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[25][26][27] Initial est training in Lompoc involved participation of 12–15 federal prisoners and outside community members within the walls of the maximum security prison and was personally conducted by Werner Erhard. The actual teaching, called "the technology of transformation," emphasizes the value of integrity. The program promised personal empowerment, but reports claimed that moderators castigated and berated participants for their beliefs.

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[19][page needed], According to a 1991 report by the LA Times, est had been the target of a smear campaign by the Church of Scientology. Werner Erhard reported having a personal transformation, and created the est training to allow others to have the same experience. It consisted of stringing phrases together like "personal space", "world working", "creating context", "manife… The seminars gave way to a "gentler" course[10] [39], Organization founded by Werner Erhard in 1971. "[EST] had a very appealing message," Ross says. A spin-off or front group of EST, The Hunger Project, founded in 1977, does little to nothing concrete in the way of sending actual aid or advocating for structural reforms to relieve world hunger. Ronald Heifetz, founder of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University, called est "an important experience in which two hundred people go through a powerful curriculum over two weekends and have a learning experience that seemed to change many of their lives. In 1991, 60 Minutes ran a damning profile of charismatic EST founder Werner Erhard (born Jack Rosenberg). At the end of the two- or three-day seminar, participants either "got it" and experienced a transcendent life change or walked away dazed and confused. "est in Prison" by Earl Babbie, published in American Journal of Correction, Dec 1977, Despair and deliverance: private salvation in contemporary Israel by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi page 121, List of large-group awareness training organizations, "David Wayne Reed gives his characters and his audience a hand in, "The Return of Werner Erhard, Father of Self-Help", "The est Training in Prisons: A Basis for the Transformation of Corrections? In less than 1/1000 of 1% of participants, there have been reports of unexplained suicide or other destructive behavior." [34] Landmark Education was structured as a for-profit, employee-owned company; it operates as Landmark Worldwide with a consulting division called Vanto Group. Various critics accused est of mind control[8] Hosted by The Catholic Church in East St. James Parish. Si prega di notare che Erhard Seminar formazione non è l'unico significato di EST. Nominations and campaigning for the RationalWiki 2020 Moderator Election is underway and will end on November 23. To bring this about, of course, meant sending donations and recruiting new members for The Hunger Project, creating an ever-widening circle of initiates who "rethink their position" on hunger, which will end hunger when enough people do this.

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