stage door canteen cleveland

New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia called the canteen “a great institution of which the city is very proud.” Thank-you letters from servicemen poured in from every corner of the globe. While many Americans are familiar with the idea of “code talkers,” knowledge about the fuller lives, stories, and experiences of Native American Code Talkers is incredibly limited. 945 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 The only canteen to rival the original’s fame was the one in Los Angeles, thanks to its proximity to the country’s biggest stars. Learn to use the word ‘prosthetics’ instead of ‘artificial limbs.’ Never say, ‘It could have been worse.’ And when he talks about his war experiences, listen, but don’t ask for more details than he wants to give.”. Don’t be over-solicitous, nor too controlled to the point of indifference. Canteens were opened in London and Paris in the closing months of the war. Though lasting only 360 days, Operation Magic Carpet was the largest combined air and sealift ever organized. They have performed many hundreds of weddings and private parties spanning the entire human spectrum, and they are fully capable entertaining a crowd of music lovers from any stage.

A 1943 article in Theatre Arts magazine called the New York canteen “one of the few democratic institutions in existence anywhere: English soldiers, sailors and RAF [Royal Air Force] men dance beside, mingle and eat with Chinese airmen, Americans from every branch of the service, including Negroes and Indians, Canadians, Australians; South Africans, Dutch and French sailors…occasionally Russians: all are a part of the Stage Door Canteen.” The mix of races and nationalities did cause tension on a few occasions. All the canteens had closed by the end of 1945, and attention shifted to creating a recreation program for patients in Veterans Administration hospitals and a theater school for GIs returning home from overseas. Halloween today still brings with it traditions that were familiar during the 1940s. Stage Door Canteen is a seasoned outfit comprised of some of the most polished professional musicians in southern New England.

P icture a GI from the heartland, on leave with a day or two in New York City in the summer of 1942. So let's round things off and call "Stage Door Canteen" a 4-star sentimental journey. The system made it possible for more than 2,000 uniformed personnel to enter the club a night.

They were open to all servicemen of Allied nations, and segregation had no place in them. At a recruiting event for canteen volunteers, Cowl told the 700 men and women who turned up that they would be expected to work for the duration of the war and would be obligated to provide a substitute if they had to miss a shift. Absentee ballots gave American citizens in uniform a voice in their nation’s government during World War II.

The Stage Door Canteen opened on March 2nd, 1942.

Boston, Newark, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and San Francisco each got its own canteen. However the home front festivities during the war years also held some key differences as well. Only at the Stage Door Canteen.

The canteen measured 40 by 80 feet and could accommodate 500 people at a time.

Instead of theater people, movie stars and crew members did the work. She caused mass hysteria one night when she arrived straight from the set of the fantasy film Kismet covered in gold paint.

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