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“Mr. And despite having played quarterback for only four years in an offense centered on his ability to run, Patterson's throwing motion is fluid. "He told me I was going to fall in love with him, and that he was one of the best kids we've ever met.". The thought of working with high school or college students who share his academic curiosity is intriguing to him, even now. or. When it was time for the class robots to compete, Mr. Johnson dominated the speed round. “There were fights every day.

At only 17 years old, Patterson is 6'4" and 230 pounds, despite no formal weight training. In Quincy’s younger years, it was six tight-knit blocks of Black and Italian families where all the kids attended just two schools: the local Catholic school and the neighborhood school, George Rogers Clark. “We walked in the first day of seventh grade and there were like 30 security guards,” he said. It's why he watches film until 2:30 a.m. some nights, often exchanging text messages with sleepy coaches on something he sees. Patterson's eyes lit up as they toured the building, speaking a language few high school seniors could or would care to understand. It's why he pushes himself to grow as a player—so he can look up in the stands to see his father smiling back at him. 16 Notre Dame.

View all posts by IXVY. "We built that robot from scratch," Patterson says, lighting up as he retraces his steps. 12 dual-threat quarterback in the nation, football is merely a part of his story. "I'm going where I want to be rather than where people want me to go," Patterson says of his decision to sign with Virginia Tech. Quincy Patterson is a 6-4, 220-pound Dual-Threat Quarterback from Chicago, IL. Overall, however, the project was a success. It is November 18, almost a month from the day when he will officially commit. “All my kids, I really taught them myself,” she said. Perhaps he will be the next great quarterback in the ACC. "If he didn't have the grades, he wouldn't play. “They were grateful, actually.”. “Freshman year was a little shaky in the beginning, but he got it under control,” Dalton-Patterson said.

After redshirting his first year in Blacksburg, Va., the dual-threat quarterback played in seven games for the Hokies in 2019, totaling 257 yards and two touchdowns through the air and 241 and two touchdowns on the ground. "One school told him they weren't going to bother him with academics, and he immediately took them off his list," Erlenbaugh says. (She went on to graduate from Whitney Young and attend the University of Chicago.) If you follow Chicago’s high school football scene, you probably already know Quincy Patterson, the Solorio High School quarterback who drew lots of attention from college recruiters before committing to Virginia Tech last spring. It is December 20, the day his decision will become official. Patterson, then a highly touted high school prospect out of Chicago’s Solorio Academy, played for the 2018 U.S. Under-19 National Team in that year’s International Bowl at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, helping the U.S. to a 47-7 victory over Team Canada. No structure,” he said. Before starring on college football Saturdays and NFL Sundays, Jameis Winston and Dwayne Haskins served as signal callers for the red, white and blue. While he possesses more physical talent than perhaps any high school quarterback in the country, one can't help but wonder if he's destined for something more. As a result, getting college coaches to come to Eric Solorio Academy High School, which is a few miles away from Patterson's Southside home, took some doing. “My egg didn’t break,” he says of the results of his design project creating something that would keep an egg from breaking when dropped from a second-story window. Latest on Virginia Tech Hokies quarterback Quincy Patterson II including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN He ran track as a youngster, but Marquette was the place he began exploring lots of athletics: football, basketball and baseball.

@CoachFuente discussed how Tech's relationship began with @Quincy_QB1

The ball disappeared into the darkness somewhere near its apex, blending into the Oregon night a few seconds after it left Patterson's hand. "I have bad days—days where I'm tired and there's a pit in my stomach," Patterson Sr. says. "He's got Cam Newton and Andrew Luck qualities," says Trent Dilfer, who coached Patterson during the Elite 11 recruiting camps. He even calls it work. It also introduced Patterson to a passion he didn't know he had. Having made it to The Opening, Nike's super-recruit camp that takes place at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, each summer, Patterson is exactly where he's supposed to be. Although Patterson was the least experienced quarterback to compete in Oregon, he held his own. Now, there's not that distinction.". Or maybe, as has been the case these past four years, his passions and gifts will complement each other and he'll flourish.

Patterson is a finalist for the Watkins Award—an honor given to the premier African American student-athlete in the country by the National Alliance of African American Athletes. As he waits for a new kidney that they hope is coming soon, Patterson Sr. undergoes more than 13 hours of dialysis each week. Barrett, and he will have that kind of impact and with more pro upside if he's developed as a passer.

“He became more open and got into extracurriculars” like school spelling bees and talent shows.

Nationally, however, word soon began to spread about Patterson.

And he has that," Dilfer says. Although Quincy aced the high school entrance exam and won a coveted spot at Whitney Young, he and his mom decided Solorio was the right fit. Her decision gave Quincy the opportunity to go on public transit adventures across the city with his mom, get his thousands of curious questions answered one-on-one and spend lots of time taking things apart and learning to put them back together—the roots of his interest in engineering. Quincy plays for his father. But it didn't fare as well while maneuvering around and through obstacles. I knew the school. I blog post articles, and books to inform, inspire, and empower readers. Three days each week, Patterson Sr. leaves his Southside home and heads for treatment, often at the University of Illinois at Chicago. But you probably don’t know he’ll be the first Virginia Tech quarterback in history to major in their highly-regarded engineering department.… Physical fights subsided, though there were still plenty of verbal arguments. Perhaps his impact will come as an engineer. When Quincy’s grades slipped under the pressure, Niemiec “forced” him out of JV games and kept him focused on varsity football and studies. That sacrifice was nothing compared to the work Dalton-Patterson had already put in to support her children. ", "We have always told him that it's about more than football," Patterson Sr. says. Despite the rawness of his game, Dilfer loved what he saw. "I really appreciate that about him.

The winner will be announced in March. “It was terrible,” he recalls. © 2020 Verizon Media. The principal and teachers were all brand-new. He's gone through and thrived through harder stuff than the rest of us at that age.". Work. It's why he's suddenly recognized and stopped in malls and throughout the Windy City, but it will never be what solely defines him. The great ones bring hope, and Quincy has that gift.". They hit it off and Quincy began to hear a lot about Solorio’s advantages: no fees for AP exams (unlike at Whitney Young), AP courses available as early as freshman year, athletic opportunities with more room to shine.

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