potentially unwanted application

It may also contribute in consuming computing resources. Advertising – displays excessive advertisements, causing interruption or annoyance to users. It is used as a subjective tagging criterion by security and parental control products. Registry cleaners are programs that may suggest that the Windows registry database requires regular maintenance or cleaning. Does the software contain incorrect and/or incomplete details regarding brand ownership or license? Are any of the software components hidden or cannot be uninstalled by normal user means? Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) are unwanted software programs that come bundled in legitimate free software programs as a package. Information collection – applications that collect information without users' consent. A potentially unwanted program (PUP) or potentially unwanted application (PUA) is software that a user may perceive as unwanted. Following the software’s default installation flow, are there any undesired software installations or changes to the system (such as changes to files, to the registry, to settings, etc.) The potentially unwanted application (PUA) protection feature in Microsoft Defender Antivirus can detect and block PUAs on endpoints in your network. Avira empfiehlt ein Upgrade zum kostenlosen Opera Browser. An application is detected as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) if it exhibits any of the following: Unwanted impact on productivity: Disrupting the desired user experience; Waste of time; Program performs unexpected, unwelcome and unauthorized actions, which lead to unwanted distractions, lost opportunities or lowered productivity;

Is the software description missing or does it, at any point, misrepresent the software’s actual functionality? A software wrapper is a special type of application modification that is used by some file-hosting websites. For this reason, ESET assigns such applications a lower-risk category compared to other types of malicious software, such as trojan horses or worms. PUAs are created by legitimate or illegitimate software publishers.

Does the software use the user’s identity to send or post content, or use the user’s identity in any other manner, without the clear consent of the user? Microsoft Defender Antivirus blocks detected PUA files and any attempts to download, move, run, or install them. We do note that for some cases, the user may find the application useful enough that they are willing to endure its effects. It may be unwanted by the user even if it is installed with users' consent. It is a third-party tool that installs the program you intended to download but adds additional software, such as toolbars or adware. Is the software bundled with malicious or potentially unwanted content? There are many different reasons (some obvious and some less so) that cause a user to perceive an application as unwanted.

© 2020  Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG. When a PUA is detected, you will be able to decide which action to take: If additional detection windows with an identical detection name are displayed immediately afterward, click Ignore to close them (any additional windows are related to a detection that occurred before you excluded signature from detection).

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