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He likes nothing better than to sit around eating Vindaloo and drinking lager all day. According to the original script of The End, McIntyre was killed by a minor radiation leak from the drive plate that Rimmer failed to repair. In the end, his sacrifice is negated when Rimmer (somewhat reluctantly) uses the power of the Anubis Stone to restore him. Rimmer finds Hollister attempting to use the escape pod, which jams as the radiation leak reaches him.[8]. Holly repeatedly stresses to Rimmer that this is all a ploy to anger him, so he manages to keep his cool until the Polymorph taunts him, saying "The things this boy can do with Alphabetti Spaghetti...". He appears in two other episodes in the first two series. When asked by Talkie Toaster who created the universe, Holly answers that it is Lister. Not that he was in any hurry to get that last body part replaced. Except this time.

In the novels, she is; both of the "third volumes" feature Lister getting a happy relationship with her; in "Backwards" they live out a happy life together on Backwards Earth but she ultimately leaves him due to the reverse-aging before the Boyz arrive to get him. And when a crisis hits, he is usually the one to take charge, making command decisions like a pro. You never had the right pens for your G.E.

Chen works in the ship's kitchens and both spend their time drunk. In the remastered version of the episode in which he appeared, the Cat Priest's body was cremated and the ashes jettisoned into space. He is a fairly competent man, but has a complete and utter lack of ambition and is quite happy in his slobby routine. Born on Io, Rimmer was loathed by his brothers and classmates, who went on to achieve great things while he remained a lowly Second Technician.

And which isn't physically attached to his body. Hollister is the captain of the interplanetary mining vessel Red Dwarf. With Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn.

avoids doing smart or ambitious things in case he might risk his carefree life. He comes clean (against Lister's advice) after getting catastrophically drunk celebrating his "death-day". It's all Lister's fault!

Ace was held back at school, which spurred him on to succeed. Holly never seems to be affected by Rimmer’s rudeness and speaks empathetically to him (“I hope you find all those things you think you need to be happy”). He dies in the episode Cassandra when Cassandra predicts that Arnold Rimmer will die of a heart attack. He's also annoyed by the Lister of the second Kochanski's universe, who is more sensitive and sophisticated than him. Subverted when it's revealed in "Back to Earth" that she ultimately abandoned Red Dwarf to go looking for a way back to her own dimension on her own after the events of Series VIII. The Cat Priest was, until The Promised Land, the only member of the species Felis sapiens seen on the television show Red Dwarf apart from The Cat. Red Dwarf's computer, Holly starts off amazingly intelligent with a purported IQ of 6,000. Download Red Dwarf Characters font free in ttf format for Windows and Mac. His interests include Hammond Organ music, Morris Dancing and 20th Century telegraph poles. The skutters are unusually capable of sex, as in the episode Parallel Universe, a "male" Skutter and its "female" equivalent from the parallel universe are seen with "children".[4]. In "Future Echoes" (1988), Rimmer implies that his father had committed suicide when he mentions that he had given advice about how you can cope with anything with a short haircut "just before that rather unfortunate suicide business". His main body becomes a lot less rigid and restrictive between V and VI. As for his family, his father hated him and despite Arnold's attempts to make him proud of him he never once said "Well Done" to him. Lister negotiated his hush payment to be company shares, whose value skyrocketed due to a lucky discovery of a valuable moon and Lister used the money to buy Red Dwarf, becoming its captain and Rimmer's superior. She has predictive functionality, which allows her to predict what the crew would do and perform that task without needing to consult them. For example, in "Me2", he ends up putting his dirty socks right back in the basket he dumped them out of because he realizes just how bad they smell, whilst in "Queeg", despite being starving and having only a single pea on toast for dinner, he decides he'll just have the toast after Rimmer tells him that the pea skidded into his dirty sock basket. He is fluffy and malevolent, and often "very cross." And yet he somehow managed. A wormhole shows Lister an alternate timeline in which Kochanski survived the accident and he is the Hologram and Kochanski's husband. He is the humanoid descendant of a modern house cat called Frankenstein, who had been Lister's pet cat. However, because she's a highly predictive computer, she does it according to the way Rimmer would do it, so naturally the place is a wreck and has been done without any regard for safety regulations. With the exception of the Dog, the others are female versions of the regular characters. When he kills a man mid-skydive with an alligator: After witnessing a Nazi driving into a brick wall and exploding: Furthermore, with the reveal in Series X that. His illusions about his musical abilities usually disappear when he's going through a bout of depression. And you won't do that because you'll just go in there and flunk again.

His appearance in the last scene involved it telling Rimmer that the formula which he got from the parallel universe, which would stop the virus that was destroying the ship, had in fact become the formula for the virus again; then firing a drink can at Rimmer's head with its final lines, "Every dog has its day, and this is the day, and I'm the dog!" He's more interested in trying to convince them to take part in duels across time and space. They often team up in plans, and Cat is no where near above laughing at Rimmer’s jokes at Lister’s expense. Gradually 'Kris' settled into life aboard our Red Dwarf but she still dreamed of one day going home to her much better Lister. This is also the series where it is revealed that the captain is in fact "Dennis the Donut Boy" and had abused confidential files in order to work his way up the ranks and become captain. By series IX, the resurrected Rimmer is a hard-light hologram once more - possibly as a cause of the events at the end of Series VIII (Only The Good..., S8E8) or as original canon in line with events up to Series VII's opener (Tikka To Ride, S7E1). To keep her sane, Holly (the ship's computer) brought back her ex-boyfriend Dave Lister as a hologram.

His flared nostrils, so much so that the Rimmers address their supreme leader as "your Flared-Nostrilness.". In the episode "Polymorph", the Polymorph makes Rimmer angry so it can suck out his anger; to do this it changes into Rimmer's mum and has sexual intercourse with Lister, who has lost his sense of fear. Created by Rob Grant, Doug Naylor.

Whilst on board, he met Navigation officer Kristine Kochanski and had a dream of them having a farm on Fiji and opening a chain of hot dog and doughnut diners. The leader of the runners-up of World War II, Adolf Hitler has racked up enough appearances on the show to qualify as a recurring character in various forms. Ackerman is a nasty piece of work, despite his insistence that he is in fact "lovely" and that his nickname is "Nicey Ackerman".

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