martha hyer obituary

Although she was seen in many cheesecake poses in film fan magazines, her screen career failed to catch fire, mainly because of her association with the schlock produced by her husband. Martha Hyer (August 10, 1924, Fort Worth, Texas - May 31, 2014, Santa Fe, New Mexico) was an American actress. She was the epitome of Alfred Hitchcock's "cool blonde" who just lost out to Janet Leigh for the role of Marion Crane in Psycho (1960). it is one of my favorite movies, and she is indelible in her role..But her many excellent Westerns and movies in other genres also count for a lot and from the quotations in the Santa Fe piece I think she undervalued some of those and that the writer of the piece was too quick to just accept that dismissive view of them--I couldn't help wondering if he ever saw RED SUNDOWN, for example, a beautiful and mature Western and one of so many excellent movies she is.

No cause was given. In 1966, she married film producer Hal Wallis, who took her to New Mexico for the first time during the filming of “Red Sky at Morning.” Hyer moved to Santa Fe shortly after his death in 1986. In fact, to finance her extravagant lifestyle, unbeknown to her husband she got into debt with loan sharks. A former obituary writer, Steve Chawkins joined the Los Angeles Times in 1987 after working as a reporter and editor at the Santa Fe Reporter in New Mexico and the Rocky Mountain News in Denver. 5.

"Your hands on me aren't the least persuasive," she tells him, unpersuasively.

“I go from one picture to the next getting wealthier and wealthier, but I’d like to do it with the hair down — either as a nymphomaniac or an alcoholic. In 1951, Hyer married director C. Ray Stahl, who directed “The Scarlet Spear,” which starred Hyer. Although she remained with him until his death in 1986, she complained that he had sought to limit her spendaholic habits. Stars like Hyer that cross so many genres hard to keep track. Hyer was married to legendary producer Hal B. Wallis from 1966 until his death 20 years later. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. Wed 11 Jun 2014 15.30 BST

Eddie Hassell, known for his roles in the NBC show ‘Surface’ and the film “The Kids Are All Right,” has died after a shooting in Texas, police said. In actuality, she encountered anguishing problems. She presented an aura of class that is always appealing.

Hyer also played William Holden’s wealthy fiancee in “Sabrina” (1954) and diplomat Cary Grant’s rich sister-in-law in the comedy “Houseboat” (1958).

I thought RKO would never let me get off a horse!”. The producer was Ray Stahl. A commanding screen presence throughout his long career, Sean Connery came to define British novelist Ian Fleming’s dashing and deadly secret agent. It turns out it was THE DELICATE DELINQUENT (after Dean).Well, let's say ABBOTT & COSTELLO GO TO MARS is one of that comedy team's best--at least among their 50s ones. She attended Northwestern University and was a member of Pi Beta Phi fraternity. Martha Hyer was an actress who played cool beauties but longed to let her hair down, Martha Hyer, an Oscar-nominated movie actress who starred alongside Humphrey Bogart, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Shirley MacLaine in the 1950s and 1960s, died on May 31 at her home in Santa Fe, N.M. She was 89. A list of her surviving relatives was not immediately available.

Portraying sophisticated women came naturally for Hyer, who amassed an impressive collection of French Impressionist paintings and joked that she had to give up her mansion in the Hollywood Hills because she had run out of wall space.

After taking a degree in Drama from Northwestern University, she joined the Pasadena Playhouse, where she was spotted and signed to a contract by an RKO talent scout.


Martha Hyer was born on August 10, 1924 in Fort Worth, Texas. She was considered for the role of Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) but lost out to Janet Leigh. DP x. Jo Morrow, Alec Guinness' daughter in "Our Man In Havana," rides a bike near Shepperton Studios, 1958 Jo Morrow rides a bike. Hey Laura (and everybody else!) A look at Sean Connery’s life in pictures.

Martha Hyer, who has died aged 89, starred in many overwrought melodramas of the sort that the Hollywood studios cranked out in the 1950s, winning an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress for her role as a snobbish and sexually repressed schoolteacher seduced by Frank Sinatra in Vincente Minnelli’s Some Came Running (1958). Pola Negri Judy Garland Martha Hyer Mamie Van Doren Gwili Andre Audrey Totter Vivien Leigh Grace Kelly Carole Lombard Greer Garson Paulette Goddard Shelley Winters Faye Dunaway Valerie Perrine Greta Garbo Have a glam Friday!

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