looney tunes 1941

Eatin’ On the Cuff (8/22/42) – A mix of live action and animation, as a stage pianist (actor Leo White – dubbed by Mel Blanc) tells the tale of a moth in love with a honeybee, but in turn being pursued by a Widow Spider (another parody of the man-hungry characters of Brenda and Cobina (Blanche Stewart and Elvia Allman) from Bob Hope’s Pepsodent show). But the human returns, gathering up everything but one cake. Musical program includes the Pizzicato fron “Sylvia”, “Start the Day Right”, and “Keep Cool, Fool”, recorded for Decca by Ella Fitzgerald and her Famous Orchestra (the remnants of the former Chick Webb band after their drummer/leader died), Erskine Hawkins on Bluebird, Les Brown on Okeh with vocal by Doris Day, Jan Savitt on Victor, Raymond Scott on Columbia (for once, playing something he didn’t write), and the Ink Spots on Decca. Used as far back as “I’d Love to take orders from You” and thru and even at the END of “Who’s Kitten Who?” By our ol’frined..Egbert Van Alstyne. A gurst sign of wartime references has the natives’ spears refuse to cause damage to Porky and his boat when Porky and Friday hand out an American flag. Finally, in an elaborate process, a general provides firing instructions to a big gun; when it hits his own building, he says, "I'm a baaad general.". It took a while for wartime references to get into the cartoons. Great use of music on that cartoon, especially the Spike Jones-esque rendition of “Angel in Disguise”. The latter song received several recordings, including Paul Whiteman on Decca, Glenn Miller on Bluebird, Frankie Masters on Okeh, Johnny McGee on Varsity, Roy Smeck and his Hawaiians on Decca, and vocal versions by Dick Todd on Bluebird (below) and the Charioteers on Columbia (later revived on MGM under the name of the group’s lead singer, Billy Williams). Looney Tunes is an American animated series of comedy short films produced by Warner Bros. from 1929 to 1969 during the golden age of American animation, alongside its sister series Merrie Melodies. Guide Watch.

Random gags around military life, set on an army base. Cover versions appeared by the Four King Sisters on Bluebird, and Al Donahue on Okeh. Was this review helpful to you? An upset Bugs challenges the slick Cecil Turtle to a race.

Porky’s Pastry Pirates (1/17/42), appears to be all original score. He eventually realizes the error of his ways when he encounters a cabin full of beans – inhabited by a fox and weasel who’d much prefer to have a duck dinner. While hunting rabbits, Elmer Fudd comes across Bugs Bunny who tricks and harasses the hunter. A Western omelette of songs includes “Cheyenne”, “Oh, Susannah, “California, Here I Come”, the studio’s original “I Can’t Get a Long Little Dogie” previously used in “A Coy Decoy”, Von Suppe’s “Light Cavalry Overture”, “Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride”, and out of the blue, one of the first uses of the patriotic wartime ditty, “We Did It Before and We Can Do It Again”, recorded commercially by Dick Robertson on Decca, and by Carl Hoff on Okeh (backed on the flip side with another cartoon anthem to be used by a rival studio – You’re a Sap, Mr. Jap). He has a Broadcasting Certificate (Radio Option) from Los Angeles Valley College, class of 1999. Songs: “You Hit My Heart With A Bang” and whistled by Porky, “Are There Any More At Home Like You?”.

Shipping: $6.00 Economy Shipping | See details . Ended: Jun 26, 2020. The generals get into another fight trying to divide it. Looney Tunes Redrawn Title (1941-42) Notes To You (1941) Daffy's Southern Exposure (1942) Porky's Pooch (1941) Porky's Pooch (1941) Redrawn. Unless you’re referring to a different tune, in Porky’s Cafe, when Conrad the Cat’s making pancakes toward the beginning, the tune that’s being played is Gossec’s “Gavotte”, which Stalling often used in his scores, not the Pizzicato from Sylvia. The infantry marches for miles - past a "next time, take the train" billboard. ... used on two Looney Tunes cartoons Hare Tonic and Baseball Bugs.

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