men's virtual stylist

“Those are the perfect items for a ‘business on the top, party on the bottom’ look.

After this session, you’ll finally love everything in your closet and have stylish go-to uniforms for your lifestyle. For one month following the last session, Cassandra Sethi will be your on-call virtual fashion advisor (via text and email). You may have already seen some of the funny or downright embarrassing moments that WFH-ers have been sharing on social media as we all get used to this new way of working. Check out the blog, apply for a call, schedule a consult - Let's get you looking good. My Virtual Stylist is a personal styling revolution. Josephine shows pure passion and commitment shown in the service I received. Don’t wear the same sweatshirt you wear for mowing the lawn. Smaglinski also notes that these different platforms open the door to new dress codes. Picture your closet. The most amazing experience! You should feel just as relaxed as you would have in your favorite pair of sweatpants, but be able to stay in work mode.”. “Prepare yourself for beyond this,” says Smaglinski. This is like giving you a blueprint on what you need to do. Straight talk. ), Learn why celebrities always look SO good. Meet face-to-face with an online personal stylist and receive three looks that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

As a certified menswear consultant, I've personally helped hundreds of men from around the globe navigate their style and grooming challenges.

Sometimes, a woman will recommend something for a man based on her opinion of the item, not what looks best on him. I love blogging because it’s so flexible and interesting. You also then have access to ask questions and get help as you implement things from me personally. How much money they normally spend? Our stylists can work with budgets of all sizes to get you the look you want. Sign up for membership today with code FIRST10, and get 10% off your first year of membership. For one month after the last session, you’ll have Cassandra on-call as your virtual fashion consultant and advisor  (via text and email). It breaks up the monotony since they can’t go to a store and it gives them something to look forward to.”.

Eliminate wasted hours shopping and returning items. Because he was a representative of the airline, we had to dress appropriately to get on the plane, so, to me, dressing up to fly is the norm. If you want a customized option, you can reach out directly, and things will be assessed on a case by case basis.

“The door swung open and his little two-year-old stumbled into the room and started doing a little dance, then her baby brother joined in. If you’d rather go the virtual route, however, you’ve got some interesting opportunities.

As Cross alluded to earlier, depending on your career, you may also suddenly find yourself ready for your close-up, appearing on video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Ring Central. Worked with celebrities from around the globe. -You're open to expert advice and want straightforward answers I help you navigate that strange territory of shopping. I’m constantly getting compliments on how put-together I look - and you’ve taught me how to shop with purpose knowing exactly what suits me. -You can/will put in the effort to improve your appearance and follow the advice I outline. It increased my self-esteem! Choose an outfit that makes you feel like you’re working and not just lounging around the house on a Saturday afternoon. I was so nervous waiting for my appointment with Josephine but within minutes she had me feeling comfortable and at ease. Type in your name and email below to get my complimentary PDF guide. Regular consulted with top news and media outlets. Smaglinski recommends premium denim with stretch. Copyright © 2020 Josephine Eve. “You don’t want the outfit to take attention away from your talking head,” he says. I highly recommend her ability to capture the essence of my brands personality into all of my work wardrobe. These can still be in comfortable, stretchy fabrics so you’re not distracted by what you’re wearing. Add to that the five hours I spent at the airport once we landed and I was great with what I was wearing.”.

This personalized styling service has four steps that concentrate on creating the perfect wardrobe for your body type and lifestyle- no matter where you live. Cross, who’s based in Capitola, California, has also recently received inquiries from style-conscious men about their work-from-home fits. Your help was the boost I needed to get my style back and embrace my new found life of motherhood.

We want you to not only look like a million bucks, but also feel incredible in every outfit styled by The Stīl Trust. I've priced consultations here to make it affordable for any man who really wants to change their look and their life.

I wanted to create something that can actually help.

“And we have answers! This experience enables you to connect with Josephine via email, Skype and text, whilst gaining some of the styling benefits that Josephine provides. It wasn't an experience that was designed with us in mind. I focus on an inside out approach, making sure the clothing you're wearing is congruent with your age, career, personal style, body type, etc. Her professional, yet friendly nature had me feeling very relaxed and a confidence from the start. Sign up for updates today and don't miss a beat! Currently, there is no fee for this. Award-winning. I'll be there to help along the way. EasyHairStyler - Virtual Hairstyles & Virtual Makeover Artist Our virtual hairstylist easyHairStyler (or online makeover) is the new online problem solver for girls, boys, women and men of all ages. For a limited time, Next Level Wardrobe is offering a virtual personal styling service to professional men that live in North America.

You know what to wear without hesitation. During this two hour session, we’ll go through your closet piece by piece to figure out what you should keep, or donate. Whether you need style advice on a monthly basis or a few times a year, we have a membership that’s right  for you: Monthly or Seasonal. Guy-to-guy.

etc. Even if a woman knows how to dress herself, that doesn't transfer over. “Most of my clients are looking for styling advice on how to balance comfort and WFH-appropriate attire,” says Cross. There are two ways in which you can work with me, either virtually or in-person. As any kind of stylist — or, yes, fashion blogger — you’ll need to be able to do things that meet people where they are, not where you are. “It’s akin to wearing a hoodie, but it doesn’t look like it.”. Now I have people commenting positively about me, on my clothes, my figure, my accessories and I’m confident about that. Home » Services » Men’s Image Consulting Services » Virtual Personal Styling Service for Men.

Or, you could take one afternoon, and have an expert deliver all the answers you need, tailored specifically around you, packaged up and delivered 1-on-1. The man wearing the clothing needs to look as good as the clothing does. Some of us are also doing more one-on-one FaceTime or Skype calls as we attempt to make our virtual relationships stronger by moving beyond voice to video communications. Whatever works best for the client. Here’s what I think: Being a virtual stylist is a great way to make money while you’re building your blog. For a limited time, Next Level Wardrobe is offering a virtual personal styling service to professional men that live in North America. And be ready for whatever comes your way! Traditional job boards. Plenty of my colleagues have some great info out there. But even with all of these changes, he says to stick to the basics when planning your new wardrobe. Where they usually shop? Not everyone will dress exactly like you and share your exact fashion sense, after all, which means you need to be able to tap into what other people like and don’t like and then find ways to elevate. Here, you're getting a highly educated perspective on what actually looks best on you - personal preferences, and attraction aside. Josephine stripped away the clothes that weren’t working for me, and helped me find the style and image that was lurking underneath.

Connect and continuously curate your wardrobe with a trusted personal stylist who specializes in knowing what looks best on their clients. They were all sent the same stuff.

“One client said he’d like … stretchy pants, socks, and joggers,” Cross tells The Manual. Next Level Wardrobe now offers men’s personal styling services online to professionals living in North America.

I gained confidence from my outside but also from my inside with her styling. My focus is on providing you high-quality options and having them last you a very long time. The real reason? “It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a jacket at all,” he commented. For the month of March it’s FREE to join (excludes the $15 a month website charge). Want my step-by-step checklist to nailing your wardrobe? Obviously I want to be comfortable, too, so I incorporate a lot of those same characteristics as WFH clothes when I fly: soft fabrics; stretchy, comfortable, performance-based fabrics.

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