offside movie analysis

With nothing to lose, the women rage against the absurd situation, while the men try in vain to silence them.

Blog. When reaching the final stage of the three act structure, the resolution, the narration from the radio gets more intense where we hear that someone is trying to score a goal and when they finally do, they all smile however one of the soldiers uses the celebration of the goal to fire a shot at the opposition. Sept. 10, 2020. To me this denotes that he feels he is as important to this situation as the football player is in the match and that he models himself on this particular player, possibly he wanted to be like him, and feels that in a way he should copy the actions of the footballer and take control. Instead of sneaking the topic into the background of his story, as he did in The Mirror, Panahi here makes the subjugation of women the central focus of the narrative. MPAA rating: PG.).

His preteen daughter begged to tag along, but he told her she wasn’t permitted.

As this happens the role of the narrative voice begins to hold more weight, as the narration corrolates to what is taking place and adds perspective to the situation. Further close-ups used in conjunction with long expansive tracking shots do well to show the characters emotions, which can only be shown through their body language. "Offside" is about a group of Iranian girls who attempts to enter Tehran's Azadi Stadium dressed as boys in order to watch a big football match but some get caught and arrested. A particularly amusing scene involves a soldier (Safdar Samandar) faced with the quandary of having to escort his female prisoner (Ayda Sadeqi) to the men’s room to relieve herself. Although some gatecrashers slip by undetected, a half-dozen are caught by army soldiers and detained. Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase. Surely repercussions will come, for both the women and the soldiers who have let down their guard. Most of the others wear baggy pants, caps, and Iranian flag-colored face paint to disguise themselves as the very (male) figures who would keep them out. Bring a liberty chapter to your campus. Offside takes place at Tehran's biggest soccer stadium, during a 2006 World Cup qualifying match between the Iranian national team and Bahrain. Nervous about her deception, she is discovered at the front gate of the stadium and then marched to a holding pen located just outside the playing field. Whenever something distracting or out of place happens in this film the camera shots change from long tracking shots to short still shots with a hand held camera, e.g. ( Log Out /  Change ). In Tehran’s Azadi Stadium, however, there are no women’s restrooms. Yet in confiscating the woman’s cell phone, the soldier asks to borrow it to call his girlfriend. There is no dialogue between characters in the entire scene, only a narrative voice which projects itself from the small radio the men are carrying, the voice is narrating a football match. Below is a link to the short film entitled ‘Offside’ and is the second film in a trilogy highlighting conflict in the middle East. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Offside starts and ends on a bus, and it contains a couple of sequences that roam a little, including one masterful setpiece in which a guard has to escort one of the women to a men's bathroom, and another that shows a prisoner escaping to catch a few precious seconds of the match.

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