cornflowers in pots

When the seedlings appear two to four weeks later, thin them out – each seedling needs 35cm of space around it. Then run your hand over the area, so the sides of the groove fall in over the seeds. When the seedlings emerge, remove the plastic covers and put the pots in a sunny location or under grow-lights.

One of the centaurs, Chiron, is said to have used the flower to heal wounds, including his own, after battle. They also belong in cutting gardens in mixed color combinations or in blocks of individual colors. The cornflowers should pop up above For fresh arrangements, most gardeners grow the standard or taller cornflowers, but dwarf bachelor�s-buttons also have their uses.

wild and confined them to our gardens. Centaureas prefer slightly alkaline soil, but they are really not fussy. In fact, the genus name, Centaurea has its basis in Greek mythology.

Sow the seeds in rows in the flats. First published on Fri 10 Sep 2010 19.02 EDT. Plant centaureas in full or partial sun in any average, slightly alkaline soil. Water the plants well immediately after planting. Classic Fantastic Various shades of blue, with frosted white edges. To control rust, spray with a fungicidal soap or sulfur. In fact, the genus name, Centaurea has its basis in Greek mythology. They make excellent cut flowers and attract bees and butterflies and other pollinating and beneficial insects. Dwarf varieties, such as the Florence series, are the most adaptable to window boxes. If you cannot put the plants in the garden right away, water them well and set the pots out of direct sun until you can do so. Out in the Garden

Remove spent flowers to keep the plants producing new blooms. Perennial mountain bluet simply takes a little longer to germinate than the annual kinds; started early enough, it may bloom the first year it is planted. Sow seeds indoors about one month before you want to plant the seedlings outdoors. Sow the seeds in rows in the flats. The origin of the word 'bluet' is from the French word for the mountain centaurea.

Spacing. Bachelor�s-buttons combine beautifully with snapdragons, sweet william, love-in-a-mist (Nigella), lavender, and the blue spikes of Salvia farinacea (�Victoria�) and red spikes of Salvia splendens. Check the soil in the pots daily in very hot weather and water as needed to keep it barely evenly moist. are best planted in a sheltered location, as if they are in a bed

The foliage may become rather ragged and unbecoming as the season progresses - especially if the season has been rainy or very hot - so set plants in borders or beds where the leaves and flowers of other annuals and perennials will camouflage them.

They have been part of gardens for centuries, going back to ancient times.

Place the rootball in the planting hole and adjust the planting depth so that the crown of leaves is at soil level. For more information on the National Garden Bureau, visit their website:, Typical blue cornflowers Perennial mountain bluet simply takes a little longer to germinate than the annual kinds; started early enough, it may bloom the first year it is planted. Our Garden Planner can produce a personalized calendar of when to sow, plant and harvest for your area.

7" (20cm) with 7" (20cm) row gap (minimum).

Set dwarf cornflowers toward the front edge of the container.

Annual cornflowers perform best when they are slightly crowded. Water the plants well immediately after planting.

The leaves should not be wilted, even though they are likely to recover when you get them home and plant them. This is because they can exist only where soil is disturbed, which is why they grow in ploughed fields. Try wiring small bunches of the blooms to napkin rings for a special occasion; the dwarf Florence series works well in that design. Centaureas grow best if you transplant them to the garden before they are taller than four inches. The National Garden Bureau suggests the following:

Once established in a bed, cornflowers will self-seed and return year

Some garden centers sell pots or flats of mixed colors, but many offer packs of blue bachelor�s-buttons, simply because it is the most common color. Water the planting well. They have been part of gardens for centuries, going back to ancient times.

It prefers cool climates and does not grow well in areas with hot, humid summers. prefer a site in full sun, in a well-drained soil. Pinching perennial cornflower will also give you more flowers, but it isn�t required.

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