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Shade sails for sale in New Zealand. Torto makes quality shade sails, awnings and canopies and outdoor blinds to help you enjoy your outdoor space more. Modern sail designs take into account that people need protection from both the heat and the sun’s harmful rays. Make an enquiry Fill out this form and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements. It is critical that the appropriate support poles are installed to accepted council standard that we work to. An outdoor eating area is a great asset for any cafe or restaurant, but when the weather turns it isn't much fun for your diners.

Use them as a single, stand-alone shade structure, or as a combination with multiple, interacting and overlapping designs. Shade sails add elegance and style to any setting. Our shade sails protect you from the sun in the same way as an umbrella, but on a much larger scale.

For even easier operation, you can opt for spring return systems where blinds work on a roller system. Shade sails can provide shade and often privacy protection from neighbouring properties. Thus, shade sails are ideal playground shade structures.

It is well documented that New Zealand has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world. people can use it in there home .it provides shade on land in a variety of shapes and sizes. Shade sail poles can be colour matched if required.

Shadeworld provided a trouble-free service that was affordable, efficient and friendly. A. With shade sail fabric, which is typically the most inexpensive, the knit fabric has a slight curve inside which keeps it tight and secure. Your shade sail provides significant shade and image enhancing of your home or deck. It’s also important to ensure that mounting points are substantial and secure to be able to accept the required initial tension and absorb the loads created by wind gusts hitting the sail. Then once your shade sail or blinds are ready, we'll expertly install them for you. A shade sail is used for creating shaded areas in homes, or near buildings which they can be affixed to. Shade sails represent one of the most comprehensive and cost effective solutions for providing protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation and excessive heat. Your shade sail provides significant shade and image enhancing of your home or deck. For some applications one large sail works well while in others it is better to integrate several smaller overlapping sails. Let the kids play outside without getting burnt. Our awning solutions are custom designed to fit your specific outdoor space. Get custom made sun shade protection for your home, school, or business. We would definitely recommend Shadeworld 2006 Ltd to colleagues, friends and family members. While our head office and factory is in Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore, we have agents and workshops in Nelson, Blenheim, Whitianga, Pukekohe and Mount Wellington. The superior quality of a Lidgard shade sail is reflected in the following: High Quality Fabric. Book a free onsite consult to discuss. Your shade sail is personally designed and manufactured to specifically fit your property. Drawing on a proud history of yacht sail design and manufacture, the team has a deep and fundamental understanding of nature’s forces. Do it once, do it right! Make your outside area cosy with our drop curtains. Shade sales have established themselves a common feature over many outdoor living areas.

Canopies are made from hot dip galvanised steel with a polycarbonate roof. For domestic applications of shade sails it is recommended to hire a professional shade sail installer who will install them with a quick release “snap hook” at each corner. To install standalone posts, dig holes for them to go in. Phone us: 0800 486 786.

Shade sails from.

Optional: Poles, plain galvanised or powdercoated. Typically shade sails are a triangular shape, but they also come in squares and rectangles. Get a free quote. The installation itself was very straightforward and took just a handful of hours. This means the sail shade can be taken down quickly in high wind conditions or during the winter season. Kiwis love the outdoor lifestyle but sometimes the sun just gets a bit too hot for staying out or the wind is just a little chilly. Canvasland shade sails have an easy release and tension system that allows for removal for cleaning or winter storage if required. Buy and sell Shade sails on Trade Me.

Drawing on a proud history of yacht sail design and manufacture, the team has a deep and fundamental understanding of nature’s forces. Stainless steel bracket fixings to appropriate secure locations on the building, Design Style: All shade sails are custom designed to specifically fit your location, Installation: Canvasland looks after full design, manufacture and installation, ensuring all necessary council regulations are adhered to, Warranty: 10 Year warranty on fabric and 3 years on workmanship, Location: Sails installed throughout Wellington, Hutt Valley, Kapiti, Wairarapa and Manawatu, Completion: 4 weeks from receiving your confirmation, Canvasland New Zealand - contact us +64 6 368 7930, custom inflatables for commercial purposes. Custom-designed, we can make shade sails to practically any soaring form you dare to dream. An alternative to shade sails is a steel canopy which provides a more robust cover with a fixed roof and is great for covering larger areas. When properly maintained, you’ll not find our seams, edges or webbing tear or fray. In addition their follow -up service and support has been great. Our custom canvas solutions are made from the highest quality and high tech fabrics. Fittings are stainless steel and you can choose steel or timber posts. Turn your outside space into a useable area with the touch of a button. To arrange an appointment please get in touch today. Currently, there are 2,500 new cases of melanoma reported each year in our country – that’s 7 a day! All Rights Reserved. Quality outdoor blinds from Torto make it easier for you to protect your customers from the elements and use your outdoor area for more of the year. A retractable canvas awning gives you peace of mind in all conditions. The PTFE threads we use are warranted even longer than the shade cloth. Hyper Umbrellas. Shade sails are not all created equal – hiring a professional shade sail installer will ensure expert advice, fit and correct installation. Shade sails are not all created equal – hiring a professional shade sail installer will ensure expert advice, fit and correct installation. © 2020 Lidgard Shades. 5 Steps to Transform Your Landscaping Dreams into a Backyard Reality, Pool Safety in New Zealand – A Summertime Guide, Installation of window, aluminium, shop front or caravan awnings. These shade sails from ShadeSystems are available in any colour or size for your convenience.

Provided these are well secured, they’ll not moved much with wind. Our team will help you with design and any council consents necessary. Customised outdoor shade sails, awnings, and outdoor screens solutions NZ. Our shade sail installations are rated to withstand wind forces up to Gale force.

These can be hung from virtually any overhanging structure to provide protection from light wind and rain.

shade sails is one of the different and unique design. Popular Mechanics Made For Shade July 2005. When selecting patio blinds for your home, you’ll need to make different choices, such as the type of blind, fabric and level of protection you prefer. However, when it rains, or when the sun’s, With so many shade solution options available, what sets shade sails apart? Shade sail poles can be colour matched if required.

Lidgard was one of the very first companies to commence manufacturing and installation of shade sails in New Zealand nigh on 20 years ago. A shade sail creates outdoor shade based on the basic technology of a ship’s sail, using a flexible membrane tensioned between several anchor points. Well, the versatility and innovation offered by shade sails are unmatched by any other.

Remember before digging to make sure you check with your local council for any pipes and wires in the ground as you don’t’ want to hit those! 10 – 15 years manufacturer’s warranty on shade fabrics, 3 years warranty on all workmanship. Wind makes it whip about, but generally it won’t sag. Sean’s easy going style together with his considered approach for installation gives me a real confidence that sail will hold firm for many years – even in Wanaka’s windy 2016/2017 summer! Dig an 800mm hole for a 3m shade sail and 1200mm hole for a 5m shade sail. We design and manufacture our Shade Sails entirely in New Zealand. A shade sail installer will know how to treat shade sail fabric so that it blocks out UV rays, which also helps the fabric withstand constant sun exposure. We take a look at what you can expect…. Call us 0800 2 SHADE (74233) Shade Sails; Hip Roof Structures; Architectural Umbrellas. Any other threat simply doesn’t cut it. We specialise in shade sails, awnings, canopies, caravan awnings, shade structures and other canvas goods. Simple adjustment for changing sun angles. Simply put, not all shades are created equal. Multiple shade sails can interact or overlap one another. 0800 Sunshade | Shade sails | Screens | Awnings | Umbrellas (0800 786 742) | email us. We can create options suitable for residential or commercial use. Home; Educators; About Us; Process; Videos; Testimonials; Contact; Questions?

The depth of the hole will depend on the size of the shade sail. Book a free onsite consult to discuss the best awning or shade sail solution including canvas, lateral arm awnings and more in Auckland area. Shade sails are tensioned by either a stainless steel turnbuckle or a pulley system.

Kiwis love the outdoor lifestyle but sometimes the sun just gets a bit too hot for staying out or the wind is just a little chilly. A professional is skilled in the manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair of shade sails. Simple adjustment for changing sun angles. We take a look at what you can expect… A professional is skilled in the manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair of shade … Shade Sails - Installation / Guide / Install Tips How to plan a Shade Sail Design for Maximum Shading & Installing Mounting Posts. When investing in a waterproof shade sail, we use top quality, lightweight pre-tensioned PVC materials that endure without sagging and bagging over time. Optional: Poles, plain galvanised or powdercoated. A skilled shade sail professional will know that installation requires that adequate and quite considerable tension be applied to the sail to allow it to adopt its correct shape and prevent flapping in the wind. Based in Wellington, working with customers throughout New Zealand. Our shade sails are made from medium or heavy duty shade material sewn with PTFE teflon coated thread, which won't rot away in the UV rays and with a 50mm webbing perimeter. Sunset Magazine August 2005. Practical: Shade large or small areas with single or multiple Shade Sails. Builderscrack is a registered trademark of myQuote Limited. They can be rolled up when not in use and buckle down to stop them from blowing in the wind. © 2019 myQuote Ltd, all rights reserved. All our fixings are made of marine grade 300-series stainless steel.

Fill out this form and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Homeowners can hire a shade sail installer or buy canvas or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sails and install them themselves. Sean L. Read about Shadesails in these popular publications . Like sails for boats, the shade sail uses a piece of cloth, affixed tightly to at least three points. The perimeter wire supports the even tensioning throughout the shade sail and assists with the tensioning through the belly of the sail. Experts providing Shade Solutions throughout NZ. Design, Manufacture and install.

The connecting process is protected by NZ patent #594581. Really nice of you to point out what shade sail installer do, it would enlighten potential shade sail buyers to finalize their decision. Shade Systems is New Zealand’s largest and most innovative supplier of custom-made commercial shade and weather protection structures. Shade Plus is a specialist company in the shade sail and canvas industry and have won awards in both the commercial and the outdoor sections.

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