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PEAK FIELD STATIONERY MANUFACTORY LIMITED. Some cultures are uncomfortable if you are too close and others like to get up close. Algeria, Ghana, Hong Kong, and Kenya – Both when meeting and departing, a handshake is in order. Friends and family usually hug and kiss both cheeks.

If that happens, you should do the same. In Iran, one popular greeting is to lay kisses on cheeks. Friendly smiling businessman. Portrait of handsome outgoing european guy in casual t-shirt raising hand and waving palm in hello. Germany – Brief firm handshakes for all, both greeting and leaving. Business Concept and Success. Springtime abstract, Hand gesture for the Vulcan salute or greeting. A manager offering to shake your hand with a business team behind, isolated on a white background, Robot shaking hand with human.

Open hand being extended for a greeting, Hi nice to meet you. Pakistan – Handshakes are common, but close friends embrace. Copy Space Grungy Festive Creative, Smiling attractive adult successful bald bearded man in suit with laptop giving handshake, hand of help, greeting at cafe. Medical office - middle-aged male doctor greeting patient, shaking hands, Business team handshake isolated.

Like. Customs and traditions play a huge role in greetings and I’d pick the choice of following my host’s lead.

Adult agreement background beautiful blue business businessman businesswoman communication company computer concept, Hand shake 6.

She was born to travel and loves to tell the tale.

Male Chileans may give another male a hug and women usually kiss each other on the cheek.

Terms of Use Collect. | Showroom Portrait of executive female giving a hand greeting to charming businessman while smiling and sitting on office desk. You may also like. Portrait of smiling man with hand raised in greeting.
Just send your letter to Subject Line: Letter to Editor. Driver with an open hand greeting . Taiwan – For acquaintances and friends, a handshake is usual.

Paraguay – People stand very close, men frequently embrace and women kiss each other on both cheeks. Fiji – A smile and raised eyebrows are your greeting, but handshakes are appropriate. India – Whereas men shake hands with men on meeting and leaving, not women. | | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy Handshakes may linger. Learn how your comment data is processed. Finland – Better to use names for greetings. An image of the handshake between a robot and a human being, Ready for Handshake. Girl dressed as a sailor boy raised his right hand in greeting.

Onetouch Like. My references have included “Do’s and Taboos Around the World,” “Modern Manners,” as well as numerous articles I’ve read and experiences I’ve encountered. Set of colorful hand drawn style speech bubbles with handwritten short phrases .

Belgium – Cheek kissing is done three times, as you alternate cheeks. A man might present his hand to a woman, and kiss the top of her hand. 38.

Deal with hands, two professional business greeting, Computer screen and hand with card. A wide variety of hand greeting options are available to you, such as angel, love, and letters.

Beautiful Asian businesswoman showing business card.
svtdesign. From local cuisine to Michelin Star, simple to gourmet, she thrives on discovering flavors, spices, and trends worldwide.

Concept: Agreement reached or helping hand, Business man Ready to Shake Hands. All rights reserved. An Arab person shaking hands with a businessman, Friendship.

A man might present his hand to a woman, and kiss the top of her hand. Maralyn continues to reach an audience of several million in the United States and abroad. When meeting someone for the first time, a nod of the head does it. Creative greeting. Not only does she love to share the tales of unique customs, Maralyn also believes that her passion for global travel is the greatest geography lesson.

Many of us have heard the expression, “You have one chance to make a first impression.” Your handshake and/or greeting are part of that impression. Portrait of businessmen shaking hands greeting each other in the corridor, Hand. Be sure not to have one hand in pocket. The main purpose of this article is to broaden your awareness of different customs of different cultures.

The better we can understand each other, the better we can communicate. However, not firm handshakes like the U.S. A lighter handshake is appreciated. Happy businesspeople shaking hands greeting each other before business meeting in office, Hand deal.

Some conflict, so I’d personally go with the lead of my host, to whom I’m being introduced. Finding the right sentiment for a greeting card, however, can sometimes be difficult! Brazil – Brazilians frequently embrace on the street, shake hands on meeting and leaving, and women meeting exchange kisses cheek to cheek and kissing the air or light cheek kisses. Girl with a postcard in his hand, Businesswoman holding business card. Close up.


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We can also create customized design based on your photos, ideas and files. Taobao Global On her cap emblem of Russia, Female hand holding big beautiful pink tulips bunch at blue sky background with sunlight. Handshake Against Beige Background. High resolution product, Hand Drawn Doodle Christmas Tree Chalk Blackboard in Spiral Form. Business woman gives a handshake, Asian muslim shake hand tradition. Image of people making a business agreement and standing in the room, Closeup of a business handshake. And although she lives to travel, she enjoys quiet time exploring. You also shake hands when greeting and departing. Malaysia – Shaking hands is common among men, but not as frequent between men and women. 浙B2-20120091. Man in a suit with an outstretched hand, Happy teenage girl waving a greeting.

Mature parent sitting on a couch while their adult kid shake and kiss their hands.

Italy – Handshaking and gesturing are done by most, as well as using titles if someone has one. Copyright © 2000-2020 Dreamstime.

Jinjiang Deek Plastic Products Co., Limited. Tianjin Masterwork Cloud Printing Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Kuanhou Paper Products Co., Ltd. Download 129,324 Hand Greeting Stock Photos for FREE or amazingly low rates! Bangladesh – With men, shake hands (not as firm as U.S.), when introduced to a woman, nod and speak a greeting. Selected focus on two businessman hands shake in the, Portrait of smiling businesswoman stretch hand for greeting. Venezuela – Men greet with a hug and women with an embrace and kiss on the cheek. Isolated on white background, Greeting. the Society of Professional Journalists.

The practice crossed the Atlantic with colonists, who added quilling to candle sconces and trays as home decorations.

Be sure not to give or receive anything with your left hand. Smiling businessman greeting businesswoman with handshake before meeting, Business greeting.

Boy waving hand greeting cute people illustration Premium Vector 5 months ago. - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 The Greeks may kiss or offer a firm handshake at every meeting. China – Handshakes are acceptable and a slight bow is appreciated. African smiling millennial men waving hand saying hello greeting young women meeting in cafe, Hand Drawn Doodle Christmas Tree Chalk Blackboard Kids Style Colored New Year Greeting Card Poster Banner Template. Concept. Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: For women who are close acquaintances, a kiss on both checks is common.

Friends and family usually hug and kiss both cheeks. offers 2,063 hand greeting products. Hand drawn watercolor owl perfect for design greeting card or print.

Women generally give a slight hug and kiss each other on the cheek. Peru – Shake hands when meeting and leaving. Women are not included in this exchange. Business and technology, feel free in business, two business man shake hands, business shake hand and lcd monitor, agreement in business, Man greeting nature on the top of mountain. Childhood, goodwill, greeting, kindness,.

Man and woman greeting each other in a reception area, Business welcome. On white, Multi-ethnic business people greeting each other. Creative greeting. Men should place palms together and bow slightly and not touch a woman or talk to one who is alone in public.

I’m not counting on it.


However, if you are in a Westernized social setting, handshaking may take place. Women nod, and in general, do not shake hands, and especially not with men.

illustration in a flat style. Maralyn is the past president of The International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association (12-2008 to 12-2012) and continued her work as a board member and co-chair of its Conference and Media Trip Committee through 2014.

Gesture, greeting friend and smiling, Hand shake. Girl is six years old. Will it catch on? As a professional travel and food, writer, Maralyn is intrigued by all aspects of spa and culinary tourism. Isolated over white background, Hands holding. That does not necessarily mean they are being adopted. Food judging is enjoyable and Maralyn enjoys using her conference, incentive, and meeting planning skills. Smiling senior woman waving her hand to say goodbye or to greet a visitor. There is a new modified handshake called “fist bumps.” Scientists claim it is the most hygienic and recommend it. Selective focus on the extended hand of an elegant business man, Business greeting. We have a growing list of greeting card sentiment ideas for every occasion.

Nicaragua – Smile, shake hands, close friends embrace and pat back.

| Top view, Selected focus on two businessman hands shake in the meeting room.

Maralyn Dennis Hill is Executive Editor of Luxe Beat Magazine and is known as The Epicurean Explorer. Be sure not to give or receive anything with your left hand. Someone may introduce themselves with full name, full titles, and company name. An image of a hand making greeting gesture, Senior woman waving hand in greeting.

Posted by Maralyn Hill | Columns, Etiquette, Featured, Global Etiquette |. Hand-kissing is a gesture indicating courtesy, politeness, respect, admiration or even devotion by one person toward another. It is considered an insult to pull your hand away sharply, as holding on is a sign of friendship. Business man shaking hand to seal a deal, Christmas letter concept.

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