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Over the years, Paul and his team have published numerous podcasts and articles about the impact of small investments for minors, especially newborn children and grandchildren. why the best and worst of the portfolios? He was joined by Chris Pedersen, the Foundation’s Director of Research and Daryl Bahls, our Director of Analytics for a Q&A session with the audience. With the market selling at record levels, is it time to consider a bear market fund to defend against big loses?

Paul tells investor to be patient and they will receive the premium for investing in small-cap value. Which equity asset classes should I have in each portfolio? Fine Tuning Tables I know it’s bad to time the market but… 2:10 In this podcast Paul answers to a variety of comments and questions from his listeners and readers. by - 4)    Consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation to support our mission to provide financial education to investors. What withdrawal strategies do you recommend? The Foundation will receive a small payment at no cost to you. Paul tackles six topics from commodities to retirement savings, from first-time investing to current retirement investment strategies. For those interested in immediate life annuities, get Stan’s free books on all types of …, Lessons from “How to Think About Money” by Jonathan Clements, Paul reviews Clements’ new book, “How to Think About Money,” highlighting key topics from each chapter and encouraging you to purchase this book for any first-time investor… reading it before passing it along.

29:40 6:  What are your thoughts about Jeremy Siegel’s recommendation for retired investors increasing their exposure to equities? 2. 1:35

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What three people changed investing forever? Thank you! Create a future stream of income or payments with an investment option that grows for you. What about loading up on winning stocks like Facebook and Apple? Can we count on the value and …, The biggest risk of all for investors plus 12 Q&A’s, Do you know that only 31% of Americans believe they will have enough money to enjoy a comfortable life in retirement? Questions to which I sought answers were: 6:15 By utilizing and augmenting target-date funds, investors can even adjust risk to age-appropriate levels. The remaining 12 will be answered in a future podcast. 15:20

2020 Fixed Contributions – US SCV ($1K) 51:02 15:12 Get you FREE “How To Invest” series books at, The Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy 2020 Update, The most important work we have done over the last 38 years has been to help investors identify the equity asset classes they should consider holding in their portfolio. What are the odds we are going to have a bear market in the coming year? Table 60 Flexible Distribution Schedule 4-Fund Combo (5%/yr) 4. While Don mentions the importance of staying in front of the investors on a regular basis, they felt one of the most difficult decisions for DIY investors is determining their risk tolerance. Resiliency -- How Fast Do Different Asset Classes Recover? The first question is the most often asked over the past year. I think it has a great future but I don’t want to lose all my money.” 41:05 41:45 provides an abundance …, How much should I have in equities? Join Paul Merriman in these Zoom events and join 20,000 savvy investors to receive his free twice-a-month newsletter. I am 35 and have several hundred-thousand in retirement accounts and a few hundred-thousand in a taxable account. He also lists …, Outrages, Q&A’s, a correction and a coming attraction, Paul expresses three outrages, exposing the dirty tricks some advisors use to exaggerate their performance. In some cases, Paul points out how short-sighted investors can be and, in others, he tries to find ways to make people comfortable with …, 12 lessons we must teach first time investors, In this podcast Paul discusses the 12 investment decisions all first time investors must face. The discussion and tables compare portfolios of 50% U.S./50% international equity asset classes, (See Table) and 70% U.S./30% International equity asset classes (See Table) with the S&P 500. In this podcast, Paul asks and explores the questions: Will a list of 10 likely catastrophic events be enough to keep you out of the market? Table 58:   Flexible Distribution Schedule 4-Fund Combo (3%/yr) Do index funds produce better-than-average returns? 3)    Use our M1 Finance affiliate link if you are interested in setting up a brokerage account, using our portfolio suggestions.

He reads an example of one such article that claims to address the pros and cons of a well-known investment manager. 58:33 Then he answers the following 10 questions:

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