how fast is thor

He has numerous feats to put him in the same teir as other characters on his caliber. Ah, so you mean running speed.

The ability in question is known as Warrior's Madness. I personally don't think he is faster than Logan, @buckshotwashere: Wait that's what I meant. But do not mistake him being nearly invincible for him being invulnerable.

But the excuses themselves raise a question. Even in the case of "blitzing", particularly with flying characters, I don't know how much that can be expected to factor in when we don't know how much faster than normal they're going. - Just because Thor threw wolverine away doesn't change the Fact that Wolverine said Thor traded some SPEED for strength. Flashs(plural), Superman,WW all have faster combat speed. However, if need be, Thor also has the power to enter the Warrior's Madness, which temporarily increases his stamina by tenfold. ), Further Comparison - Midnighter: (The nice thing about these is that speed is specifically being mentioned along with these displays.). Getting tagged by him is not bad at all.

Even when blood lusted or serious, characters still don't use their powers to the fullest. He just has the ability to go into FTL flight speeds really fast. Well I'm here to clear up some things about Thor's speed. 4,5,6. we have no idea how fast the creature was, also thor holds back against new opponents even so far as to let them hit him to assess their power. Thor isn't chained up before he can react, he gets chained up after he is stunned. I'm getting some good stuff in private messages but feel free to post further stuff here. And just for further comparison, some examples of what it looks like when "verified speedsters" react to bullets.

Sure, Thor or anyone else in his strength class can run someting close to 500mph, it doesn't mean they have the reflexes to guide them while they run.

The fact is, Thor possesses a range of superhuman senses.

Thor has even shown the ability to alter one's memories, such as having been able to make Jane Foster forget that she was ever kidnapped by Loki. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Here are a couple really interesting hammer spinning ones. Street level characters: I've been sleeping on Batman so I'll put him here. Thor isn't as agile or skilled as Wolverine. The term "operate" is being used to mean performing a series of systematic actions. 9. Thor is NOT as fast as most Speedsters who fight in picoseconds. He's faster than I--. This new character is now automatically as fast as Thor and thus as fast as the first FTL character in the example. Yes, it's a tricky thing, but not when someone has been doing for more than 40 years. Stop making me repeat myself. Feats don't suggest that. 1. Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.

And is no where near those of DC speedsters. I saw it as light and would think it'd move at the speed of. there is no shame in being tagged by him, also thor was young here and less experienced. In times of need, when weapons and brute strength are not the answer, perhaps ravines separating Thor from his enemies becomes necessary. In fact, he was interrupted twice, I've marked them for you. Flash has never phased through Darseid. It inspired my latest go at this idea, but I've done a couple things like this before, just not with this thought behind it. 10. the use of this scan to try and say thor is slow makes me really mad because it literally has nothing to do with speed!

Firstly, everybody gets tagged by laser beams and we have no idea how fast this one was, it could have been light speed. We don't know at what point he requires rest; make no mistake, though, that although Thor can fight for considerably longer than most beings, he still requires time to rejuvenate. Sorry but this is an Iron-man scan and I have to go over it. Some, the ones with other characters, will be simply for comparison and some will be different sorts of displays from Thor. Just as he blocks energy, he gets hit by it, and just as he tags fast moving characters, he gets hit by them when they're moving fast. 4. Crowd: No No No! That is mostly when Thor is called slow. Also reaction speed is always above travel speed which should be painfully obvious for anyone who actually pay attention to how movement works. Here a building is literally falling downwards on Thor.

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