habranthus texanus

Habranthus tubispathus var texensis aka Copper Lily. Die Gattung Habranthus wurde 1824 durch William Herbert in Botanical Magazine, Volume 51, Tafel 2464 aufgestellt.

This species was described by Germán Roitman, Alberto Castillo, M. R. Barrios, 2008.

of North America Update, database (version 2010), The PLANTS Database, database (version 4.0.4), The PLANTS Database, database (version 5.1.1), Go ZETE2: Zephyranthes texana Herb. Habranthus correntinus Roitman, J.A.Castillo & M.R.Barrios is found in wet grasslands of northeastern Argentina. Habranthus spectabilis, Habranthus niveus, Habranthus maasii, Habranthus steyermarkii, Habranthus crassiblubus and Habranthus cordobensis have to be considered as synonyms of Habranthus cardenasianus. Habranthus flowers point upward BUT at an angle and have unequal stamens in 4 different sizes, and Zephyranthes flowers point straight up and have 6 equal stamens, or 3 shorter and 3 taller. Photo 1 was taken by Bob Rutemoeller.

Die nickenden bis mehr oder weniger aufrechten, zwittrigen, etwas zygomorphen, dreizähligen Blüten sind trompetenförmig und weisen einen Durchmesser von 2 bis 8 Zentimetern auf. Published on the Internet at and H. andersonii, H. texanus) is a widespread species that occurs in the states surrounding the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, disjunct in Central America and appearing again in South America. ex Steud. Flower Color is and blooms in . She believes the plants to be sterile as there has been no seed produced. (eds.)

Photos by Germán Roitman and Jay Yourch. Photo 4 taken by Nhu Nguyen shows the seeds bursting from the pod.

Flagg et al. Photo by Germán Roitman. das natürliche verbreitungsgebiet dieser geophyten („zwiebelpflanzen“) erstreckt sich vom südlichen nord- bis nach mittel- und südamerika. Photos taken by Germán Roitman.

Habranthus texanus (Herb.) Oxford University Press, New York, Oxford. Habranthus versicolor Herb.

Herb. Seeds sown in a well draining mix sprout about 13 days after sowing. Zuloaga, F.O. Photo taken July 2004 by Jay Yourch. Traub Show All Show Tabs Rio Grande copperlily General Information; Symbol: HATU Group: Monocot ... Habranthus texanus Herb.

Accepted name in llifle Database: Habranthus tubispathus (L'Hér.)

Habranthus is a genus in the Amaryllidaceae family with species from Central and South America extending into southern North America. back. Manchmal sind auch Deckblätter vorhanden.

B. Li, F. Q. Zaman, M. W. Chase: Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 14. Habranthus-Arten sind laubabwerfende, ausdauernde krautige Pflanzen. is listed under the synonym of Zephyranthes versicolor (Herb.)

[2] Der Gattungsname Habranthus setzt sich zusammen aus den altgriechischen Wörtern ἀβρος habros für „weich“, „zart“, „angenehm“ oder „zierlich“ und ἄνθος ánthos für „Blüte“ oder „Blume“. Photos taken August 2004 by Lee Poulsen of seed-grown plants.

Yucca Do) is the name Yucca Do gave when they sold it.

These photos were taken by Nhu Nguyen at the UC Botanical Garden.

Habranthus tubispathus, the Rio Grande copperlily or Barbados snowdrop, is a species of flowering plant in the family Amaryllidaceae. Arviela tubispatha (L'Hér.)

Habranthus estensis Ravenna has wire-like leaves (5-9 mm wide) and is native to the east coast of Uruguay.

Photos by Bill Dijk, Nestor White, and Doug Westfall.

Traub ; Amaryllis tubispatha L'Hér. texanus (Herb.) Habranthus texanus Herb.

Photo taken by Germán Roitman. Their flowers are very similar to Zephyranthes and both are called rain lilies. Herb.

Habranthus tubispathus (L'Hér.) Die dunkel-braunen bis schwarzen, glänzenden Samen sind flach, D-förmig und quer geflügelt. Sow the seeds in a well drained medium, water, keep in a warm place. is native to Argentina and Brazil.

Die etwa 82 Arten sind in der Neuen Welt verbreitet. It is an autumn/winter/spring grower and summer dormant with almost year round rains. Habranthus × floryi is a hybrid of H. robustus × H. brachyandrus.

Herb. [Steudel], ed. The flowers are large, with overlapping pointed tepals, bright pink over white, and with prominent longitudinal veining. Click to learn all about the genus Habranthus and to shop. Bulbs can be transplanted after 2 years of growth. Other scientific names. Herb.Amaryllidaceae 168 (1837). It is a very attractive habranthus with white flowers that turns pinkish and is very common in dry areas. It can be brought into bloom more than once by providing a dry period and then soaking the pot. In California where the summer is dry and relatively cool, the blooms appear quickly right after or around the first rain shower of the autumn season. Habranthus jamesonii (Baker) Ravenna is a rare species of Habranthus, with 2-4 flowered inflorescences.

The last photo from Bob Rutemoeller shows the flower of a group of bulbs that were dormant and were soaked in a peroxide solution to treat Stagonospora curtisii and repotted and two days later one was in bloom. The first two photos taken Sept. 2003 by Lee Poulsen.

Some Zephyranthes species like Z. candida and Z. minina have few thicker seeds. (H. texanus, cupreus) This is a widespread plant in the wild, a native of Argentina which is also found in Chile and Peru and the SE USA (having been probably spread there by missionaries) although the US plant which we offer is said to be quite distinct.

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