north sea continental shelf cases citation


3; The Case of the S.S. Lotus (France v. Turkey)Permanent Court of Int’l Justice, P.C.I.J. Mode officiel de citation: Plateau continental de la mer du Nord, arrêt, C.I.J.

Germany v Denmark and the Netherlands [1969] ICJ 1 (also known as The North Sea Continental Shelf cases) were a series of disputes that came to the International Court of Justice in 1969. They involved agreements among Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands regarding the "delimitation" of areas—rich in oil and gas—of the continental shelf in the North Sea. Reports 1969, p.3. This has led to a multitude of conflicts, the best known of which would be the North Sea Continental Shelf Cases (1969). North Sea Continental Shelf, Germany v Denmark, Merits, Judgment, (1969) ICJ Rep 3, ICGJ 150 (ICJ 1969), 20th February 1969, United Nations [UN]; International Court of Justice [ICJ] What principles and rules of international law applied to the dispute regarding the delimitation of the continental shelf between the Federal Republic of Germany and Denmark on the one hand, and … Reports 1969, p. 3. 6 CONTINENTAL SHELF (JUDGMENT) two States concerning the delimitation, as between them, of the continental shelf in the North Sea; (c) an original copy, signed at Bonn on 2 February 1967 for the three Govern- ments aforementioned, of a Protocol relating to certain procedural ques- tions arising from the above-mentioned Special Agreements. Official citation: North Sea Continental Shelj", Jltdgment, I.C.J.

North Sea Continental Shelf Cases (Federal Republic of Germany v. Denmark; Federal Republic of Germany v. Netherlands)I.C.J. North Sea Continental Shelf Cases (Federal Republic of Germany/Denmark, Federal Republic of Germany/Netherlands) I.C.J. The International Court of Justice delivered judgment, by 11 votes to 6. b. Reports 1969 Facts a. 1969 I.C.J. Reports 1969, p.3, International Court of Justice (ICJ), 20 February 1969, available … The Court then turned to the question whether in delimiting those areas the Federal Republic was under a legal obligation to accept the application of the equidistance principle. The Parties asked the Court to state the principles and rules of international law applicable, and undertook thereafter to carry out the delimitations on that basis. Recueil 1969, p. …

10 (1927) The Paquete Habana: Country at war (P) v. Fishermen (D)175 U.S. 677 (1900) I.C.J. Related Document (s) Analysis of North Sea Continental Shelf Cases (Federal Republic of Germany v. Denmark; Federal Republic of Germany v. Netherlands) Cite as. These cases concerned the delimitation of the continental shelf of the North Sea as between Denmark and the Federal Republic of Germany, and as between the Netherlands and the Federal Republic, and were submitted to the Court by Special Agreement.

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