mountbatten coup

She added ‘Mountbatten had a map on the wall of his office showing how it could be done. At the time, Cecil Harmsworth King was Chairman of the International Publishing Corporation, which was then the biggest publishing empire in the world and owned the Daily Mirror.

The emergent SNP may have also tried to start trouble in the Western Isles and N. E. Scotland. According to the writer Charles Higham: “One who took the plot seriously, perhaps too seriously was Marcia Williams, Harold Wilson’s secretary, who apparently spoke to the press at a later stage, talking of Mountbatten as ‘a prime mover in the plan’. MI5 was also behind smears that Ted Heath was gay and going to kinky Wiltshire night clubs during his premiership. ), Still, "he did suggest people who could be involved in this government of international unity," Lownie added. Already have an account with us? Wilson claimed he was a staunch anti-Communist. You can unsubscribe at any time, He also suggested Sir William Armstrong, the head of the Home Civil Service; Sir Michael Cary, the second permanent under secretary at defence, dealing with the Royal Navy; and Jimmy Carreras, head of Hammer Film Productions – a “great go-getter” whom Mountbatten had met through the Variety Club. The Wilson Plot: How the Spycatchers and Their American Allies Tried to Overthrow the British Government. After consultations with the provincial premiers, Trudeau agreed to attend a conference called by British Columbia Premier W. A. C. Bennett to attempt to finally patriate the Canadian constitution. He was kidnaped and killed by the Red Brigades (in Italy) to Italy's disgust. Order a copy of the magical Christmas edition and calendar direct to your door. The army, SAS, MI5, parts of MI6, parts of the RAF and a smattering of Royal Navy elements would then put down the police and anti-coup factions in the armed forces. Sign up now to learn about This Day in History straight from your inbox.

Labour's defense minister and Foreign Office minister of the 1970s, Lord Chalfont, feared that the military was unreliable and that "fairly senior people" were planning a coup. Things were to become very difficult in the mid to late 1970s since industrial unrest of all kinds was common (especially in the power stations and car factories), inflation was rife, London was descending in to all sorts of chaos, the economy faced a "wholesale domestic liquidation" according to Whitehall experts and the USSR was beginning to undermine the UK via the trades unions, Labour Party's Loony left and CND.

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