pergola nz mitre 10

Before you put up the bearers, clamp them together then mark the positions of the 8 rafters that will sit on them. Position the post, and drill a 10mm hole through into the cladding.

Sorry, this page is unavailable right now. When drilling the holes through the flashing and polycarbonate roofing, use a standard roofing screw.

As per council water-tightness regulations, attach a neoprene washer around the hole at the back of the packers. Measure the length of your beam.

You should consult your local council for advice on the appropriate type to use. Look out for lines of nail holes on the side of the house – this is where your studs will be. Either measure the distance between your two points, or hold up an over-length rafter and simply mark it to length. Lightly plane the edges with a block plane. Lay the battons on top of the rafters in their marked positions, make sure you have the 50mm overhang and nail in place. This tucks up in between the weatherboards, giving a weathertight seal.

If you’re attaching a post to the side of your house, you’ll need to establish its correct height, and cut it to length before installing – as you don’t want to damage the side of your house when cutting it to length. Using the measurements on the plan you’ve had drawn up, run a line parallel to the house and determine the position of your posts. Drill the screw down just enough so that it doesn’t push the sheet down too far. One skewed nail on each side is all that’s needed. Place these at least half a metre back from your outside corners. Using 14g x 50mm guage polycarbonate fasteners will mean you don’t need to pre-drill any holes, and will drastically cut your installation time down. Cut the post that’s going to be attached to the side of the house to the correct height. A pergola that is attached to your house can be a great addition; it’s a good way to create a useful sheltered outdoor area and give you shade from the sun. This will make for a tidy job and will prevent water from sitting on it. 128C Mauku Road, Patumahoe, Auckland 0800 024 317 +64 9 2363727.

Once it’s in place screw the sheet onto the purlins of the pergola. Trim the tops of the posts and cut out the rebates. Also, ensure that the end of the sheet that’s been cut is against the house. Mark the position of your rafters onto the ribbon plate. Mark the center of your posts, and use a 16mm spade bit, drilling down as far as the bit will allow. It … Mitre 10 keyboard_arrow_down. Lift beam into place, fill the holes in the beams with the glue, and insert rods through the beams, into the posts. Generally any structure over one metre high needs a building consent. In exposed areas or a structure any higher than this, it is advisable to attach braces from your bearer to your posts on a 45 degree angle. 2020-01-06T04:32:22+00:00. Refer to your plan to determine the spacing of your purlins. To transfer the rebate mark onto the other posts, knock in a nail on the rebate mark, place a straight piece of timber on the nail, use your spirit level to establish level, and transfer the mark to the next posts. Place the bearers in the rebates and clamp them while you drill the hole for the bolts. Continue laying the rest of your sheets. Now it’s time to mark the posts to length and then mark the rebates for the bearers to sit on. Additional payment options available at selected stores, To contact your local store 0800 4 6487310 If the width of your beam is skinnier than your posts then place this measurement on the top of the posts, and cut a 45° degree on this mark. In the bottom of your holes place a concrete block for the posts to sit on so they are o the ground.

Attach ribbon plate to side of house using 12mm diameter coach screws. If you’ve got a pergola attached to your house, then you might want some extra shelter from the weather by installing some corrugated polycarbonate roofing. In this case we’ll be attaching them to the ribbon plate using a rebate – this will create a stronger, tidier looking join. How to Build a Pergola Attached to Your House - DIY Guides | Mitre 10 How to build a pergola on to a house A pergola that is attached to your house can be a great addition; it’s a good way to create a useful sheltered outdoor area and give you shade from the sun. Using a circular saw create a rebate 10mm deep to accommodate each rafter on the ribbon plate. Pre-drill 2 x 5mm holes through the beam to accommodate 150mm bugle screws - these will attach the rafters to the beam. It’s always a good idea to check with your council for any updated building regulations, just in case. Using a pry bar, gently separate the weatherboards so you can create a gap big enough for a sabre saw to fit in – this will allow you to cut the nails holding down the weatherboards, so the flashing will easily slip up between them at least 40mm. Firstly drill a 10mm hole through the existing holes on the ribbon plate, and into the cladding. Use a straight edge to mark your screw points, so they’re in a neat straight line. Use an offcut of a rafter to get the width right. *Before you start digging contact your local utilities companies to make sure you don’t hit anything, you shouldn’t. Repeat for each freestanding post, as per your plan. Scoria is also ideal. Mark the center of the ribbon plate at your stud positions. Lay the rafters on the bearers in their pre marked positions. 10 months ago .

Don’t screw in the first high point, allowing for the overlap of the next sheet. 24 hours later your concrete should be set so you can remove the braces, stringlines and profiles. Attaching them this way will give you a tidier look. While you don’t actually need a building permit, you will have to adhere to building regulations, so you’ll need to get a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP), to draw up some plans to help you make sure you’re doing it right, and you’re using the correct materials.

This doesn’t need to be anything flash, just something to keep the post from taking on moisture. Drill through the beam. Either way you will need to install the posts into a concrete footing.

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