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Before glamouring herself as Mary Wardwell, Sabrina found the real Ms. Wardwell and erased her mind of the Spellmans being witches. Robin and Theo decide to ride the Ferris wheel. Hilda arrives to take Sabrina to the Academy. Caliban interrupts to propose a deal. Species

Theo suggest they investigate the carnival. He wishes to see the Church of Night dead, same as them.

Hilda suggests using an enchanted lullaby to put everyone to sleep. They hide in the library as Pan and Nagaina approaches. After stopping the Pagans from resurrecting the Green Man, Robin and his friends assist the Church of Night in running the pagans out of town. Aphrodite is the goddess of love.

At the Putnam house, Robin and Theo make out, but Theo takes a pause after realizing that he still doesn’t know much about Robin. Robin informs the group that Circe has powerful magicks of transformation, and she could turn Roz back into flesh. The carnies then proceed to chant as Pan prays to the old gods. Harvey pleads out for help, but his prayers go unanswered. Roz believes that they can use the magick marker she uses to message Nick to make contact with Sabrina. Harvey, Roz, and Theo hide in the library. Robin claims he didn’t.[2]. And with that, the pollination begins. Harvey, Roz, and Theo sneak into the carnival, which almost appears deserted. "All flesh fails when he flowers," Robin says. Nick teleports into Harvey’s garage to find Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin awaiting Sabrina. Robin reveals that the ultimate resurrection of the Green Man can’t happen without a virgin sacrifice. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A brief exchange then takes place between Nick and Harvey, before being interrupted by Professor Carcosa, who welcomes them inside. Roz is the only one not a virgin, which is why they turned her to stone, as well as because she could use her cunning to stop them. And with that, the pollination begins. They tell Nick that the great flowering is upon them. He was portrayed by Will Swenson. Theo explains that in his life, he has experienced the opposite, with his family’s roots in Greendale dating back generations. Nagaina offers to tend to the matter of Rosalind. Robin then arrives with Mary Wardwell, bound and gagged. Pan and Nagaina discuss how Sabrina infiltrated the carnival and killed four of their tribe. Circe informs Robin that Pan and Nagaina will kill him for betraying them. Appearances Archieverse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Later that night, as planned, Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin attend opening night of the carnival. Afterward, Pan, Nagaina, Circe and the pagans plot to take away the witches' Hare Moon. They have to leave Greendale and convince as many people as they can to leave with them. Biographical Information While running through the halls of Baxter High, Theo runs into new student Robin Goodfellow. He, Roz, and Harvey agree to join him, but Sabrina has plans with her family, and Robin chooses not to join. The Church of Night arrives as back up and chase the pagans out of Greendale. Before long, they are joined by Robin, who adds that like the two mentioned before him, Theo is also a virgin. Ringleader (formerly) So much so that he turned his back on the pagans and helped the Church of Night defeat them.

Harvey and Theo play lookout. However, one last thing is needed for him to rise; the innocent blood of a young virgin. Robin Goodfellow is a recurring character of Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Pan corrects her in saying that the animals are kept as familiars. He has strands of green hair. Just as Nagaina is about to find Harvey, Robin arrives at super speed and whisks him, Roz, and Theo to safety. Roz then screams and runs from out the tent. Robin is a hobgoblin who was traveling with Professor Carcosa's Phantasmagoria, searching for virgins for their sacrifices. Theo and Robin find that the guys have been turned into pigs. And there’s no better sustenance than witches' blood. As Robin goes for a kiss, Theo reveals that he wasn’t born "Theo" and that he didn’t always look the way he does. Nagaina offers to tend to the matter of Rosalind. Harvey asks if she’s okay, and Roz neglects to inform them of her discovery.

Sabrina arrives with Nick, who she introduces to Robin. However, one last thing is needed for him to rise; the innocent blood of a young virgin.

The Fright ClubPhantasmagoria (formerly) Harvey’s offering was rejected because Harvey doesn’t truly love her. Robin accepts Theo for who he is, revealing that he very much likes Theo as the two share a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel. Carcosa is a term found in many works of fiction such as those written by Ambrose Bierce and Robert W. Chambers, who is probably mostly associated with the name. He was also the owner of Professor Carcosa's Traveling Carnival and Phantasmagoria. At the pep rally, Theo asks Robin if the ice cream guy said anything off-putting to him. Species Robin is kind-hearted and loving. Pan reveals that Roz is a seer and could pose a threat to them. He knows of a Pygmalion spell that would turn Roz back to flesh.

Pan, Nagaina, and Circe welcome them with open arms. Pan, Nagaina, and Circe lead the chant for the Green Man to rise.

He has to forsake his truest love and kiss her to complete the spell and restore her to flesh. The wind suddenly stops blowing and Hilda’s hand rises from the dirt. Zelda awakens with the knowledge of her to repower the coven and defeat the pagans but they'll need to resurrect Hilda. Robin, Theo, and Harvey return to his garage, where Roz remains petrified and Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric are still pigs. However, he fell in love with his target, Theo and sided with the witches against the Pagan Tribe. Human After Sabrina went back in time, however, his plan was thwarted and he was killed by Prudence while Zelda and her witches cast out or killed the Pagans. Pan Harvey is killed as the vines of the Green Man stab into his chest. Pan welcomes Robin back with open arms as they prepare for the rising of the Green Man. Harvey must now say the spell, but first, he has to make his offering to Aphrodite or Eros.

She deduces that they’re drifters. He’s come seeking an alliance. Agatha loses her trail and crosses paths with Pan as he is in his true form playing a flute. Robin is a hobgoblin. And without magick, they’re no match against her. The pagans disappear, leaving behind a crazed Agatha and a petrified Dorcas. Circe adds that she got the same feeling from Mary Wardwell. Robin was quick enough that Harvey initially thought they had teleported. Will Swenson However, Sabrina knows where they can borrow magick. It usually denotes a place or a city and usually is related to The King in Yellow - though what exactly he is may vary from story to story. With help from the hedge witches, Sabrina teleports Circe back to the Academy of Unseen Arts, where she is bound in chains and held at gunpoint. First Appearance The great flowering of the Green Man is almost upon them. Elspeth asks if they should say a prayer of thanks to Lilith, much to Pan’s surprise, who questions why they wouldn’t pray to their Dark Lord. The carnies then proceed to chant as Pan prays to the old gods.[1].

Student Billy steps up and rings the bell with little ease.

Pan warns them that their time is over and that the old gods are returning, as well as the old ways. Before long, they are joined by Robin, who adds that like the two mentioned before him, Theo is also a virgin. He is able to run at great speeds, far faster than any human could. Robin then tells Circe to turn Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric back into humans. Pan, Circe, and Nagaina discuss their findings. Phantasmagoria Just as Nagaina is about to find Harvey, Robin arrives at super speed and whisks him, Roz, and Theo to safety; an empty classroom, where Theo explains that Robin saved them. Nagaina explains that they’re weak. Melvin retreats into the woods.

[3], Robin and Theo plot to sneak into the carnival with Harvey. Pan retorts that the pagans were there first, before the false god.

It'll be the end of everyone in Greendale. Roz and Theo scream for Sabrina to come and save them, unaware that she is encased in stone.[7]. I knew love once, and I wanna feel it again. He'd been seeking a family and thought that he found it in the pagans Phantasmagoria until meeting The, who he developed genuine feelings for. Satyr Biographical Information Circe could turn them into any creature she’d ever seen before.

He possesses the ability of super speed. Pan wears gentleman's clothing. "Chapter Twenty-Two: Drag Me to Hell" Robin and Theo arrive at the carnival to find that Circe has turned Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric into pigs. After Dorcas is bitten by a snake, Nagaina takes her leg and sucks the venom out. Theo asks Robin if he’s staying in Greendale, and he replies that he has every reason to stay.[8]. Robin agrees. Afterward, Harvey welcomes Robin into the Fright Club and tells Roz that she’ll never lose him.[6]. Afterward, at the Putnam house, Theo and Robin cuddle up in bed. Pan allows him to leave so that he may warn the coven. They take Roz to Baxter High, where they glue her back together.

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