Baathists and the Baathists in Syria.

In the past 30 years, women across the world have taken their male counterparts and their own selves by storm with their increased roles, astonishing capabilities, and call for equal rights such as closing the wage gap. The Eye: The Complex Structures Of The Human Eye, Review Article: Nursing And Sociology: An Uneasy Marriage, Cyberbullying: The Most Common Forms Of Bullying, Causes And Implications Of The Syrian Civil War. She has been living as a refugee in Lebanon ever since (Lewis). An Essay About Syrian Refugees 2373 Words | 10 Pages. Watching the fall of Tunisian and Egyptian regimes in early 2011, made millions in Syria aware that change was possible for the first time in decades.

Egyptian president at that time Gamal Abdel Nasser instructed the disbanding of Syrian political parties, which was disappointment to the Baath party that had campaigned for a union. One of the world concerns is the uprising that took place in Syria. It got the attention of most countries in the world. delivery, Free plagiarism Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. Although we can never fully fathom the obstacles and position of loss faced by so many Syrians, we can try to better understand one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time. The Arab spring started in 2010 when protest broke out in the Middle East as a result of which long-time regimes in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt were brought to an end. Secondly being the neighbour of Israel, Syria plays a strategic role for Russia and China in keeping the western influence in check since most of its neighbours are United States influenced countries. Different people view the dynamics of international relations through diverse paradigms. The Rebel Bloc in Syria is often, The Syrian Civil War has had a profound effect of all Syrians as well as neighbouring countries and the international community. Who are the people fighting Syria government? When the war is over and the world has time to reflect, history will become clearer. In June 2000 Hafez Al-Assad died and his second son Bashar Al-Assad succeeded him. state of our nation and nations abroad, we should not allow Syrian refugees to enter the U.S. at this time to ensure the safety of those already in the country. The people have always fought for power so power battles have been going on in Syria. Moreover, the use of the new media was critical to the activist networks that underpin the uprising in Syria in particular and the movement of Arab Spring in general. International relations are a necessity for any country to survive in this modern competitive world. There are groups such as the Human Right Watch that are documenting violations of humanitarian and human rights, including war crimes by both warring parties (Your. Syrian Civil War 3 Pages. By late December 2011, rebels countered back with armed forced against the Syrian Government. The casualties number are more than half of their total population. English 102 By the summer of 2013 her family came face to face with the realities of war-- either die in Syria or risk everything by fleeing to Lebanon. Although the causes of Syrian uprising can be viewed through any of these frameworks, in my view the following major theoretical frames of international relations define the Syrian crisis in a more relevant manner.

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