most famous thieves

Image courtesy:, Jesse James Robin Hood is one of the most popular thieves of all time.

After killing a priest, he robbed churches, and communal offices. After a patchy early life for both, they met at a party and the rest they say was history. Carl Gugasian is one of the most famous thieves in history, as he supposedly robbed more than $2 million in his “career”. Along with his partner Sundance Kid, the couple was famous for famous historic robberies. Peruggia stole the famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci – Monalisa or Lady Lisa - perhaps the painting would not have been so famous  had it not been for the heroics of Peruggia, who took the painting from a museum in August 1911 in broad day light. Some of the more prolific have had movies made about them, like Frank Abignale, Jr. He was finally condemned to be hanged but that punishment never materialized. For example, A. J. Raffles steals only from other gentlemen (and occasionally gives the object away to a good cause); Arsène Lupin steals from the rich who do not appreciate their art or treasures and redistributes it; Saint Tail steals back what was stolen or taken dishonestly or rights the wrongs done to the innocent by implicating the real criminals; Sly Cooperand his gang steal from other t… Bonnie and Clyde remain among the famous couple thieves known to the public. This America bandit from South was arguably the finest at his work.

Carl Gugasian is one of the most famous thieves in history, as he supposedly robbed more than $2 million in his “career”. eight + 2 =.

In fiction, the phantom thief is typically superb at stealing while maintaining a gentleman's manners and code of honour.

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Nonetheless, it still captures the attention of readers and movies about Robin Hood still manage to generate lots of money for producers! Stealing is immoral but to some people, crime is an art rather than an act of being negative. He would usually “work” on Friday nights, being the reason why he was known as Friday Night Robber. Pages in category "Fictional professional thieves" The following 68 pages are in this category, out of 68 total. Doris Payne – a class act. Her formula was simple – enter a shop, ask the shop dealers to display all sorts of jewelries so that they get confused and pick the desired one for herself without even giving a slightest of hints. He was finally caught and after serving his sentence, worked with the FBI and taught them the art of catching players like himself. Robin Hood I am not a financial adviser.

).The story of Robin Hood and the Merry Men is extremely old, dating from the 13th century.

Your email address will not be published. Still, many of the robberies on that list show brute force attacks. Nonetheless, the reality of the matter is that some of them are truly legends in their own right, even though most of them don’t have a happy ending. Please consult with a licensed financial or tax advisor before making any decisions based on the information you see here.

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