observational documentary

Meaning and knowledge can only be achieved through acts of participation. As Marshall observes, “events are elaborated in thick films. Certain topics are covered more adequately in writing. In film what “becomes vivid is the excess that remains after evidence and argument, rhetoric and conviction have had their say” (Nichols 1991: 234). The Rhetoric of the Image.

, ed. the microscope or the telescope. The observational approach is generally concerned with informal and intimate conversations, and with rendering visible the inner life of the subjects, including what they may leave unsaid.

In Image/Music/Text, ed. 10 Indeed, MacDougall writes that it is in the “realm of interpersonal relations that the visual complexity of the image has particular relevance for social research, as it does for cinema as an art.

Glasgow: Fontana/Collins. It is a camera style that does not presuppose an omniscient observer and marks a departure from the fictional style of shooting because it reproduces the perspective of a fallible and prejudiced human being. L’article se termine par l’analyse de la contribution du cinéma d’observation à la création de formes corporelles et empiriques du savoir privilégiées dans le courant anthropologique postmoderne. Observational films are the result of a narrative structure created through a relatively understated style of filmmaking. The Pleasure of the Text, trans.

Photographic Subject Matter: Photographers often prefer to photograph scenes devoid of people.

1999. It also plays a part in dissolving traditional dichotomies between body and mind, emotional and intellectual. Observational films exploits the “co-presentation of objects and sensory patterns that writing tends to present in a more selective and linear fashion” (MacDougall 2006: 43). In Principles of Visual Anthropology, ed. sounds and colours, physical surroundings, speech, body movements) in a form similar to a literal account and, at the same time, as a discreet and subtle catalyst that provokes the responses and conversations of the subjects. On the contrary, it means that observational films include language without being entirely defined by it.

It is a style based on a deliberate attempt at filming the subjects long enough in the complexities of their lives, so that the spectators can follow them in what they do and listen to what they say.

The direct representation of sensory and experiential qualities in observational films stimulates our thoughts and generates empathy for what is going on before the camera.

Observational ethnographic films provide important evidence of the mutual understandings and relationships that usually emerge in the process of developing anthropological knowledge before it becomes written in a monograph. The viewers are assumed to have direct access to the visual and embodied experience of the subjects. It is undeniable that the personal curiosity of the filmmaker in observational films presupposes criteria of judgment, and that these criteria of judgment may influence the interpretation of events. In observational films speech, events, and more silent actions, in Marshall’s terms, are filmed in order to “try to let the people being filmed express and explain themselves through their own words and actions” (1993: 72).

To a large extent, this depends on the experiential status of observational films. In the 1970s and 1980s, Adrian Gerbrands and Bruce Kapferer contrasted the communicative multi-dimensional character of the image with the one-dimensional character of language (Nijland 2006a: 71).

Theory of Film: The Redemption of Physical Reality.

J. R. Rollwagen, 31-46. Austin: University of Texas Press.

Glasgow: Fontana/Collins. the nuances of movement and colour in a facial expression) than to the verbalization of the same action. Unbroken sequence shots edited together with minimal intervention are more suitable when the aim is to preserve the internal time of events in the image-track.

, eds. The disparities between images and words are perhaps most evident in the phenomenon known as double-telling, which usually refers to instances of overlapping of images and narration. In. The linguistic text that captions a picture, for example, can resolve the ambiguities placed within the image. This explains the style of observational films, which is resolutely realist, aiming at the preservation of the link with a real time experience. (2020). The possibility of grasping a complex social event simultaneously through its various dimensions of gesture, facial expression, speech, body movement, and physical surroundings is something that a text can approach only with great difficulty” (2006: 50). They represent a way of exploring new territory in the production of experiential knowledge.

Un débat théorique sur les techniques du cinéma d’observation et leur fonction exploratoire permet une analyse des principales caractéristiques des films d’observation.

The emergence of a thematic reality coalesces in a naturalistic manner from the different threads that constitute the film. There was no voice on the soundtrack telling you what to think about them. This is not always possible in films driven by voice-over commentary, which is often ill-delivered because it talks down to viewers, keeping them from developing their own thoughts about what they see in the film. According to Hockings, film is a “means – a very good means – of recording and preserving observations of events” (2003: 514). It relies on an “element of simultaneity, which reflects the intersubjectivity of the participants” (MacDougall 2006: 50). The viewers are expected to fill the unmediated space of the film with their own understandings and judgements, as it often happens in everyday life. However, we may add that whereas it is true that images are connoted by words in powerful ways, it is also possible that words can lose their innocence or ambiguity when placed close to images. , ed.

Experiencing Narratives of Ethnographic Film.

Because film practices accommodate indeterminacy and excess more than words, audiovisual artefacts expand the arena of anthropology in instructive ways that often tend to be overlooked. The idea that images should be mastered by words is referred to as “iconophobia”; indeed, the iconophobes are those who believe that images should be subservient to words (Mitchell 1986). Time is required for stories to develop. 10I have suggested that, to some degree, all filmmaking involves manipulation. This does not mean that film is a transparent medium and in what follows I will further clarify the nature of film events in relation to the narrative form of observational cinema. As Grimshaw writes: Through its emphasis upon accidents and imperfections, the experiential domain offered in observational films represents an inherently new form of anthropology.

The shots “constantly drift toward the actual complexity and indeterminacy of the experienced world” (MacDougall 2006: 41). Vimeo Blog.

Observational filmmaking aims at minimising the impact of film technologies on the film subjects as they go about their lives. Observational documentaries eschew interviews, voice-over narration and a soundtrack, and instead present footage of real life as it unfolds.

All films require a reduction of reality; they do not offer reality itself in the form of transparent, factual materials and this ambiguous distinction between film and reality is clearly at the heart of observational filmmaking. Since this is a relevant question in the understanding of observational films, I shall deal with it now. The Rhetoric of the Image.

5The nature of “truth” created through the techniques of cinematography is frequently a source of misunderstanding. It can be said that that there are significant expressive relationships between verbal expression and image, but also that the functions of words and images, understood as different sign systems, are always in tension. Words and language, with their clear-cut, abstract but also limiting concepts can only create a discourse in a consecutive, linear sequence. More radically, observational films render the soundscapes of the world in which the subjects live. They can be defined as the “excess” in visual narratives. L. Taylor, 27-36. Some, like myself, prefer to capture a moment in life. Observational films strive to achieve closeness in representing the experiences of the subjects, preserving a human scale of encounter between the filmmaker and the subjects to be seen and heard in the finished film. The shots “constantly drift toward the actual complexity and indeterminacy of the experienced world” (MacDougall 2006: 41).

The resonances and the evocations of cultural life in observational films are recorded in the form of actual events that restore “culture” to its material world and phenomenological background. Rather than being merely an instrument for recording scientific data in as objective a manner as possible, the camera implicates the filmmaker’s subjectivity. 1995.

Filming in an observational manner means to be close to the subjects and intimately involved with the processes of their lives. Manchester: Manchester University Press. In other words, the nature of images is potentially chaotic and spontaneous.

16I suggest that we consider two of the fundamental components of observational cinema: chance and improvisation. However, we may add that whereas it is true that images are connoted by words in powerful ways, it. The theoretical discussion of ethnographic films made in the observational style should be consider. In this light, MacDougall suggests that ethnographic films should be assessed as “sites of meaning potential” that can be read at a variety of different levels and in a variety of different contexts (1998: 77).

Filming and Learning. They open an arena of ethnographic description that conveys a wealth of information and nuances about slices of life intimately recorded. Voice-over narration can be used to distort the “meaning” of images or alter a documentary’s tone and content; according to Barthes, words “anchor” the meaning possible within the image. This does not mean that observational cinema is without constraints or ungoverned by a different network and hierarchy of associations going on between filmmaker, subjects and the academy.

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