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Vietnamese iced coffee / Cafe sua da $3.95 .

For many Hanoians, Tra Chanh Ha Noi is more than a drink, it is an experience.

So essential is trà đá that it is both present and free at almost any dining or social occasion. But you wouldn’t necessarily know it, because no one seems to attach much significance to trà đá.

The same way French intellects gather at cafés to debate or the Englishmen huddle together over rounds of beers, the Hanoians come together around a cup of Tra Chanh. For more details, see my Disclosure & Disclaimer statements here. Although trà đá is ubiquitous and largely uncelebrated, to me it is a treat and a defining aspect of daily life in Vietnam. It’s better to drink it cold, yet drinking it raw is just awesome already.

In the tropical temperatures of the far south rehydration is a crucial factor in everyday living. 8. Whichever name you call it, it is quintessentially, undeniably, a Hanoian’s drink. Although iced tea is served throughout Vietnam, it’s more commonly found in lowland, southern and central regions, where the weather is generally hot and humid year-round. Unlike hot tea, there isn’t much ceremony or ritual surrounding iced tea.

Trade Islands Iced Teas enthalten das einzigartige Teedepot: Beweis, dass sie aus echten Teeblättern frisch gebrüht werden. This is among the most gentle and luxuriant Vietnamese drinks. Iced tea is a chaser for coffee in every coffee shop. Ever since beer came to Vietnam in the early 1900s, it has become one of the most popular Vietnamese drinks to try in summer. A perfect coconut would have the jellyish and almost transparent flesh. People carry drinks all …

We want each traveler to be able to appreciate the timeless beauty, long-lasting culture, and rich history of the fascinating place we call home. © Copyright 1997 But it never is “just tea”.

23 Differences from South to North Vietnam, The Cafe Apartment at No.14 Ton That Dam, Saigon, Vietnam Visa Letter | – Trustworthy Vietnam Visa Agency, Wild Camping on the La Nga River: A Guide. It’s a culture. We are the most trustworthy Vietnam Visa Agency with 5 years experiences in immigration area. Trà đá is so much a feature of daily life – particularly with regards to eating, drinking and socializing – that its importance (and pleasure) is often overlooked. In fact, there are many different varieties of iced tea that you’ll encounter when travelling through Vietnam, all of which have distinctive flavours, enticing aromas, and wonderfully exotic ingredients. In the Central Highlands and northern provinces, where temperatures fluctuate depending on the season and altitude, hot tea (. The first one is more common as it is easy to drink and people often have it with ice. The quality remains, though. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or immigration related issue. It’s also fair to say that, in recent years, trà đá is perhaps a little less ubiquitous than it once was, thanks partly to the burgeoning popularity of coffee and the proliferation of cafes (not to mention the trend in trà sữa – sweet milk tea). Tea has much stronger, longer, deeper roots in Vietnamese culture than coffee. Online shop Aside from the basic rice wine, the locals also put the medicinal herbs, plants, and animals onto it to make “ruou thuoc” (medicinal wine), which is believed to be exceptionally good for health. Getting high aside, iced tea is something of a tonic. In a medium size pot, bring the water to a boil. Apparently, the flowers are picked at a particular time of night – when their scent is most powerful – and immediately dried so that the tea will hold maximum flavour.

See instructions, The Coolest Guides in Vietnam! Come to Vietcentric and grab yourself a Tra Chanh from our Daily Menu! A more upscale Tra Chanh shop in Ho Chi Minh city. Thanks to the freshness and coolness, “bia hoi” could freeze the heat and quench the thirst on hot summer days. Phone: (+84) 4 3927 4120

Vietnamese Ice Tea. “Com ruou”, which is the well-cooked glutinous rice, is mixed with yeast, and stored in a closed jar for days. This attitude is reflected in the dialogue that often proceeds when I ask the question: “Yes,” I continue, “but is it jasmine, lotus, pandan leaf, lemongrass and ginger, artichoke, fresh-leaf green tea: what, Of all these varieties (and I’m sure there are many more), my favourite has to be jasmine (. Super-cheap and easy to prepare, a glass will set you back from VND2,000 - VND5,000. And it does its job very well.

If you are thinking about a tailor-made Vietnam tour that is specially designed to meet your requirements, contact Luxury Travel. Kumquat Tea – A Must-Mention In The List Of Vietnamese Drinks, 10.

Originating in Hanoi, the popularity of the drink has spread to other major cities like Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang, albeit short-lived as the trend quickly died out within a couple of years in the fast-paced Ho Chi Minh city.

Hence, the tea is exceptionally aromatic with the harmonizing blend of the different aromas.

Of all these varieties (and I’m sure there are many more), my favourite has to be jasmine (trà lài – the go-to variety in most southern and south-central provinces), followed closely by fresh-leaf green tea (trà lá tươi – usually found at higher altitudes or in northern provinces), and lotus (trà sen – less common, with a very delicate flavour).

People enjoy Tra Chanh during winter next to the Cathedral. In general, iced tea is served in a glass, not a mug, and not in dainty little cups. In the Central Highlands and northern provinces, where temperatures fluctuate depending on the season and altitude, hot tea (trà nóng) is often preferred over iced tea (trà đá), especially during the colder months from November to February. That sweetness blends well with the strong taste of the Robusta beans and creates a flavor utopia.

Unlike Vietnamese coffee, trà đá is hardly ever mixed with sugar, milk or condensed milk. In, More appealingly, the price for a huge cup of “trà tắc” is extraordinarily cheap. No one can pinpoint when exactly the drink was born and when it became popular, but I distinctly recall frequenting Tra Chanh spots almost every night nearly a decade ago. Iced tea serves a basic function: to kept you cool, refreshed and hydrated in hot, humid conditions. This Vietnamese liquor can be easily found at any food stalls throughout Vietnam or in any Vietnamese family. It has been driving the whole country crazy in recent years. In the past, people tore apart the rind of the sugarcane and eat the inner part, which is exhausting and might make your mouth injured. In some parts of tropical Vietnam, where average annual temperatures hover around 30°C, with humidity an oppressive 80%-90%, iced tea is essentially treated like water. Some may recall the same taste from the sugar coated snack ‘o mai’, where grated ‘cam thao’ is added to keep it dry.

This would appear to work because, although there are many grades of quality for jasmine tea, even the cheapest, bog-standard glass of iced jasmine tea at a sidewalk stall will be beautifully scented.

Since it’s getting close to Winter here and I’m one who can’t regulate my own body heat for the life of me (says the husband), I rely on hot Vietnamese milk coffee (ca phe sua nong) this time of year to keep me warm. To sip on an ice cold Tra Chanh, I dare say, is to dip your taste buds into the Hanoian’s way of life.

Source: Tea bags are convenient, but the quality is not as good as loose leaf tea. Indeed, pound for pound, many tea varieties have a higher caffeine content than coffee. Artichoke tea works as a detox thanks to the huge benefits it brings. Source: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sweet iced tea / Tra duong da $1.95 .

One of the many little joys of daily life in Vietnam, trà đá (iced tea) is a feature of almost every dining and social occasion across much of the nation: from roadside snacks to banquets, from trendy cafes to local beer joints. In fact, there are many different varieties of iced tea that you’ll encounter when travelling through Vietnam, all of which have distinctive flavours, enticing aromas, and wonderfully exotic ingredients. The tea, which was poured from an enormous vat and had been brewing away for hours, was making our jokes seem funnier, causing us to become breathless with laughter, and easing the bonding process (in much the same way that other such substances for getting high do).

If, some day, I were to leave this country, I know that a time would come when the scent of jasmine would drift over from somewhere and take me right back to Vietnam.

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