steel posts for shade sails nz

For standalone posts mark out where you need to dig holes for them to go in. Please try again. endobj '���7�s�����V��� ��,SN��]���xԬ>곺���"D��_����q{�-� C��2C�Y2�ed���ze��� Sorry, we're unable to determine your location. Secure the ladder well and keep three points of contact with it at all times. 3 0 obj If you can’t see the nails, you can tap the soffit as you should be able to hear where there is a rafter. The material of the shade cloth has a bearing on Pole specs. … Shade sail fabric which is loose can cause the fabric to deteriorate. See below for our recommended minimum sizes. You could use treated timber posts (round posts use minimum 125mm diameter, or square posts 125mm x 125mm) or a galvanised steel post at least 4mm thick (round minimum 100mm diameter, or square 100mm x 100mm). ��H����m�MP��wq��ꪓ1�,�ޣ. Additional payment options available at selected stores, To contact your local store 0800 4 6487310 :�y���d2��*/��:�l���rA&�}�5Y��]ڝ�q����s>PX�$��t��K�Al/ޭ��.�1���v�,���Ⱥ�@N�� P/�4�x9LX��m\Q,�E��QV��VP)������d�$0\��an[��?�p�\P�"��0���N}9/ȹ����{��P� �4]5Ҟ}��KMF��P��e,���XG���\䀂K7��8�k�ĸ]O� ˘�f$f9�d�#�`��܉���"ǚ�(��8��h��_�u�ٞt����ߘ�R�ޏ��wgv)����7ǁfL���%F�B �|M���5�T;�j��h$�#�X��+9� 8Aԡ��Y��WS�p�U�$� C��h �'�����V��t���w����G(�ĥ��cg��i�y! To install standalone posts, dig holes for them to go in. %PDF-1.5 <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 841.92 595.32] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> We do our best to minimise the impact to the environment in which we are working, but digging holes is a messy process and it's not always possible to leave the site in exactly the same way we found it.

If you’re on firm ground you’ll only need the 100mm of base course. The top of the concrete surface should be sloping away from the posts to assist with water drainage. Minimum Pole Size Steel Timber Shade Sail … endobj In 95% of cases we use a mini digger which is 1.1m wide and runs on rubber tires to minimise the amount disturbance to your garden. Sorry, this page is unavailable right now. x��=ks�6��]��0��J�1 �q�r��؉�8+����Y�S�G^Kr6���'��ƃD���KJ���l4�~�\}��ꫯ���鋯W��/Ow��������G�VO�~�zr������j\��}�@�j��X����J���V'�5�7������u�(���?�y�����������h�~�y�?���|���� You need to leave at least 10% of the sail length. � _�*9�~9Zq�1��g?�x�z������h�_���ѫ�:z�>n�V����!lbTUװ��}�t� When the warm weather comes around it’s great to make the most of your backyard, but with our harsh sun sometimes you want a little extra shade and this is when a shade sail makes all the difference. They are also a great way to add on a whole extra living space to your property. Wooden poles are generally only used in school environments where it's not partical to do the poles in steel because of the height involved.

Never over-reach sideways. A ratchet tie down strap can be used temporarily to assist in tensioning the structure. X$x5����K��Mn�*E�_|�Zz�>nz͓�J�>� Ensure your ladder’s feet are flat on the ground and that the ground is level. %���� Pour in concrete and pack down well. Enjoy your shade sail! p��s��Ǎ&��,���-�` ��[�~K�?z4����kK�HÍ�v����$5��s�i.�J/C�� ����0Ƭ��>�n�=��+ ��8�M1z�N�N�L`�{$�V�-_����n�FU-I;������;] �i>;��(L�r��Ý��]ϊQ���D����@:���}j�u��n{��לZ���s;��U\��k���~x���(��K���9�j��c��:��ɩ!ݎ��2ٸ�4��,�g���~��eN �m? All too often we have been call upon to correct other peoples work where they have tried to save money by installing poles which were not up to the job. The depth of the hole will depend on the size of the shade sail. ��Bh�tXO �4�Kt#���I}D�sxv~XVk[G?���Ǽ�����ѕ��������Op�z'� ^n�6]q�2����&�]���0�Z�~9��U��&�J��6��#IB�3 � ��C�9�XƢ����'i �oB�v�7��]�o��O Putting up a shade sail is a pretty straightforward job. If this is the case and, you’re not familiar with working within your roof its worthwhile consulting an expert for advice. Location – where can you have attachment points and will you need to put in posts to attach to. Never over tension, tension only by hand, and only tight enough to remove creases. Connect the shade sail to the fixing accessories; leave one of the tensioning fixing points for last. 4 0 obj These can be square or round, and have a range of over 50 powder-coated colour options to work with your situation requirements. 90, 95% shade mesh loads differ with a significant jump when looking at PVC waterproof material, which I don't think you are - remember also, a wet sail also adds to loads. �"�e��:�Ħ�(�2 �to1��D������P��&��u&���1�5P`�"��c�مb�g���(�)�k��7������۵�/��E�e�n1�}��`�o"��#-�75-O���My'�i2��2ߺ�Dh��i�5������M6�9�Ҏ�4n

.[���TO�w�0װbH���N_��3�կk;��`��7�=^�{��[��Qk�xyu� ��Z��⩅���`�+{�A��\�G��GkK���������*1�<8E�f�8( �)_n>�G�5R�߿AR4��s�q�� y��/,���7 ����d����!Fnw �7�y�{"���T3�5��j�d�i� �][Ĉߜ�iUҮ�� ҬXv�R�UOr���uo����VPAz�t��Y������A������� As a result when a storm has come through, the force of the shade sail has ripped the poles out of the ground and done a lot of damage. Dig an 800mm hole for a 3m shade sail and 1200mm hole for a 5m shade sail. A well built quality sail has SS wire running along edges to the corners, reinforced corners just like a yacht sail. Our Shade Sails are well-anchored to cope with the stresses and strains of prevailing weather conditions and will perform up to expectation.

The depth of the hole will depend on the size of the shade sail.

When it comes to shades it’s not the shade that actually that costs the money it’s the installation of poles in the ground, fittings onto buildings and the engineering that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the finished product looks great in the area you wish to install it that takes the price up. Please try searching by suburb or postcode. We recommend using concrete with a minimum of 20Mpa and not a quick set concrete. If you can’t find a rafter, or its not where you want to put your hook, you will need to go into the roof and attach a fascia support bracket to the rafter so you can then connect a pad eye to the front of the fascia, which allows the hook to be screwed in securely. 1 0 obj

To arrange an appointment please get in touch today. !/:�����Y�q�ǜ"8s�5�a\Iߗ��h�]��7=n���v�凕K�D���K\�+���7p9M ���j�^U5���ս�����ҷ�yZ�� To install standalone posts, dig holes for them to go in.   0800 4 MITRE 10.

When fixing into your fascia you want the hook to be aligned with your roof rafter. Tensioning may also be required from time to time. The centre of the hole should line up with the point of the sail corner. Start by attaching the fixing points on the side of your house first. These can be square or round, and have a range of over 50 powder …

�\�[Pp�6� ]���n����~�c�M6"�P݉�%�=y�Zc��!|6��)0��P5F��ɗ1���2�D���ͷ�;����sKCw�특��% ��64�V�'����z��1�gý�YH��Òe�"�s���KJ;6�����651���Z�1�`��U�Z�.���܇��!7]x��3�o���t��P�kP�b2���01i7TCӜgI&��Fڭ�zZÿj+���H�pB��}����i` A shade sail which has been mounted and tensioned correctly will have little to no creases. Poles are the most ideal way to support a shade sail, you can use either steel or timber and they can be installed to your desired height.

Nails are a sign of where your rafter is behind the fascia. When selecting patio blinds for your home, you’ll need to make different choices, such as the type of blind, fabric and level of protection you prefer. View all Wild & Aviary Bird Food & Feeders. Be safe using a ladder. All Shade Sails are installed with robust galvanised steel poles which are zinc-coated to increase corrosion resistance. Don't undercook the poles, an extra few hundred on decent poles may save you thousands in the future. Now mark out the points where you want to fix your sail to. Calculate the space you need to leave between each corner of the relaxed sail and the structural fixing points (this is to allow for tensioning). Avant Shade sails … Now determine the fixing accessories that you’ll need to secure your shade sail. ����+�����S}��i�?��'��*���]��V��Y�����^˪��XˣW/p�Z�N֚ ���j}���W+��������1_�����מ��׍0w׽��_�M�,�8�k#�^�ԗ;��ok�:�~�w�������x0��Ƶ_jx���_2���}շ�䳜���ƪ����'M�%K"ݖz�kћ >=��9 !`�E�f'��IM��˪!�C You may find that after seven days, the sail has settled and a little more tensioning is required. However, when it rains, or when the sun’s, With so many shade solution options available, what sets shade sails apart? We also lay timber and tarps down around the hole to minimise the amount of mess is made when we digging. If required, stainless steel or galvanised chain can be used to extend your shade sail corners to a fixing point. <> All Rights Reserved. Steel poles can be powdercoated to match house or joinery colours. Do not use a fire (or patio heater) close to the fabric and do not use your barbeque under the shade sail. Poles are generally a large part of the cost of when initially installing a shade sail. There is an extensive range of fixing accessories available. SHADETEX New Zealand … 2 0 obj Over tensioning can also cause damage to your shade sail. stream © 2020 Lidgard Shades. Brace the post and leave to set for 48 hours. tLL� ɠ����O�6��N ���3�_F�v�iG��V��(Z�k8+r�b�iW��3�AT�P�)CQ6㛁F�&fE�[�؊�D���DN��R�̶���ȸ���Z�r����� �2����K������Xi{ ��b}�skԌ}Պ�6 ķ���=�Й�L�l>����>xG���ˍ˧Omt�:8�k���g1[��ęa�i��~�������5m��xT�ɶ�t^��^�Y�f*A�Q��:��� �ʍ#�4

All Shade Sails are installed with robust galvanised steel poles which are zinc-coated to increase corrosion resistance.

Email: Specifications Shade Sail Pole Specifications Poles should be either medium wall galvanised steel or H5 treated timber. Remember before digging to make sure you check with your local council for any pipes and wires in the ground as you don’t’ want to hit those! Well, the versatility and innovation offered by shade sails are unmatched by any other. <>>> You can drill through the fascia into the rafter and fix the hook in place. Stop tensioning when the shade sail is rigid with little creases.

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