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Buttermilk Falls is New Jersey’s highest waterfall. named after the remnants of the Dutch mines dating from the 1600s, begins There are two parking lots (upper and lower) and bathroom facilities (check before you go to make sure they are open) at the upper lot. Continue to the Dunnfield parking lot where you can jump on the Dunnfield Creek trail. This is probably one of the more challenging parts of my job, as its kind of hard to find them when they don’t know where they are! The terrain along the three-mile hike is gentle, and you may encounter numbered markers. Minutes away from a variety of naturalist activities including hiking, biking, canoeing, riding, skiing and bird watching. Turn right across from the sign and drive up into the high reaches of the Water Gap.

But the Water Gap is by far the most memorable, and countless families return every year to find their oasis hasn’t changed and still abounds with wonder. This walk will take you up to Blue Mountain Lakes Road, a 1.8-mile hike with an elevation increase of 350 feet. 110' Up Tammany. 449.94 m Down, 6.2 mi Come with a sense of wonder, a willingness to explore, and you may find a trail …

118.56 m Down, 11.6 mi

State Park, the Old Mine Road in the Stokes State Forest is a hiking paradise.

Please explain. Combining the Red Dot Trail with the Blue Blaze Trail makes a three-mile loop trail. The first trailhead is a narrow opening right in the back of the small parking area. Tammany,Mt. No matter how you choose to unwind or recreate, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area offers an outlet for you. Books: This hike with a map diagram can be found in 50 Hikes in New Jersey … (See our calendar or call 908/362-5670. The beautiful glacial lake lures one to just sit and contemplate. 360.36 m Down, 10.9 mi There is parking along Emery Road, where you’ll find room for three cars. In fact, once upon a If you dare to venture past Millbrook Village further up Old Mine Road, you’ll find several popular trails and secluded lakes. Trail, which begins about 4 miles north of Route 80 and hits the AT just You can also fish, camp, and swim in Stokes State Forest. Home of Lakota Wolf Preserve. Along the #HornbecksCreektrail in #DelawareWaterGapNRA. Consider visiting these eight excellent hidden gems in New Jersey. If the trees could talk, they would tell of the indigenous Munsee that lived here for thousands of years; of the pioneers that followed drawn in by the wilderness; or of the challenges represented by the imposing rock cores strewn along the forest floor. Not for the faint of heart, it is noted as the most expert trail in Worthington.

Too many times I’ve talked to people who think they know the trails well enough, but they end up getting lost, or they return extremely late to a place far away from where they left the car. You’ll see parking areas as you drive. • It is well worth the effort. 333.81 m Up #waterfalls #nature #outdoors #hiking #aweinspiring, A post shared by Erich Michael (@e_rckstr) on May 7, 2016 at 9:20pm PDT. I often recommend this trail for hikers as a way to get to Mt.

Starting at the top of the Worthington State Forest driveway, just to the left, there is a short, steep grade that gives way to a meandering, easy walk. difficulty. Bring plenty of water, including enough for you, kids and pets. Hikers can go up one way and down another for an exhilarating a family estate, Worthington State Forest comprises almost 6,000 acres #theknob #milfordpa #milford #nepa #hiking #natureandshit #certifiablegangstershit, A post shared by Jon Kroener (@dijonbrown666) on Nov 10, 2018 at 2:15pm PST. Trail runs right over the top of the ridge, acting kind of Outside the state forest, in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area federal land, lies a plethora of other trails. and sometimes about 40 miles all the way to Glen Gardner in Hunterdon •

It is possible to do some of these hikes any time of the year. You get to the Water Gap Mountain from either Worthington Closed on federal holidays, Kittatinny Point: Hours vary by season. 657.06 m Down, 2.7 mi Parts of the McDade Trail can be done on a mountain bike. •

Traversing these steep slopes, often covered with loose This forested area is home to glorious views, many different animals, beautiful flora and great hikes, some of which are located in and around Worthington State Forest, which shares the Water Gap neighborhood with DEWA. 340' Up If you are hungry after hiking, the town of Milford, Pennsylvania, has a number of restaurants. ? Its about Coppermines Trail, Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites. socks in leather boots are very uncomfortable. 106.69 m Down, Hiking Project is built by hikers like you. Come with a sense of wonder, a willingness to explore, and you may find a trail blazed just for you.

Our mission is to serve the 50+ traveler. Here it is the interior scenery that is spectacular as the cool following the Dunnfield Creek trail back down the gorgeous ravine, accentuated After wandering historic Millbrook Village, take a stroll down one of several trails around the village. 33.39 m Up

Open spring - autumn. know you're around. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation encompasses more than 70,000 acres and has over 150 miles of trails. Hiking boots are useful (especially if you decide to do this in winter), but the hike can be done in sneakers. And a trail loops around the Crater Lake for an easy walk a little over one and a half mile. I consider many of the park’s hiking trails family-friendly, but that doesn’t mean they are easy!

We want to inspire you to explore new destinations, discover new experiences and savor the journey.

3,676 photos. 40 miles of the Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River; 67,000 acres of forested mountains, riverine valleys, and fertile floodplains; Tumbling waters, rhododendron ravines, and hemlock forests; The spectacular Delaware Water Gap; More than 100 miles of hiking trails along streams, ridges, and mountaintops Raymondskill Falls is a very popular and easy hike to a spectacular waterfall. The stairs are steep but have handrails. the forges and furnaces. Spam? Later in the season, you’ll have to find a break in the trees to see the river. Above all, don't get between mother and cub. Swimming and paddle sports are a great way to take advantage of the extensive waterways located within the park. Delaware Water Gap NJ Hiking Trails.

There are up to six miles of trails to enjoy along an abandoned road system. When planning a hike, always check the weather and plan to hike early or on a weekdays during the summer months. Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10am-5pm; Closed Sundays. efforts in the forest. The trail at the upper parking lot leads to the top of the falls. Explore the remarkable personality of this place and get a year-round supply of great things to see and do!! natural features between Mount Tammany and Mount Minsi in Pennsylvania. an abandoned railroad bed that offers a flat, packed cinder path, accessible This is about an injury or accident The Delaware Water Gap is one of the best day or weekend trips that you can take from New York City, Philadelphia, or New Jersey. • • You can also hike along the creek from there to get away from the crowds. Difficulty: Difficult If you want to hike, camp, kayak, canoe, rock climb, or fish, the Gap is the place to be. Check out the website before you go to pick a trail that interests you. 1,301' Down It took us about three hours, so make sure to start early enough in the daytime. The upper glen parking lot sits across from the trail head marked with a gate. Some parks still remain closed, including George W. Childs Park. Creek ravine. (2 .5 mi.) around what is called the Rattlesnake Donkey’s Corner is just such a trail. Voted best campground in New Jersey in 2018, Worthington is home to boating, archery and other interpretive programs. If none of those trails call to your hiking bone, enter Mt. So, it depends on …

This Be careful of snakes- there are Rattlesnakes and Copperheads, be cautious around cubs. Flat Brook Loop, Delaware Water Gap is a 6.8 mile loop trail located near Layton, New Jersey that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult.

Whatever your plans in the great outdoors, make hiking in the Delaware Water Gap part of your adventure. Mohican Road and from Route 602 at Millbrook Village to the north.

an area called Raccoon Ridge near the which meters traffic along a narrow stretch of road, able to handle only

one lane of traffic. Beyond the pond the AT provides more spectacular views 2.5 km Another alternate up the western side of the ridge is the Douglas The trail runs parallel to the river. The view of the last waterfall is better from the third trail. The Red Dot Trail is one of two trails that lead to the outstanding view looking into the Delaware Water Gap from Mt. 1,021' Down to the lower- you may end up as a fine red mist spewing from the pumped

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