how to tension a shade sail

Some installations require a building permit.

Cinder / breeze / Cement blocks and some bricks have internal holes, as part of there design. These are usually matched with a suitable type of bolt / screw ie you specifically buy an Eye bolt with an expansion anchor ready for use in concrete.

If timber posts are used, then generally use temporary power poles with a preservative added to the wood.

Height variation in shade sails gives them a look unique to tensile fabric membranes. A 4:1 mechanical advantage makes tensioning your sail a breeze, and the take down is just as simple! The weight of the building itself and the stuff inside it push down and compress the walls to keep it standing. Concrete makes for a great mounting point and the actual fixings used are usually the same as those explained above for bricks. Horizontally (flat), where all corners are at the same height; Or, where some corners are high and some low (like a “Hypar” design). Pulleys make for super easy installs because there is no need for lubricant or tools, or additional tensioning assistance from a come-along or similar winch. Location of barbecues or Sun direction etc. 6 years ago This can be done in a variety of ways; the best method for the “do it yourselfer” is to tie them on with a length of low stretch Dacron rope. The fabric is a knit and most of the water sheds off the lowest point, but it is not waterproof. We've designed our commercial brackets to achieve 18" of take and hold up to the added stress of large sails. We have no local companies that carry Lycra in large enough rolls, and the internet had far too many clothing sites to sift through. In a flat sail, that lower place will be the center and that pooling water will not only weigh down the sail, but will drip through it. Home » Awnings » Commercial Awnings » Tension Structures & Shade Sails.

In some cases it may be recommended to use a chemical fixing as well as the shield / rawl plug for your particular type of brick.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'staycoolguide_com-leader-4','ezslot_17',139,'0','0'])); Yes. Note: Check that the Pad Eye loop you buy has welded ends, not just a crimped end below the plate.

(12 x 73) / 4 = 219 Kgs is the maximum load expected at any one fixing point.

Going back and forth between eye and ring works like pulley! I even bought sunbrella fabric to try to make my own.

Now you're ready to enjoy the shade! CAUTION: Do not over tension. Think of tension as a pulling force and compression as a pushing force.Most permanent buildings are made of materials that work well in compression, like brick and concrete. In many larger installations, custom pad eyes are used to adapt to the mounting position and ensure a solid attachment. The fascia is not designed to be a load-bearing surface and the original fixing methods alone are unlikely to be sufficient.

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