marauder vs impala ss

The Marauder was actually more powerful — its 4.6-liter V8 was rated at 302 hp and 318 lb-ft. You floor the car and about a second later it responds - with no torque off the line. ChevroletOf muscle cars were produced between 1994-96, and HGThe answer arrived in 2003 and continued into 2004. Impala SS and the predator. Both had iconic names. If you want a driver, it's got to be the Merc but that performance will cost a bit.

-Greg Migliore (@GregMigliore) Ford and General Motors Acknowledged this field, except for the short Holden Chevrolet SS. I would be all over a black '96 in a second. For its mid-90s reincarnation, the Impala was the sport trim of the Caprice (here's the order guide if you're interested) while the Marauder similarly augmented the more buttoned-down Grand Marquis line. More "moddable"? Nearly two-thirds of you agree. 7:58. Nearly two-thirds of you agree.


"Detroit hasn't felt any real pride since George Bush went to Japan and vomited on their auto executives, I tell you whut", I just helped a friend buy a '03 Marauder, and I just raced him today at the dragstrip. Marauders have also generated interest on BaT, with the one-owner model pictured above selling for $21,000 in January. The Impala's look like a pregnant whale, with a fat butt.

Report. ), a last hurrah for the whalelike rear-drive Caprice, in this case powered by a Corvette motor. Other sites have them closer together, which reinforces the premise it really was the little things that separated these muscle cars., 69 Malibu Pro-Touring stroker LS1-383/T56, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.

I wouldn't change either one of em!!! JavaScript is disabled. Impala SS vs. Marauder-Comparo only really happened in theory. Enduring nameplate for the second half of the century.

ChevroletOf muscle cars were produced between 1994-96, and HGThe answer arrived in 2003 and continued into 2004. By MarauderTJA in forum Sunshine State Marauders, By Svashtar in forum Community Discussion, Another Impala Vs. Marauder comparison article from an author who did not drive one, I'm looking to eliminate the double pump process I have to follow right now to get the pedal hard, ______________________________ ___________,, SSHS15 Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout, Return of the Rear Wheel Drive, V8 Impala SS, If this is your first visit, be sure to It would be a close race in either case.

[54505798] :hurray: Looks like it would come down to the driver and individual car. April 14, 2020. He turned a 14.6 @ 95.51, I beat him w/ a. I always liked the Marauder, but I was always under the impression that the pushrod 5.7 on the Impala SS would beat the higher horsepower but lower torque OHC 4.6 Merc.

in a Hemming Impala was properly called the "postmortem" in 2004, and its stronger low-end torque and smooth gearbox transmission won praise, separating it from the more depressed Mercury.

You can see why they resonated so deeply with Boomers longing for a bygone era and also captured the attention of coming-of-age Gen Xers. Then and now enthusiasts felt the Impala was a more complete execution with guts. Marauder's Mill and Mustang Mach 1. Easiest to mod? When the impala turned his head, the predator needed a retake to recognize it. Can Trump run again in 2024 after losing election to Biden? Car and driverOf staff give the predator one Gentle comments As early as ‘03, it is known for its solid handling and features, but the car is shocked because of its slow speed. In many ways so close, but 16 years after the generation of Chevrolet and the predators died, people have very different memories of them. Most of the staff favored the Impala for its sinister looks and said that it lived up to its billing as a legit muscle car. Car and Driver’s staff gave the Marauder a lukewarm review back in ‘03, citing its solid handling and features, yet knocking the sedan for being slow off the line. The Bring a Trailer listing sold for $26,500. The Impala’s 5.7-liter LT1 V8 making 260 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque was impressive for a two-ton sedan in the mid-’90s. The Marauder, despite coming along later, felt more hacked together, according to prevailing sentiments. I can't wait to add a 300SRT8 to my collection of Big Black Beautiful, RWD, American Made Monsters! Marauder 302 BHP/318 Lb/Ft With a 4.6 - 6.9 sec 0-60 and 15.4 1/4 mile Impala 260 BHP /330 Lb/Ft With a 5.7 -7.3 0-60 and 15.4 1/4 mile This from My g/f has a '96 Impala SS and I have a '94 Caprice, both have the LT1 engine. CIGARETTE MARAUDER 50 SS - INSANE SPEED! I like the lines of the Impala a LOT more. Chevy’s muscle sedan ran from 1994-96, while Mercury’s answer arrived in 2003 and only lasted until 2004. The Marauder’s valuations are similar, estimated from $11,600 to $29,400, with an average of $17,400. Comparative Mercury Marauder - Chevrolet Impala SS [11248] : In ordrer to know performances (speed, acceleration) and specs about cars and compare them i stopped by a dealer and picked up a brochure about it.. i thought it was funny that a car that came out in '03 was comparing itself to a car that came out 7 years earlier- they had a chart comparing it to the '96 Impala SS righti n the sales brochure.

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