joint enterprise law reform

It is a common law doctrine, which means it has been developed by the courts over the years.

Janhelle’s mum, Barbara, was next. While we have not looked at the wider issue of reform of the law on homicide, we believe that expecting reform of the joint enterprise doctrine could be part of a wider review of homicide law is an unrealistic approach.

Our print magazine is Proof.

We will see more results of further appeals in due course. Jon's books include Guilty Until Proven Innocent (Biteback, 2018), The First Miscarriage of Justice (Waterside Press, 2014), The Justice Gap (LAG, 2009) and People Power (Daily Telegraph/LawPack, 2008). They aren’t looking for justice.

‘We’ve come to the conclusion in Parliament – many MPs across parties who have been been working with JENGbA for years – that the law needs to change.

How do you begin to move on in prison when you are stuck inside for something you didn’t do?’ The Supreme Court ruling ‘cemented the fact that they are not going to recognise anyone who cannot prove their innocence’. If the Supreme Court in the Court of Appeal are closing ranks and protecting their own, change has to come from Parliament. The Supreme Court justice rejected their argument that the compensation regime introduced in 2014 contravened the presumption of innocence. Prisoners are desperate to return home to their loved ones, but balk at the idea of admitting to something you didn’t do. But we continue to harness our anger. The evidential bar remains low – and there are already about 4,500 mainly black and minority ethnic people serving long sentences for crimes they didn’t commit.

Although recently gang violence has risen, , it is legally and morally unfair to arrest and charge every person in a gang with a crime without strong proof of their involvement.

With the change in the law, the ‘grey line’ between those who intended and who foresaw a crime has been erased. We now support 650 Joint Enterprise prisoners aged 13 and up, mostly from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. I researched this report because, as a first-year university Law student, ‘joint enterprise’ was part of my syllabus. It is the responsibility of this court to put the law right.’ Not just to criminalise ethnic minorities, but also to rid our streets of young people who are vulnerable, with mental heath problems, developmental and learning disabilities (like Alex, who has autism) and in some cases physical impairments (like Jordan Cuncliffe, who was imprisoned for a murder committed by someone else when he was aged 15, despite being blind). As a counter-argument, young black males along with other non-white Britons are more likely to be identified as a gang member than a White British male. A 16-prison study by Dr Crewe of the University of Cambridge found that white prisoners were underrepresented for joint enterprise convictions.

‘Nobody in this room could prove that they did not do that murder – least of all Sam,’ he added. This week campaigners at JENGbA began to see the result of a long, hard fight to reform the doctrine of joint enterprise.

But will further miscarriages of justice be prevented? This change will compel police forces to enact thorough investigations into gang crime. The Court, in the case of Jogee , stated ‘joint enterprise had been incorrectly interpreted for the last 30 years’ . Joint enterprise is a form of secondary liabili ty whereby a person wh o agrees to commit a crime with another becomes liabl e for all criminal acts commit ted by the other person (the principal offender) in the course of their joint criminal venture. Joint enterprise law: what is it and why is it controversial?

But that’s not the point. Lucy Powell told the meeting that ‘over half of those serving life sentences under joint enterprise are from BAME backgrounds; over half of them are under the age of 25 and many under the age of 18 years’. It’s not just with joint enterprise cases but with lots of other cases and that feeds back to the Criminal Cases Review which, in turn, is very reluctant to refer to the Court of Appeal.

The Justice Gap is an online magazine about the law and justice run by journalists. Parliament should reform the controversial law of joint enterprise if the courts chose to ‘close ranks’, according to a member of the all party parliamentary group on miscarriages of justice. Everything sounded muffled; I kept repeating to my daughter Charlotte over and over again: “What did they say?” Yet I had heard, because I could hear my own wailing, and feel my pulse in my ears as sobs shook my body. JENGbA is to hold a demonstration outside the Supreme Court next Monday on the three year anniversary of the Jogee ruling. Parliament should reform the controversial law of joint enterprise if the courts chose to ‘close ranks’, according to a member of the all party parliamentary group on miscarriages of justice.

C.P. He is a freelance journalist. 2.113; Giles, “Joint Enterprise”, pp. Last modified on Thu 8 Sep 2016 05.43 EDT, It was my turn to introduce myself.

He didn’t know that the man who ran in behind him had a knife in his bag. The two men had their convictions overturned but were denied compensation by the Ministry of Justice on the grounds that they were unable to prove their innocence. Established in Chan Wing-Siu , it allowed convictions for a group of people if they foresaw a crime, given that foresight was equally treated as intent to commit a crime, meaning the defendants would be as guilty as the principal offender(s). Addressing a meeting of the group in the House of Commons last week, Lucy Powell MP pointed out that there had been no successful appeals since the Supreme Court ruled that the controversial law had taken ‘a wrong turn in 1984’. Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, February 18, 2016.

Addressing a meeting of the group in the House of Commons last week, Lucy Powell MP pointed out that there had been no successful appeals since the Supreme Court ruled that the controversial law had taken ‘a … We were at our first meeting at JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association), a campaign group mostly made up of mums and other family members fighting for justice on behalf of those imprisoned under the law of joint enterprise.

‘You can claim compensation if you trip over a broken paving stone in this but if you’re wrongly, and knowingly wrongly imprisoned, you can’t claim compensation,’ said JENGbA’s Deb Madden. ‘According to the system that we have now, there are no miscarriages of justice. She spoke about a case in her constituency in which 11 young black men from Moss Side faced charges of murder. He is twice winner of the Bar Council's journalism award and won Halsbury Legal's journalism award, Copyright 2020 © All rights Reserved.

The prosecution could use the friendship between codefendants to insinuate a meeting of minds ,creating a slippery slope from being a witness to having a guilty mind. Like people in many other cases, he will be requesting permission to appeal soon, and we hope he will finally get a fair trial.

However, given the exposure of this apparent discriminate targeting non-whites by the joint enterprise law, it is thought the clarification can address the imbalance in conviction rates between white and black defendants and eventually reduce discrimination in the legal system. Call to scrap power to send people to prison for their ‘own protection’. The test case was ‘not about the money’, he said. She tried to speak but she was too grief-stricken. The thought of a retrial terrifies me and the toll it takes on Alex is immeasurable.

For some, this means they do not progress from category A prisons to category B – and for many there is the threat of delayed parole. I believe the change in the law of joint enterprise is a “moment of legal history” . He got 19 years.’, t was my turn to introduce myself. In February this year, the supreme court ruled that for the last 30 years our justice system had got it wrong on joint enterprise. ‘Joint enterprise started out as a policing tactic and then a prosecution tactic and has been used in an almost lazy way of not having to meet the evidential bar, especially in very serious offences,’ Lucy Powell said. The grassroots of JENGbA started with four angry women.

85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, England, W1W 7LT, Summer Internships (Up to 10-days in-person), Summer 'Future' Internships (5-days Live Online), Summer 'Future' Internships (Up to 10-days In-Person). ‘We are at a real breaking point in this country.

It was to “bring the law back to the principles which had been established before the law took a wrong turn” . Nobody last year received compensation for a miscarriage of justice – so that means there aren’t any,’ Foot said. In February, the Supreme Court announced a significant change to the law on joint enterprise.

Seven of them were convicted of murder and four of manslaughter. The funding for the commission is to come from a US law firm. “My son Alex Henry was wrongfully convicted of murder by. ‘That is how the system has decided to deal with this problem by hiding it.’. 3 min read, By Giorgio Desouza, Beauchamps High School, Alumnus of The Young Lawyer Programme 2015.

Sam Hallam isn’t even identified as a miscarriage of justice. It captures the guilty and innocent alike. Reforming the law on murder will always be a high risk strategy for any Government and it is our view that it is very unlikely to happen in the near future. 131, 1993), para. I believe the change in the law of joint enterprise is a “moment of legal history” .

Now the prosecution must prove that the defendant intentionally assisted or encouraged the person to commit the act. ‘That is what the Court of Appeal does. There was also frustration at this month’s ruling of the Supreme Court in the cases of Sam Hallam and Victor Nealon. The chair of the all party group Barry Sheerman MP announced that there would be commission on miscarriages of justice which would be taking evidence from the victims of miscarriages and their families.

We need firm action on. I am certain this reform will not mean defendants getting lighter sentences or going unpunished for their crimes. There was an AGM before last week’s meeting attended by the Conservative chair of the justice committee, Bob Neill, Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, Labour’s Lucy Powell and Ellie Reeves and the cross bench peer Baroness Vivienne Stern. We have had prisoner committing suicide and family members committing suicide because they don’t see any hope.’, Jon is editor of the Justice Gap. 385–86. That was two years ago, and I am still horrified by the injustice. Through the sheer determination of his mother and his QC, Jogee was found not guilty of murder earlier this week. The latest issue (Why legal aid matters) includes Helena Kennedy QC and Martha Spurrier in conversation, David Conn on the legacy of Hillsborough - plus how to build your own law centre. It felt like I was drowning and falling, I could not move, could not breathe .

We need to rectify the law because it is not happening by itself through caselaw.’ Ameen Hassan Jogee was convicted of murder even though it was his friend who stabbed the victim, and the supreme court’s decision led to a retrial. However, the evidence for the foresight element has always been based on inferences – that is, friendship and often mere presence. When the verdict was announced at the Old Bailey, and we realised that our sons had been found guilty of murder, it was a traumatic shock. No.

The MP argued that politicians now needed to step in where the courts have failed.

“My son Alex Henry was wrongfully convicted of murder by joint enterprise. It would open the floodgates on many dozens, if not hundreds of cases of miscarriage.

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