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An interesting fact is that Black Diamond made it in the Top 10 even though they first started their climbing shoe line in 2017. I’m personally a big fan of the la sportiva muira XX, I mainly climb lead and the support the shoe offers is pretty great. If you found this article helpful, feel free to use the share icons further down to share with your friends. How did you find your perfect climbing shoe? This article and survey are so great and helpful given I am hoping to get a new pair of climbing shoes.

I’m Arun the founder and writer of Public Generalist.

It’s so interesting reading this I also use the women edition of the solution and always saw a couple of other climbers using them… but nearly 10 percent that must be millions of solutions and at my opinion (not everyone who has those high end shoes really needs them). The best you can do is drive to every climbing shop and try out shoes. I’m a die-hard Scarpa VS Instinct fan due to my very wide feet that mean other brands fit too narrow! I would like to say that I don’t think that La Sportiva or Scarpa are the best brands but I think they already have a really good advertisement and name. The vast amount of different climbing shoe models makes it really hard for one particular model to stand out but let’s have a look at it. I thought the article was well written and well thought out! Stay tuned , I don’t have good indoor climbing shoes yet. My university’s climbing gym has Evolv Shamans that can be rented, but I definitely want to get a pair of my own I can take anywhere. There are a few important aspects to a good shoe and a few which will be more, or less, important depending on what type of climbing you are doing and how experienced you are. There are almost no scarpa shoes in South America. They last a lot longer and the toe box is really comparable, I’d recommend La Sportiva over 5.10 any day now. Required fields are marked *. This is why you will see many serious climbers take their shoes off between problems, in order to relieve the pain and discomfort of tight shoes. I climb boreal, and those are pretty New. Expert and the Vantage for hiking) and when they arrived I wasn´t surprised about the high quality. My evolution in bouldering shoes has gone from Mainstream to obscurity; following my budget, proximity, and access to physical examples to trial. I always felt lonely in my gym with all the scarpa and la esportiva shoes Hi! One of the first things I noticed when trying on different pairs of shoes is that some were fairly stiff, while others were much softer, at first I wasn’t sure which was better. From scarpa I really like vapor v, BTW great article! This article is really valuable and will definitely influence my decision making on shoes going forward! I am a firm believer of you can make do with what you have but I’ve been trying to do that for awhile with just sneakers for climbing but it helps to have proper shoes. After a couple years (I know…) I bought a pair of Evolv Shaman’s (the 2016 version) after rave reviews from friends and utilizing my member dividend from REI (see there, budget and access). I’m still trying to figure out the best brand/model for my food so this definitely helps to see what other people like when looking at one’s for myself! I find it ver important to get a tight fot on the heel in order to do heel hooks. I’ve recently been researching intensely about bouldering shoes as I am buying my first pair as an investment. My boyfriend on the other hand keeps trying different shoe brands. This means that if you take a closer look at the climbing shoes in your bouldering gym, every 10th person wears exactly this model! Your email address will not be published. A soft shoe, on the other hand, means less support and therefore requires stronger toes in order to stay stable on smaller holds. I write content about learning new skills, hobbies and interests. I’m really happy I already found the perfect shoe for myself! I'm just a regular guy who loves climbing. Love the article, I live in Italy and here there aren’t that much brands of shoes, we have sportiva and scarpa of course but I’d like to see more types of shoes, I totally agree with trying on as many shoes as possible! Thank you for making the effort for this article! That being said, I am a horrible climber so I’m probably wrong . It’s not a brand that I’ve seen anyone else locally wear however. Once you have found your perfect shoe, why not read some of my other articles on bouldering? Whenever I’m in the gym I always see Solutions. Fun to see what shoes are the most popular. I find this article very interesting and I didn’t know there were so many types and brands of shoes. The best place to start would be my bouldering article for The 12 Hobby challenge. Even if you try out a lot of pairs, some shoes change their shape a lot after a while which can get a bit frustrating. This blog post was insightful as it gave a clearer idea of the market share and which type/brand of shoe the general public prefers.

Love that the research is continuing! Because they have quite a few shoes available on their homepage already. Bag - Extra Dry, Long-Lasting Grip - For Rock Climbing (Indoor & Outdoor), Bouldering, & Gym, Women's Solution Performance Rock Climbing Shoe, FDP SoftScape Playtime Corkscrew Climber for Infants and Toddlers, Colorful Beginner Soft Foam Structure for Indoor Active Play, Crawling, Climbing, Sliding (5-Piece Set) - Assorted, Swing-N-Slide WS 4481 Climbing Cargo Net for Kids Outdoor Play Sets, Jungle Gyms, SwingSets & Ninja Warrior Style Obstacle Courses (NE 4481-1), SoftScape Toddler Playtime Climber, Indoor Active Play Structure for Toddlers and Kids, Safe Soft Foam for Crawling and Sliding (3-Piece Set) - Assorted, FDP SoftScape Playtime and Climb Multipurpose Soft Foam Playset with Foldable Seat for Infants and Toddlers; Crawling, Climbing, Block Play for Home, Daycare, Preschool (6-Piece) - Contemporary, Men's Yukon Vista Clog | Slip On Shoes for Men with Adjustable Fit.

I really need new climbing shoes because there is a big hole in my old pair oops And this article will really help me choose a new pair! I personally love the Scarpa Force V – They are very comfortable and durable. I started with the Lowa Falco Lacing and for harder climbs I recently bought the Lowa Rocket. On the other hand this means that if you ask 10 of your friends which bouldering shoes they use, around 5 of them will have one from this list. Since Lowa is not the most popular climbing shoe manufacturer most people do not know about their excellent climbing shoes. With so much info out there and so many opinions it was really hard to know exactly how much “discomfort” one should endure when it came to the fit of the shoe. My rock climbing shoes hurt too much to wear them during all the gym session! My first “real” pair (I’m not counting my very first beginner shoes) were Scarpa Vapor V and right now I have La Sportiva Solutions. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be open to other brands!

10 Bouldering Videos every Climber needs to see, most popular climbing and bouldering chalk,,, I use it for bouldering to and they feel great in really overhanging routes. I’m trying all the shoe models that I find around. I think it was due to the solutions having more of a ball shaped cup which made heel hooking slightly more bulky. It is very interesting to read to see which brand of shoe/model are most popular – my first pair was whichever i couls find online in a sale/in my size. Weighing only 15.52 ounces, the innovative design offers unmatched edging performance thanks to the No-Edge™ technology. Especially because I am looking to purchase indoor rock climbing shoes and the gym I go to only carries La Sportiva to rent, so I figured if that’s the only brand they have it must be the best.

He recommended La Sportiva straight away and I bought La Sportiva Tarantula which I’m very happy with. There are a few important aspects to a good shoe and a few which will be more, or less, important depending on what type of climbing you are doing and how experienced you are. I’m the founder and writer of Public Generalist. That’s actually quite interesting!

The only downside is the heel that doesn’t fit super snug, but I have that problem with most shoes. Considering the great amount of other climbing shoe brands it must be quite challenging for them as they have to share only 5,5% market share. I bought my first shoes when I was very little in my local bouldergym. I’m excited to hear your thoughts in the comments. I only have one pair of shoes from evolv but I’m not sure which model they are, thoug i have noticed that many of my climbing mates have the exact same shoes form la sportiva! Am keen to try out different shoes that are more capable of doing the crazy stuff. Thank you for writing this! As they are headquatered in Germany, maybe that’s the reason. Glad you took the time to compile this survey and write up the article! Thanks, Personally I’ll always go with butora now that I have purchased the acros! Get inspired gear, informed advice, 100s of brands – all backed by our Rocksolid Guarantee. That’s when I decided to take a chance with the Evolv Agros which far surpassed my expectations with both the toe rubber and how solid heel hooks felt.

I feel like they are a great bouldering shoe , This is a great post for beginner boulderers! In the hall where I normally go, I see shoes of the brand “Red Chili” very often. An aggressive shoe will fit tighter and have a curved shape, making them less comfortable than your all-around climbing shoes. It’s interesting to know what kind of shoes you could use according to what people use…. Both La Sportiva and Boreal are European…the price difference for someone buying in say Australia is huge! Something that allows you to place your toes onto extremely small holds and into small cracks and holes. That said, I wish there were a way to try a bunch of shoes that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. As you require flexibility to allow movement, powerful grip to ensure traction and close-fitting shape for the best control possible, the right pair of climbing shoes deserves plenty of thought.

Thank you! I started out with a pair of La Sportiva Miura SV’s that I bought gently used from my best friend. Good for beginners to know what kind of shoes are out there and what are the popular ones to look out for! Also check out our survey on the most popular climbing and bouldering chalk.

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