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PROTIP: I thought, ‘Huh!’”, Davis quit his​ job and went all in for Garfield, despite a first pay cheque of, he estimates, $38 (£28) for the month, Named after his grandfather, James Garfield Davis (“a rather stern and intimidating person, but he had these really kind eyes – he was a teddy bear”), Garfield is a composite of the dozens of stray cats on Davis’s childhood farm. Come on around and hate on Mondays all you want! Someone pin this as solved. “I can’t believe 40 years has gone by.

[3] Because of his appetite, the owner of Mamma Leoni's has to choose between keeping Garfield or closing down his restaurant; so Garfield is sold to a pet shop. This is the original artist, and this is the reddit post from yesterday. Creepy Garfield, also known as I Am Sorry, Jon, refers to a series of Garfield-inspired artwork in which Garfield is depicted as a horror creature stalking his owner Jon. Arlene. Ever since, everything he's done with the Garfield franchise has been done in order to try and make more money, and he freely admits this in interviews.

I stay away from the political... what’s going on is awful and very depressing, and comics can lighten things up.

Before Garfield was published, Davis had been working as assistant cartoonist while shopping around his idea for a strip about a bug, Gnorm Gnat, without success.

Sitting down to dream up a new strip, he’ll visualise the cat and then “send him up a tree, have him look out of a window, send him camping … and then I watch him until he does something funny, and I back up three frames and cut him off”.

Today, his eyes and mouth are larger, and his body is slightly smaller, which helps with the more physical humour Davis has introduced.

He particularly enjoys causing Odie physical harm or insulting him, and teases Jon for his social awkwardness and unpopularity with women.

Garfield is an overweight anthropomorphic orange tabby noted for his laziness, smug sarcasm, and intense passion for food, particularly lasagna, pizza, and ice cream.

Garfield himself has changed over the decades in what Davis calls an “almost a Darwinian evolution”. Not that I'm saying Burke got the idea from that. -Garfielf, "I ate those food" -Garfielf/Garfielf but Everyone is Garfielf, ''*BURP*''-Garfielf/Garfielf but Everyone is Garfielf, "A cat's gotta do, what a cat's gotta do!"

''-Garfielf Except the Roles are Reversed, ''Don't do it Jon! His voice is Wiseguy from Voiceforge.

Bungee Dog, Trapdoor Dog, Warm-Up Dog, etc.

That wasn't market research, that was the sort of stuff that could easily have threatened his lucrative monetization, if it had gotten attention at the time. The Thing Beat Marvel’s Skrull Invasion Without His Powers, "I'm Sorry Jon I Was So Hungry:" Creepy Garfield Meme Explained. You can click on a panel to view the comic it originally came from. Over 130 million Garfield comic books had been sold worldwide at the time.

“I consciously stay away from the political because it’s in the rest of the newspaper. All rights reserved.

by Jim Davis looked at his funny pages one morning, and saw many successfully nationally syndicated comic strips with dogs, at least one of which the syndicates had also made tons of cash on from tie-in merchandise in the form of books, toys & greeting cards, as well as sponsorship deals. I bet I could make that kind of baller money too." Click New Comic to generate a new comic and use the check boxes to hold individual panels. Ugh, wtf :(. He is Garfielf the cat's owner, as well as Odie's. Garfielf has almost got poisoned by Jon once by eating Olive Garden Lasaga©.

His voice is JerkFace from Voiceforge.


By that time, Garfield would be recognized in over 111 countries. He is based on, and a parody of, the original Garfield comics character Jon Arbuckle created by Jim Davis.

Masquerading how?

“I took a long hard look at the comics. In the 1970's, Jim Davis created a strip entitled Gnorm Gnat, which was met with little success. If we're looking for patient zero, the Zalgo meme far predates Burke's Garfield works.

to view the video gallery, or ANGERY Sonic. by

Magic.”), The nature of the humour has changed, too, says Davis. 487 garfield 16 garfield mobeditor 13 garfield skin 10 garfield wlad 8 garfield cool 8 garfield santa 5 garfield mr 5 garfield in 4 garfield andrew 4 garfield the 3 garfield gamer 3 garfield ch 3 garfield tom ... { name }} {{/each}} Download. It has been referred to many time throughout the garfielf universe the entire universe is powered by the pure hatred of Jon and Garfielf onto each other, and that if they every stopped their infinite hatred the universe would collapse. It’s been like a finger snap.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. With what’s going on in the economy, in politics, it’s awful and very depressing, so the purpose of the comics is to lighten things up, to go, ‘Hey, let’s not take ourselves so seriously, folks.’”. One editor claimed that his gags were suitable, but that "nobody could relate to bugs."

In subsequent videos he can be seen squarting spiders, accidentally becoming a cannibal, turning half the universe into lasaga and further tormenting Jon by ruining his romantic relationships, among other activities. About. It seems horror parodies are his thing.

Random Garfield Generator. I believe there was someone on imgur creating a creepy gif of an emulated video game with Garfield as a monstrosity.

Garfielf is undoubtedly the best thing ever to come out of Jim Davis's Garfield comics. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

I think in a way he relieves our guilt,” he says. Press You have more fun as a follower, but you make more money as a leader. ''-Garfielf Except the Roles are Reversed, ''G, G, G, GARFIELD!!!

In the video, the characters are poorly drawn and uses Text-to-Speech narration. It is also given that Garfield uses the "sandbox" on occasion, such as in one 1978 strip; he says he hates commercials because they're "too long to sit through and too short for a trip to the sandbox". ''-Garfielf, "You're going into Orbit, you stupid mutt!" Jim Davis and Paws have always said that it is a wholly commercial product.

Just pointing out that it was a meme before. It starts of seeming like surreal bullshit parodies of the original strips, but gets interesting later when it veers off the deep end. That's our Pet Cat Garfield! Garfield is a fictional cat and the protagonist of the comic strip of the same name, created by Jim Davis.The comic strip centers on Garfield, portrayed as a lazy, fat, and cynical orange persian/tabby cat.

Check out the top 5 memes that won our "Memes of the Month" poll for October!

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