stevie wonder happy birthday

Let it out, don't hold it in Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday 'Cause we all know in our minds Sing it loud as you can

We know that love can win Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy birthday Happy birthday to you Where peace is celebrated He showed us, non-violently, a better way of life, a way of mutual respect, helping us to avoid much bitter confrontation and inevitable bloodshed. That he stood for time will bring Happy birthday to you [Verse 3] Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday to you [Verse 1] Stevie also wrote down a few things about Martin Luther King Jr. Day in his album sleeve: It is believed that for a man to lay down his life for the love of others is the supreme sacrifice. Happy birthday to you Who know the way to truth Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday For nearly two thousand years now we have been striving to have the strength to follow that example. We'll make the dream become a reality Happy birthday to you [Chorus] We know the key to unity of all people I just never understood Because it should never be And we all know everything Happy birthday to you Just because some cannot see Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday... To show just how much we love you Be set aside for his recognition Happy birthday to you [Chorus] At a day in your celebration There ought to be a law against That lives in all of the hearts of people Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday to you It should be a great event I and a growing number of people believe that it is time for our country to adopt legislation that will make January 15, Martin Luther King’s birthday, a national holiday, both in recognition of what he achieved and as a reminder of the distance which still has to be traveled. [Bridge 2] At a day in your celebration. Happy birthday to you And the whole day should be spent That there ought to be a time Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Today a staple at birthday parties, Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” originally served as an unofficial commercial to call up people to sign the petition for a Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We still have a long road to travel until we reach the world that was his dream. Anyone who takes offense. Happy birthday to you There ought to be a law against. Because our hearts tell us so Anyone who takes offense Is in the dream that you had so long ago [Chorus] It couldn't fit more perfectly Martin Luther King was a man who had that strength. Join me in the observance of January 15, 1981 as a national holiday. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you We in the United States must not forget either his supreme sacrifice or that dream. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday In full remembrance The day was eventually signed into federal law by Ronald Reagan in 1983 and, first introduced in 1986, is now celebrated annually on the third Monday in January. Happy birthday to you That believe in unity Thanks to Martin Luther King And I'm sure you would agree 'Cause we all know in our minds. Jesus Christ by his own example showed us that there is no greater love. All throughout the world

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday [Verse 1] You know it doesn't make much sense. Happy birthday For people like me and you The dream as clear as he Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday Could not have a day that would Happy birthday Happy birthday Ooh yeah Than to have a world party on the day you came to be

Of those who lived and died for the oneness of all people The time is overdue So let us all begin Is love and unity to all God's children That we can set aside I know we will Happy birthday Happy birthday to you [Bridge] You know it doesn't make much sense

How a man who died for good

Why has there never been a holiday Happy Birthday Lyrics.

[Outro] That they should make it become an illusion For in peace our hearts will sing

[Verse 2]

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