chinese checkers rules pdf

0000001816 00000 n Our rules are comprehensive instructions for friendly play. x�b``�```������9�A��XA�K8�YJ�M�``8_��� �Y

Players each choose a color and its 10 corresponding pegs. 0000007195 00000 n 0000006590 00000 n Turns proceed clockwise around the board.In the diagram, Green might move the topmost piece one space diagonally forward as shown.

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Chinese checkers don't originate in the Orient. It is the safer, easier way to pay online. 0000001336 00000 n The game has its roots in a British game known as "hoppity."

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The rules are simple, so even young children can play.

0000010183 00000 n Hopping moves must be to adjacent and empty holes.

If one set is played, the pieces usually go into the opponent's starting corner, and the number of pieces per side is often increased to 15 (instead of the usual 10). H�\��n�@��$dɱɋ��n ��E�1�d��N�J�d�!�3�3���n?��˿O��gw�n�����Fw��~Ȋ�u};�-����4�p���N׬�]�#]����=l��1>f����S?��ï�����q�/q��ʭ׮��,�~iƯ�%�|�����~�?�1���y�+��.�����i���ի�Y��-}�Y���[�a�S������ͫU:$.�X� 57 32

The Rules of Chinese Checkers.

Play continues until all players place, i.e.

� Bk � The goal of the game is to move all of one’s pieces across the hexagonal board to the “home,” which is a corner across the board from a player’s starting corner. If three sets are played, the pieces usually go into the opponent's starting corners. At Masters Traditional Games, we know that cheap Chinese Checkers games can be found all over the place so for our discerning customers we put effort into finding things that are either high quality or a little bit special in some way.

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Large Hexagonal Chinese Checkers (Padauk wood), Round 3-in-1 Game Set - Chess, Draughts & Chinese Checkers, Chinese Checkers in Leatherette Box with Glass Marbles. 0000054423 00000 n 0000048317 00000 n A hop consists of jumping over a single adjacent piece, either one's own or an opponent's, to the empty space directly beyond it in the same line of direction. Copyright Masters Traditional Games © 2019.

0000003142 00000 n Four player games should be played with two pairs of opposite triangles, two players games should always be played with opposing triangles. The aim is to race all one's pieces into the star corner on the opposite side of the board before opponents do the same. 0000048541 00000 n 0000008124 00000 n

Object of the game Be the first player to move all 10 pegs across the game board into the opposite target triangle. If in doubt, always abide by locally-played or house rules.

Chinese Checkers (or Chinese Chequers) was invented in the 1920s in America and has nothing to do with China. We'll discuss the most popular way called the "hop across" version here.

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If two sets are used, each player controls two differently colored sets of pieces at opposite corners of the star.Two playersIn a two-player game, each player plays one, two, or three sets of pieces. 0000430033 00000 n 0000042787 00000 n A player may not combine hopping with a single-step move – a move consists of one or the other.

-N��Ü���[��x6�j�1�O}�|ָ2���fF&�����>1h���ā�j[���R�r�=�q�kg�Z�^�rj����!��R��7��Oq�;��S�I%-��+-���F'���xi>��ܪƚ��9���w[�!�*�@[sA�a��SEg�`�=ȸDQ99�mhfZ.��s������-ҷ�J�� �v�9q��z��CT����|� �EEd�N�y���&0�������Nc@�"�k�LƠi�~k���gNz&��S�‹CI�QQ!�L�=&�E�{[��~�h����9��/! 0000012813 00000 n 57 0 obj <> endobj S�]"`H �+8�P����R�3�O†��La�7a�syJ���۰s�t��a�G�����¯kח?��. 0000051241 00000 n 0000004480 00000 n 0000005166 00000 n

0000396293 00000 n 0000002550 00000 n 0000008581 00000 n When a peg reaches the opposite triangle across the board it cannot be moved out, only within that triangle. �fAA%� h```46 M� �:@RJJJ��PI �4��*���@��M�"@gOc`M�x����� ���@�,��b\�0dUJ��`�ð��.�W���1sW�l���B|�|S�%��?Ig

Chinese checkers rules. H��W�nI��+��{H��d�� ���!� �B?0�lj��HZ�����@�p�\��͛���Wo׫���\t��Up�K�?�]>��ߨz.-:���Ԛ[߭�p�oV�׫��Wg����gO�I���}����S��h����x��Oщ}�$}4��SM���q�m�MI�a����D�Wz6b{Փ���,��T� ��>���jE��'��'�� �;�#LR;ź� ����ym� 0000008100 00000 n 0000038955 00000 n CONTENTS Two sets of self-crowning checkers (12 red and 12 black) 2-sided gameboard Illustrated Rules Chinese Checkers Rules Chinese Checkers Rules The following are the basic rules. Players may move pegs into holes adjacent to the starting hole or jump over pegs. %PDF-1.4 %���� Feel free to modify them to suit your style of play. xref

Players take turns moving a single piece, either by moving one step in any direction to an adjacent empty space, or by jumping in one or any number of available consecutive hops over other single pieces.

0000000936 00000 n 0000006887 00000 n 0000398096 00000 n Each player has 10 pieces, except in games between two players when 15 are sometimes used. 0000439103 00000 n Chinese Checkers Rules Equipment The Chinese Checkers board is in the shape of a six pointed star. A six player game uses all the pegs and triangles. 0000006999 00000 n Outrage! Preparation. If two sets are played, the pieces can either go into the opponent's starting corners, or one of the players' two sets can go into an opposite empty corner. (On bigger star boards, 15 or 21 pieces are used.

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OBJECTIVE OF FOUR TWENTY ONE: Be the player with the ... How to choose the best gambling software. trailer <<1D968B211AFB11DE9B580017F204C564>]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 94 0 obj<>stream Equipment. We think that ours is the most interesting selection of Chinese Checkers boards around. Players use single step moves and jumps to win. Red might advance the indicated piece by a chain of three hops in a single move.

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In fact it's based on an earlier Victorian game called Halma which is played on a square 16 x 16 chequer board. 0000038519 00000 n 0000042706 00000 n

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