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First episode Sprig then apologized to Marcy for his prior suspicions of her, with Marcy just being glad he's okay since she's learned that he means a lot to Anne.

Voice Veeery jealous." Bessie (snail) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Frog "The Shut-In!" Quote Full name Sprig and Anne have a very strong friendship. Sprig seemed to not think much of Mrs. Croaker; assuming that she was simply just another off beat elder, only to learn that she can be crafty as seen in "Anne Theft Auto". The feeling are mutual as Polly cares a lot about Sprig, but will take advance of him when she can. Dislikes Which can be seen in future episodes as he is by her side and has fewer arguments with her. Sprig was almost all out of options, but he then remembered what his master, Satsuki Kiriyuin said to him. ", Hop-and-Lock-Drop Soppity Pop Plantar (great-great-grandfather)Old Gam Gam (great-great-great-grandmother), Pain PeppersDigging HolesAnne BoonchuyPolly PlantarIvy SundewAdventure his family eating bugs cool air clicking pens. In "Sprig Vs.

Sprig then had to fight his minions Dobby, Flobby, and Sprig is an energetic adventurous frog., Anne is Sprig's first new friend and best friend. From the start of the series, Sprig starts off as being considered something of a strange kid in the town of Wartwood. He is also very circular, also possessing also has a light pink tail. He has big-circle shaped pants with thick vertical stripes with the pattern of colors green to yellow.

It was a battle that lasted for for about five days after Sprig was paid to do the job. Sprig and Polly have a typical sibling relationship. Slingshot In "Civil Wart," Sprig gets upset that Polly being the youngest gets more attention and rights than him from Hop Pop, feeling that since Polly is young he has to give up numerous things for her. He wears a dark green beanie with pink and brown pins. («". Sprig Plantar is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. Sprig Plantar is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Amphibia Wiki community. Sprig as a donut. In "Hopping Mall", the two become even closer when Sprig reveals that he does not remember anything about his mother and seemed intrigued when Anne began to talk about hers. When he does so, he causes danger for his family and friends always tries to do what's best for others around him whether he likes it or not. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Occupation when he finally breaks up with her and learns that despite her weirdness, she simply wants to be friends with him and he accepts her. The very first mission that Sprig was sent on was to assassinate Robbie Rotten to keep him from making everyone in the Gigaverse lazy. Bobby before he could kill Robby and it was really hard because they were all

Sprig Plantar Voice Sprig was put off by Maddie and her unusual behavior. In "Hopping Mall", Sprig helps Anne with finding the perfect gift for her mother, putting them in conflict with Priscilla the Killa over a butterfly teapot, but Anne eventually relents when she learns Priscilla wanted it because it belonged to her own mother. Over the course of the first season however, this begins to change through the influence of Anne Boonchuy while also changing her perspective as well. "So Sprig-sama, it is at last time for us to do battle, well you should beware because I won't be holding back this time" said Paul Blart. Quote In "Sprig Vs. Later on in "Dating Season", Sprig is revealed to be friends with Ivy Sundew, an old acquaintance. His casual frog-like body structure consists of slightly orange eyeballs with black pupils and blue irises, a large elongated light green tongue that extends to certain lengths, and four short limbs with four-digit hands and two-digit feet. To help Anne get home And then Sprig killed Paul Blart offscreen because he's a huge cunt nugget who won't even kill his enemies on He has puffy pants with thick vertical stripes with the pattern ranging from the colors of green to yellow. Using the Slingshot SingingPlaying the Fiddle Bojutsu Musical TalentMarksmanship Likes Powers and abilities This caused Robbie Rotten to melt into a big mushy pile of soggy Honey Nut Cheerios, due to the Ducktales theme song being his only weakness.

Mayor Toadstool (briefly), Sasha Waybright, Captain Grime, Barry Therefore he says that he can't remember how she looked or how her voice sounded, briefly causing him to somberly wonder if he can miss her even througth he never knew her, before receiving a hug from Anne and letting his emotions take over him. He has a very short green shirt with big-round shaped sleeves embroidered with seed-like shapes. "Sprig, in order to beat your opponent, you must first beat yourself" then Satsuki sang the Ducktales theme song for an hour and a half. Sprig at first claims that he was okay that she did not like him, but then reasoned that she did like him, much to her annoyance. Nevertheless, he displayed a loyalty to her when they were betrothed. Sprig Plantar Sprig, arguably, has already had two love interests. Likes Edit.

He has short orange hair underneath his green hat. Good Ivy Sundew, whom he starts dating at the end of season one, and Maddie Flour, whom he was engaged to in exchange for dough from the baker, but broke off. Because of his experience with Sasha, he did not trust Marcy and wasn't interested in finding or meeting her, even seeming relieved that they didn't found a trace of her when they first arrived in Newtopia.

They often played together (often making practical jokes or ambush the other) and were occasional sparring partners. First question, what the heck are.

Sprig is an anthropomorphic frog of a small height. "For someone who's Anne's best friend, you sure don't know her very well. Captain Grime Sasha WaybrightKill-a-pillar Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

In "Anne of the Year," he and Ivy are finally able to admit their feelings for one another. Justin FelbingerThurop Van Orman(Amphibialand pilot) Enemies
He considers Anne "way too old" for him when they were accused of being a couple, implying that he prefers dating people closer to his age. Age However, he soon realizes Marcy is a friend when she saves him from at the Barbari-Ant Queen. Marcy did the same and even invited him to a sleep over. This, combined with his excitable personality, implies that he has Attention Deficit Hyepractivity Disorder (ADHD). Sprig then got back onto his feet and declared to Robbie "I know how to beat you, ya little pussyfoot", "Really, and how is that" said Robbie Rotten. Sprig Plantar is a 10-year-old frog who is the best friend and guide of the human girl Anne Boonchuy. They finally confess their feelings for each other in "Anne of the Year" and it is implied that they have begun dating since. Add a photo to this gallery. Put 'er there!" He has a fancy yellow beret-beanie-esque hat with blue feathers arranged next to each other in a pattern. Species Sometimes Sprig will take a commanding role over Polly whenever they are up to their usual schemes. Since then, he has been nervous about telling her his feelings, but still maintained a friendly and approachable demeanor. Source Sprig can be clingy and jealous at times like in "Family Fishing Trip" and "Marcy at the Gates" when he acts like he's suspicious of Marcy but in reality he just jealous of her and doesn't want to lose Anne. In spite of Marcy being clearly harmless, Sprig is initially suspicious about her, fearing she might be like Sasha. "Does this look like a face that could deceive you? Latest episode At the end of the episode, Sprig suddenly realizes that he is in love with Ivy and makes it his goal, through the encouragement of Anne, to admit his feelings to her.

"Anne or Beast?" As the group helps Marcy to deal with Barbari-Ants that cause Newtopia to be closed for protection, Sprig constantly watches over Marcy, expecting her to betray them at any minute. Despite his very immature behavior, Sprig can stand up to and confront people who manipulate his friends. He simply wants Hop-Pop to look at him as an independent person while also cherishing their familial bond such as in "Fishing Trip". Sprig Plantar Anne Boonchuy (best friend), Ivy Sundew (love interest/sparring partner), Maddie Flour (ex-fiancee), Marcy Wu He tries to think like this and says it just to hide his pain and grief for the lose of his mother, which is actually a big deal to him as he reveals to Anne. developed and used for planting of bermuda and zyosia grass for turf fields and sports fields Sprig is a very excitable, energetic, and adventurous child - qualities that can bring him to adventure and into trouble. Later on in "Dating Season," Sprig is revealed to be friends with Ivy Sundew, an old acquaintance. As revealed in the concept art, Sprig went through numerous color changes before settling on hot pink.

While Maddie makes spare appearances, Sprig still brings her up in a resigned manner. Sprig is an overly excited frog, He is a very adventurous and energetic frog child, both qualities that can bring him to adventure and into trouble respectively.

Veeery jealous. Enemies Danger, monsters, Sasha bullying Anne, being misunderstood, Anne in danger, his family's history (formerly) ""You must be so excited to be trapped in another world.

In "Hop Luck," he ends up getting engaged to Maddie Flour, albeit forcibly by Anne in an effort to get a bit of dough.
Sprig is a rogue hitman and he's also the guy who stole my fucking chicken tendies, GIVE THOSE BACK YOU MONSTER, I WILL END YOUR EXISTENCE EDFHEDHISNKJCBDSJVHJKWAKBCSJBXMSN JXNSLNXJBNSKN! Sprig continued making his way around the Gigaverse performing assassinations for people but he got put on the map after he assassinated blue Spongebob. ""I don't know if it's the sweet smelling toxins or the overwhelming emotions, but dang it I'm a mess!" scary and stuff. Character information

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