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The M14 is a good, 8-round weapon if you can aim for the head. Make sure to shoot this chimney so that the smoke blows directly at the excavation site. That is the first and foremost important thing. Against the mini gas generator at the "excavation site" sign where the stairs split two ways, right next to the second soul box. On the back path that passes the church, you'll see a square section stick out, it'll be on top of that. It can be opened with 2500 points. The railing has the higher rate of landing on the platforms, but it's still fairly easy to do it on the back, too. Do NOT immediately go for the bonuses. I absolulty love this writeup. No one can earn it for you, and they cannot be shared. You can't do the ee on easy mode but you can do it on solo. Once the generator is powered on, you will be able to use all Perk-A-Cola Machines near the station. When you shoot him down, you will see where he lands, and you just need to find and kill him (like the plane, he only visible while using zombie blood).

These things are very dangerous. Shinzuu Katame (author) from Maine, USA on July 29, 2015: the Kindle is not the best of portable web browsing technology. Here they are and here's what they can do! The generators do NOT have to be on to receive the Strike Beacons. Despite being effective against Panzers in single shots, the charged attack does NOT affect the Panzers at all. If you do this you can no longer enter the robots head - NOTE THERE ARE 3 ROBOTS IN THE MAP WHICH ALL HAVE A SPECIFIC PATH THAT THEY FOLLOW. The Easter Egg: Let it be known now that you will be doing the Easter Egg for this map every time you play to get all the power-ups you'll need to get to high rounds. I'd like to follow you if that would be okay. Turn two times.

The shield will serve both as a substitute for Juggernog as well as a backup weapon for what you're going to do next. Le'Marcus from Sparta on October 01, 2014: Rami, Make sure you have room between you and the zombies.

The Demonic Announcer for this map is Samantha Maxis, who has a different voice compared to the other maps where she is the Demonic Announcer. Answer: On average, 30-45 minutes if you use the staff exploit, and 30-60 minutes without. Next to the Fist Tablet table in the Generator 2 tank bunker. Try before you buy demos and trials and score totally free games! The power must also be turned on to use the Mystery Box nearby. My guide itself shows you all the steps you'll need to get it done. You can reach this station from the No Man's Land trenches from the door next to the Ballista in the Laboratory, or it can be reached from the Workshop. Learn More. Finally, you want to go into the excavation site to line up the lights to be yellow with the four switches, and shoot your Orb with the Wind Staff. Be sure to check out my BO2: Zombies Tips and Tricks guide and gain some experience before you decide to tackle this map. The starting building is the Laboratory which includes Generator Station One. So if it snows make sure you dig.

And dig your little heart out if you see white. Like many of the other maps, Origins comes with a variety of places to run trains for long gameplay. Richard, as long as you follow the instructions I've laid out, you should be fine no matter how many people are in your party. There is one inside the footprint right outside the church after you remove the barrier. Turn one time. Thanks man! Question: How do I find people to play XBOX games with? If you successfully turn the generator on, you will get the points you spent to activate it back. After you return the tablet to the table, you have to get melee kills next to the table as well, not just at the holy water. (Only one person needs to do this. You've completed this part at least 10 rounds earlier than 90% of players! (NOTE: If and ONLY IF the doors above have been opened may you buy Juggernog.

Near this wall buy is another Chest that can be filled in the mud. Shinzuu Katame (author) from Maine, USA on November 17, 2014: I use this strategy regardless of the number of players. Thanks, and also you said that a good weapon for up to round seven for money farming is the M14. I have added the sub-category with all the steps you need. unfortunately treyarch doesn't care and is not going fix it. See more info at Playing with Power. Walk up towards the generator and start it up. You will need all the points you can muster, especially if you don't want to wait until round 10 to get the Ice Staff. One player should be waiting at the church in front of the tank, and the other should be at the entrance to No Man's Land on the walkway just outside Generator 5.

Meanwhile, everyone should be getting Thunder Punch. While the remastered version in Black Ops 3 has the same game mechanics and steps for the main Easter Egg, the gun information will be a bit different alongside the addition of Gobble-Gum machines.

Inside the Tank Station is a Mystery Box spawn and a MP40 on the back wall for 1300 points. Generator 4: You will then turn on Generator 4, using your shields for protection as necessary, without killing Templars as you might accidentally kill zombies, which you do not want. (It also kills any zombie in one hit, no matter the round.). A remastered version of the map is available in the Zombies Chronicles map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, along with seven other classic maps. The voice, now revealed to be that of Samantha closes the introduction. In the long-term, it works a heck of a lot better than the Barrett, though you lose the Iron Sight and gain an ACOG.

(And i always buy an MP40 at the Tank Station AKA Gen.

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Each person gets one window (more if you play with fewer than four people). Go down the church stairs and follow the wood boards to the front. That's a full three rounds longer than you'll get with the AN-94. Getting it Ultimate is a small feat. I've been a bit busy as of late. Hi again, I tried to do what you described above, but the concrete won't break even though the robots have fired on it. Should you ever die or accidentally grab monkeys out of the box, you can still get strike beacons back from the mystery box. Shinzuu Katame (author) from Maine, USA on August 04, 2017: @Professional: Unfortunately, LevelSkip changed it as the steps had mini-panels that were side notes instead of listings. If a robot is near, stay away from these areas or you may get stomped on and instantly downed, but not killed.

There are no shortcuts to obtaining these souls. See also the Origins Easter Eggs and Apocalypse Achievements and Trophies. Experience the best CoD has to offer, with a … When zooming in at the burning church with a Sniper Rifle with its standard scope, a picture of a skull suddenly appears on the player's screen accompanied with a high-pitched scream, similarly to the jumpscare in Mob of the Dead. The "original characters" (Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, and Takeo) once again appear as the four playable characters, this time as younger, alternate versions of their original selves, having large differences in their personalities. Every charged attack from an Ultimate Staff consumes six ammo. One person should situate themselves in the church to begin obtaining their strike beacons. But they could never have imagined just what else their research would unearth. You cannot do this until you have paid the 1,000 points for the first round trip.

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