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Such is life I suppose. J’accepte aussi les, Mercury Marauder neuf et d'occasion à vendre au Canada. Want to support SmiteFire with an ad-free experience? Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! The Marauder and the LX Sport may have been analogous as far as the “sportiest”, and probably had the same suspension parts and similar (if not the same) bucket seat/console interior. But the poor sales of the Marauder cancelled those plans. Compared to the Impala SS, the Marauder really felt like Ford phoned it in. World's Fastest Mercury Marauder goes 8.2 @ 177mph - YouTube Had I stuck with it I’m certain I could have had in in the mid-high 13s with some further massaging, that’s still averagely quick by today’s standards, and it got 28mpg on the interstate getting to the track! The decorative aluminum caps on the stock lug nuts are glued onto the steel core. I would guess similar treatment on one of these would be a massive transformation. Ex EAR 2019 Mercury Marvin, EP & RC, The following errors occurred with your submission. This car wore a temp tag that showed it was recently purchased, and I hope the new owner enjoys their rather special ride. After driving my in-law’s Crown Vics, I maybe had too high of expectations for the car, thinking it would be a true Impala SS competitor. (Although I hope they replace the lug nut on the wheel I took a picture of!). Yeah the Fireman is much better than the Mountains logo, though appropriate for the Mountaineer which was their hot product at the time. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

of customs vehicle, clean, low miles. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Making over 300 horsepower and using many of the same parts as the police pursuit vehicle, the Marauder was a great, big, body-on-frame salute to the American ideal of a muscle car (even if it was a sedan, which doesn’t disqualify it in my book) Wait, what?

Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Website Acquisitions Inc. All rights reserved. When I had a PI SOHC in my Cougar I ran consistent 14.2s@91 with it in full street trim, 3.55 gears, dual exhaust(which was quite crappy at the time with nasty compression bends) Marauder torque converter, j-modded 4R70w and a tune. I’d love to be able to roll my own Panther. All Rights Reserved. And on a lot of cars/trucks in the rust belt the steel nuts rust and swell, and now the socket won’t fit over the expanded stainless steel shell. This item is a "pre-paid" item and will be billed to your card once you place your order. I've been jungling with this God for a while with good results. The Mercury Marauder is an automobile nameplate that was used by three distinct full-size cars produced by the Mercury division of Ford Motor Company. Unique H-pipe appropriately sized for the engine’s output potential, Nope you have to use that same 2″ pipe from 1992 designed to bring the 190 horse 2v up to 210. I personally prefer the Dude logo to the Mercury “three hockey sticks ” logo that the brand received in its final years. Thanks for the lesson, Rosie ! All of that caused the Marauder to have mediocre acceleration. Deriving its name from the most powerful engines available to the Mercury line, the Marauder was marketed as the highest-performance version of the full-size product range. Learn how to play a new god, or fine tune your favorite SMITE gods’s build and strategy. In 2005 I married and we lived in Chicago and my wife wouldn’t drive the Vic in the city so we bought a CTS, which was very nice but the Vic was way cooler.

At the time the Panther Marauder was new, the decade old cop car body was too much for me to get past and find the car exciting. Yeah, I asked the same thing! The LS-E got the full HPP package while the LX-Sport received the base rear air springs as they felt the 55 series tires on 17″ would be too harsh with the stiffer bags. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. See prices, photos and find dealers near you. Don’t ask how I know. I’ve owned my 2003 Marauder since purchased brand new. by TheBenwoir updated February 10, 2020. Ford came up with a Crown Victoria LX Sport that was more or less analogous to the Marauder. (The ones that picked the interceptor),i hope i didn't offend anyone but come on how can you pick an interceptor 16v 4.6 over the 32v 4.6 i just dont get it plus this looks way better than a plain crown vic,the only argument that you could have is price wise. Lovely floating sensation watching the vid! When that happens the supplied lug wrench is a loose fit on the remaining steel nut, and rounds off the corners of the nut.

It’s the lowest-mileage car I’ve ever sold. The market’s reaction to this car was about the same as mine. A discussion forum dedicated to the Mercury Marauder. Vin Number: Year: Frame: Quantity: More Views. Re: Mercury Marauder vs. P-71 Crown Vic Interceptor i dont know if people are dumb in here or what. That means the quickest off the line is a properly equipped LX-Sport. En cliquant sur ‘S’abonner’, vous consentez à recevoir des courriels de la Société TRADER et vous acceptez notre,, All the magazines that tested them wanted it to be a bad ass hot rod (like the Impala), but it just wasnt.

I’d have rather had a plain old high trim Grand Marquis for its function as an old school luxury car vs. the Marauder. Yep, as expected a real floater - bring on the thermals!! The final iterations of the B-body Impala SS worked for me, and I still find them interesting. Finally got together with Mick on a perfect morning for flying and videoing the Marauder. Not many of those around. Well… maybe not so little after all. That was exclusive to the Marauder for Panther cars. For a very short while you could order 3.55 gears in the LX-Sport, but not on the LS-E and of course that was what was standard on the Marauder. Mike. The Marauder console was indeed the same as used on the LX-Sport and LS-E. Vous pouvez également comparer les prix, les spécifications de garniture, les options, les revues, les scores et l’historique de rappel de la Mercury Marauder d’années différentes par rapport aux véhicules similaires. Nice plane John, well done. Mercury Arena build . Also as good of an engine the 4.6 DOHC is it’s not known for its torque, and in a 4200lb car it really doesn’t have much musclecar sensation, and because they were automatic only Ford saw fit to lower the rev limit almost 1000rpm from the Manual trans Mach 1s where these engines will happily scream to. That'll float John - my (F/F) one flew away on it's third flight - twenty-odd minutes OOS - never to be seen again way back when. You jogged my memory that something like the MGM LS-E was out there, but without your comment, I never would have thought of it. Thanks for sharing ! The only reason I recall it was I did at some point see one in a brochure – it would have been the Vicky I would have wanted to buy, good luck finding one on the lot. Looking forward to the flying.

Avis: Veuillez confirmer auprès du vendeur l’exactitude des renseignements publiés. A common problem to all makes. Ill try that build out for sure when I get into my next match. You have a Corvair, did I miss that somewhere? Rumor has it they were supposed to be equipped with 4.10 gears to make up for the low end but got nixed for the resulting fuel economy hit. Curbside Classic: 1981 Imperial by Chrysler – It’s Time For You. One last shot for the stars by Mercury before it was all over. Both of my compact Fords (92 Tempo GLS and 93 Topaz) were the same high quality cars with very few issues. Correction, the Marauder 4.6 DOHC was used in the Lincoln Aviator, the Navigator used the iron block 5.4 DOHC, I had kind of love hate feelings with the Marauder, the little tweaks and changes visually made it a much nicer looking car than the 98+ panthers looked(which I personally think were a severe downgrade from the 92-97s), and even the interior was a nice step up, it was a cool touch using genuine autometer gauges in the console area. Total numbers I’ve seen show that 14,777 of them were made compared to 11,052 Marauders and 8,777 LS-E but that number does not include the 2001 cars that like the Crown Vics were sold as a package rather than a trim and it was dropped in 2005. Well, that was fun ! I had four-thousand worshipers for her before they finally released her golden skin, lol. The engineers did not phone in the Marauder, the Bean Counters killed it. I knew I was looking at the swan song of the Panther body line.

Muscle Car Monday - 2003 Mercury Marauder For Sale Great example of a future classic the Mercury Marauder. One of the great things about the Panther cars (and essentially any car produced for quite a long time)… the quality of the cars were really high because not much had changed in quite a long time. Trouvez votre prochaine voiture en parcourant notre vaste inventaire de Mercury Marauder neuves ou d’occasions provenant de concessionnaires Mercury locaux et de vendeurs privés. I made a brief attempt to determine the years the LX Sport was around, and I didn’t find much beyond a few pictures, some labeled 2006. It wasn’t exciting. I was hoping to make it my new Mercury, but it just didn’t impress me.

Is talaria still worth it on this guy? That looks so much more like an open class rubber model. Yeah getting rid of the choke point in the exhaust, the 2″ H-pipe uncorks a lot of power and the switch to 4.10 gears results in much quicker acceleration.

Les autres marques sont la propriété de leur propriétaire respectif. 2004 Mercury Marauder. I have to agree with you Magnum. That sound OK?

According to the Florida Highway Safety website, Christmas came early in 2004 for the Florida Highway Patrol when an anonymous benefactor donated a fleet of 18 modified Mercury Marauders. Required fields are marked *. Take a 2003-up P71 rack&pinion chassis, En cliquant sur « S'abonner », j’accepte de recevoir des communications d’autoHEBDO. A visit to the auto parts store is in order. Daily best picks, car news, muscle car readers rides, new muscle cars for sale.

We kept the Crown Vic for about 12 years, but despite putting on only 75,000 miles, we had a lot of problems with it. A Galaxie 500 Panther with the same motor? Ford - Mercury Marauder Certificate Price: $45.00. I hope you all stay safe and healthy in the meantime! sub still has a small useable jungle guide I believe, I'm trying on a guide here but time is an issue >.

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