head tennis racquets

Higher stiffness and lots of power are not usually my cup of tea, but I know many players who like to get more depth on their shots for free, and then the Instinct obliges.

Each line consists of several racquets, so the amount of choice when it comes to HEAD racquets is quite vast. Go behind the scenes at HEAD: tips, drills, how-tos and more.

The website seems quite buggy and doesn’t let me put any amount in the cart. This makes the players confident and gives good strength. Head size: 100in². Offering controllable power and precise response, this racquet is a great option for intermediates looking for a great balance of speed and stability. Headsize: 99in². With different headsizes and weights, we are sure any player from beginner to advanced can find something to work for their game. This racquet was endorsed by Andy Murray and is one of the most versatile racquets of all time. Offering more speed, power and comfort than the Instinct MP, this oversize racquet is ideal for beginner and intermediate players. The CHALLENGE PRO, the slightly heavier model compared to the CHALLENGE MP, provides the perfect mix of power and control to the competitive club player. Standard Length. Offering big power and impressive comfort, this oversize racquet is great for beginners, savvy doubles players or anyone looking to get easy depth from compact strokes. The edgy performer looking for precision will love the PRESTIGE TOUR with the Graphene 360+ technology and new design identity. Standard Length. Head tennis racquets are one of the widely used racquets in the tennis industry. Featuring the innovative ASP fan-pattern and the new Graphene 360 technology, the PWR RADICAL is the most versatile racquet of the series.

Confession: I have not put a lot of time with the Instinct family of racquets since the.

A comfortable midplus that offers tons of feel and control. GRAPHENE 360 forms the structural base of the racquet, strategically positioned in the shaft and extending into the racquet head.

Versatile for big hitting baseliners and counter punchers, this family of racquets has some great options for players still building their fundamentals but also some choices for seasoned ball strikers. With a higher beam, the slightly heavier CYBER TOUR will give you power for your first training session.

The SPEED S brings the Graphene 360+ technology to the occasional player who needs a fast racquet. The various series of Head racquets have been manipulated and developed for enhancing the tennis skills in every player.

Head size: 100in².

A great option for those who want a light player's racquet. HEAD Ti.S1 Pro Tennis Racquet.

These racquets are perfect for all-court players looking for a good balance between power and control along with an arm-friendly feel and easy access to spin. String Pattern: 18x20.

String Pattern: 16x19.

The IG Speed Junior series is designed to be light so that juniors will be able to comfortably swing the racquet and focus on stroke development with age-appropriate equipment. This page is supposed to help you guide you to the right HEAD racquet. Standard Length.

You don’t need a full swing to get good depth with this racquet, which is why it also suits players with poor footwork or mediocre technique. The MicroGel Radical MP offers players excellent feel with touch and added stability. Head size: 115in². Standard Length.

A very comfortable oversize player's racquet.

No Shot You can`t Play! A racquet option with wide appeal. Explore below.

Headsize: 100 in². head size extended 28-inch length and ultra lightweight at 8.2 ounces.

Loaded with power and comfort, this racquet is ideal for beginner and intermediate players.

If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your Junk Folder and verify you entered your email address correctly. Updated with Graphene 360+, this racquet will give you controllable power and exceptional feel.

Here are the best Head tennis rackets professional players use. Headsize: 102in�. Headsize: 98in².

For junior players ages 9-10, this racquet will provide a quick, powerful response while growing their game to the next level.

The Instinct family offers effortless power and easy access to spin in a speedy package. Specially designed for professional tennis players, this racquet gives them complete satisfaction. So I put that on the to-do-list. Headsize: 100in�. This has got the all-new Graphene technology is one of the best Head tennis racquets. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Redesigned for 2018, the Speed MP continues to evolve as one of the more versatile and user-friendly player's racquets available. In addition to being one of the most iconic racquet molds of all time, this updated classic delivers best of class control and feel.�Headsize: 97.6in�. The INSTINCT MP, now with the innovative Graphene 360+ technology, is perfect for the advanced tournament player who needs effortless power and a very high level of comfort. Headsize: 100in².

We have top branded tennis rackets from the likes of Dunlop and Slazenger available to choose from, as well as favourites from Wilson, Babolat, HEAD and Slazenger. All Rights Reserved.

Every racquet from Head is designed to amplify energy, enthusiasm, and elegance. It became a successful tennis racquet brand when famous players like … The ATTITUDE ELITE comes with a bigger sweet spot for a better chance to make the perfect shot. Professional players have great aggression during matches and this will be the best Head tennis racquet for them. Generous sweet spot ensuring power to go with comfort. length. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Your California Privacy Rights | Accessibility*Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. The SPARK TOUR is a great choice for your first steps on the court. Ask the website owner properly! Each racquet in the series features Graphene 360+ which combines the stability and power of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower portion of the head for optimal feel. Headsize: 104in². Since then, this racquet is liked by many players and followers of the legendary Agassi. in., 9.4 oz., 27 in. This racquet is recommended for juniors age 11 and up who are looking to transition into adult-sized racquets. Head originated in the USA and is headquartered in places like Austria, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Kennelbach. This is the same racquet as used by the number one player Novak Djokovic. In addition to offering decent control and feel, the Radical racquet family continues to evolve for the modern game, with plenty of speed, power, and spin. The Speed family of racquets sits between the classic control of the Prestige line and the modern power of the Extreme series.

This is specially designed for professional and experienced tennis players. The MicroGel Radical OS updates the Flexpoint Radical OS. The Prestige collection is the best known for the precision given to the player. ... Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone. There are various colour options in every model to choose from. It easily suits beginners and intermediates giving them great confidence in courts.

Head racquet was founded in 1950 to provide one of the finest tennis racquets in the world. Standard length.

Advanced graphene 360 technology transfers all of the energy of your stroke directly into the ball. String Pattern: 16x19. Young aspiring players get impressive stability and power.

The EXTREME MP LITE is a new racquet in the EXTREME series, with the lighter version of the EXTREME MP designed for ambitious young players who are looking for optimal spin and... Now with a bigger headsize for more power, the EXTREME S is light and easy to handle, and offers extreme spin and power.

In recent times, Head racquets are used by well-known players like Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova, and Novak Djokovic. This Instinct version of Head racquets has a competitive head size for precision.

HEAD rackets are built various technologies however Graphene is the key material technology that is used across all of their ranges. Given their heavier weights and smaller head sizes, Prestige racquets are best suited to intermediate and advanced players, especially those with solid mechanics who demand a high level of precision. The ATTITUDE PRO provides easier handling and maneuverability for your first training session. There are three different categories for racquet head sizes, which roughly speaking coincide with the different types of tennis racquets. Standard Length.

Tried so many new rackets, but have gone back to using the 1999 head TI radical OS with a soft poly. The EXTREME TOUR is a new racquet in the EXTREME series, with innovative Graphene 360+ technology.

The lightweight lets players move with great ease. Each line consists of several racquets, so the amount of choice when it comes to HEAD racquets is quite vast. Standard Length.

String Pattern: 16x19. length. Pre-strung for added value! Standard Length.

The racquet includes the addition of Graphene 360+, Head's newest technology that offers enhanced flex and a cleaner feel on impact.�Ideal for children age 8-10 who are looking to transition into an adult-sized frame. Standard Length. in., 8.2 oz., 14x.

As the lightest member of the Gravity family, this arm-friendly racquet is perfect for dedicated beginners, early intermediates or any player who wants an ultra maneuverable performance racquet with great feel.

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