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This started the second wave of horrors after a couple of years hiatus. The actor himself was displeased with the dialogue The Monster was given in Bride, which often comes off as comical in contrast to the otherwise superb gothic horror story depicted in the film. You might want to take a look at this short video compilation of behind-the-scenes shots of Karloff and Pierce from color tests of the make-up and wardrobe for this movie..

Goofs Thank you for including it in the Universal Blogathon. Also, it should be noted that this is not the first time The Monster has seen his own reflection and has reacted with similar abhorrence of his own countenance, but man he’s revived yet again and they never make the poor guy look prettier. It is Ygor who’s responsible for the mysterious murders and it is Ygor who’s happy to have a new Frankenstein in the house.

Rathbone, a non-genre actor, was an prestigious “get” as Star. , Thank you for a great commentary on a wonderful film, Aurora! Love that little video clip too.Thank you. I mean, I like him the way he is, but clearly he’d like to not make people scream when they see him. Soundtracks, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet the Invisible Man, Histoire(s) du cinéma: Le contrôle de l'univers, To Tell the Truth: Episode dated 17 March 1959, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Mel Brooks/Susan Blakely/Bob Rosefsky, The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo: That's Monstertainment, Weird Science: Searching for Boris Karloff, Making Frankensense of 'Young Frankenstein', Homicide: Life on the Street: The Same Coin, She's Alive! When Wolf von Frankenstein discovers Ygor’s actions, which involve getting The Monster to murder on his behalf the Dr. confronts the deformed man and eventually shoots him dead (except Ygor is alive again – thank goodness – in The Ghost of Frankenstein, the sequel to this movie).

We learn, as Wolf does, that The Monster had not been destroyed at the end of Bride as we were led to believe – Ygor saved him.

By the way this scene is tremendously enhanced by Rathbone’s reaction. Aside from the great performances in Son of Frankenstein the movie also features lavish sets, moody lighting and a terrific score (check out the complete cast and crew list for credits) that place it alongside its Whale predecessors. The Monster didn’t ask to be brought upon this Earth or to be made to suffer, to make others suffer and it is a fate too horrible to bear. Hope your moving went smoothly. The world may treat him like a freak of nature, but he doesn’t want to be one. The Baron and his family – wife Elsa (Josephine Hutchinson) and young son, Peter (Donnie Dunagan) – are not welcomed by law enforcement and townspeople who look upon him with fear and disgust when the family arrives in the castle where Henry had performed experiments that terrorized. Usually, if you say of a movie that the set is enthralling it means that something is lacking in other departments, but not in “Son of Frankenstein”. And you reminded me I haven’t seen TOWER OF LONDON in far too long!

Well, not counting Una O’Connor or Thesiger.

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You might want to take a look at this short video compilation of behind-the-scenes shots of Karloff and Pierce from color tests of the make-up and wardrobe for this movie.

It turns out that the six dead are members of the jury who’d sentenced Ygor to death by hanging. It’s an introduction worthy of the one, true Monster and for my money as effective as The Monster’s original introduction in Frankenstein (1931). It’s widely believed that The Monster was destroyed, but superstitions abound as to murdering ghosts and other such things and few doubt that a Frankenstein must be to blame. When the realization hits that he is, in fact, looking at himself – a monster – he asks, “Why” in a way that breaks my heart – utter agony made clear with one word. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet the Monsters! In any case, at this point Ygor is dead and when The Monster finds his friend’s body realizing he’s been killed he takes Wolf’s son Peter in revenge. |

That’s not the case, however, as we see in Son of Frankenstein, which story goes something like this…. That is despite the inconsistency following what we thought was the final destruction of The Monster in Bride.

While in the laboratory, The Monster happens across a mirror and sees his own reflection for the first time.

Creating the Bride of Frankenstein, Travelogue of the Dead: On the Rhodes Again, Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape, Cinemassacre's Monster Madness: Dracula vs. Frankenstein, The Super Hero Squad Show: This Man-Thing, This Monster!

Worthy of note is that Boris Karloff is once again under the guise created by Jack Pierce in Son of Frankenstein and the results are wonderful. This is a truly worthy film filled with atmosphere and four outstanding performances.

I strongly suggest you go watch it now and then visit The Universal Pictures Blogathon hosted by Silver Scenes for a full slate of movie commentary on all things Universal. The first is the scene of the first encounter between Wolf von Frankenstein and his reanimated creation.

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I think this is the only one of the 1930’s Frankenstein trilogy I haven’t seen. Ever so slowly we see the shadow of a figure rise up over the doctor’s shoulder. Previously, I kicked back and enjoyed the film long nervous breakdown that was Basil Rathbone’s performance. I loved Frankenstein and Bride Of Frankenstein. He and many of the same actors and crew also did the very entertaining “Tower of London” the same year. | Thank you for a great review. You’ve definitely made me want to revisit all 3 films. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. As The Monster’s face becomes clear to us, the doctor raises his head, aware of the force that approaches from behind. When The Bride of Frankenstein ends we see The Monster rejected by his Bride, the new creation of Dr. Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) and the exuberant Dr. Pretorius (Ernest Thesiger).

( Log Out /  Wolf stands in his laboratory, facing us in a close up with his head down while busy with a task. Meanwhile – Ygor, who the townspeople now know is alive and kicking, is called before a tribunal as he’s suspected of the six mysterious murders.

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