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First a short introduction: the Swat valley is situated in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, close to the Afghanistan border, and home to over 2 million people. My idea to visit the Swat Valley was originally inspired by blogger Joan Torres from Against The Compass.

Video Marketing – 5 Tips and Reasons Marketers are Opting For It! This time I could see I was the only registered foreigner in the last 1 or 2 weeks.

Rawalpindi, Pakistan General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of Pakistan visited Logistic installations of Lahore Corps today, says an official statement... Aiman and Minal Khan are taking their brand AnM Closet to the next level by introducing some elegant attires from the latest collection. When it comes to Madyan, it is that hill station that makes one enjoy the actual glamour of Swat River. Si elle a survécu à ses blessures, la jeune fille, dont le discours à l’ONU avait ému la communauté internationale, n'est jamais retournée au Pakistan.

Parfois surnommée "la Suisse du Pakistan", la vallée de Swat séduit par ses paysages verdoyants et ses hauts sommets.

Yet it becomes pretty clear that we are being watched. Option recommandée.

Once a cricketing super star, he is an educated reformer who sees broad support from across the country. Not sure if I should be concerned for what would lay ahead (and for not having a permit), I explained them I am just a tourist heading to Swat. They can arrange trekking, hosting and provide tips and tricks about the area. Mais la présence des terroristes se fait encore sentir. I decide to jump in a minibus in the morning and head up the valley by myself. Grièvement blessée, elle est transférée au Royaume-Uni pour y être soignée.

I figured there is no such thing as the professional scamming you see in India, so we decide on a price and off we go. On my last night I therefore met up in Mingora with the awesome guys from The Swat Valley Backpackers. WAIT! With the security conditions in Pakistan being on the brink... Video Marketing is one of the best ways of promoting your company and products. Ayeza Khan Again Flaunts Alluring Colors in Fancy Couture Photoshoot.

Mais en 2007, la région bascule dans la terreur, lorsque les Taliban commencent à en prendre le contrôle. Sa tête y est toujours mise à prix. CONTACT, Your data is safe. A country not often seen in the top charts, it is packed with tourism potential. The second checkpoint came about an hour later. The overall atmosphere is good, but I do realise that I am attracting a lot of attention. Once in Gilgit you can take a flight back to Lahore.

I shared a dinner with them near the famous White Palace of Marghazar, listening to some of their amazing stories about life in Swat. Every night in Kumrat Valley welcomes the tourists with an enchanting view of the sky and one cannot skip even a second while gazing it for long.

Ultimately, the property developer tells me it is time to go see the local police station. The first is that peace has (officially) been restored in the valley. There is a good reason for all these checkpoints, and that has everything to do with the Taliban. It has magnificent landscapes and one can see the red hut cottages even from a long distance. Don't forget or you will still be missing out!

I took the ‘risk’ of going without one and just talk my way through. The officials on the other side were relaxed and attempted to engage me in a broken-words conversation. Sana Javed Glams Up For Post-Wedding Photoshoot – Pictures Inside! While roaming around Swat, the tourists experience something out of the world which makes them feel owned by the valley.

When we arrive in Bahrain he offers to show me around. Régulièrement, les leaders de la communauté et les activistes sont victimes d’attentats ciblés.

A volatile security situation so far has kept most visitors away, but 2019 might mark the start of a brighter future. DISTRICT DE SWAT, Pakistan, 2 février 2011 – Malalai Yousafzai, 13 ans et élève de septième année, a présidé avec confiance une séance de l'Assemblée des enfants qui s'est récemment déroulée dans le district de Swat, dans la province de Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, au Pakistan.

I interact with the locals for as much is possible though no one hardly speaks any English, understandably. Swat valley is rich with amazing landscapes and once this area was among the conflicted areas and now the locals are trying their best to focus on Tourism and restore the trust for domestic tourism.

You can have a unique combination of white and green surroundings made of the lush green forests and snowflakes. In my opinion there are no obvious must-see attractions other than perhaps the Malam Jabba ski resort (if you happen to visit during the snowy season). It’s a situation I have read about before on the Internet. It is run by locals, which is clearly reflected in the incredible richness of information provided. Nous avons donc dû réaliser l’entrevue chez elle, à l’abri des regards... >> À voir aussi : "Dans la vallée de Swat, une femme défie le pouvoir des hommes", Le résumé de la semaineFrance 24 vous propose de revenir sur les actualités qui ont marqué la semaine, Emportez l'actualité internationale partout avec vous ! It’s all part of the adventure though. Aima Baig and Farhan Saeed Turn On Heat With Sensational Photoshoot! My adopted guide promises the police to watch over me and to take me to the next village Madyan. Nos reporters sont retournés dans la vallée de Swat, au Pakistan, où les Taliban ont imposé leur loi avant d'être chassés par l'armée en 2009. Indeed I must agree you need more time to really appreciate what the country has to offer.

Given the limited time I opt for simply exploring the villages of Bahrain and Madyan. It is located in Usho Valley of Kalam. Many travellers in the remote areas of Pakistan are offered an armed escort, for the simple reason that the government’s worst nightmare is anything happening to foreign tourists. Prendre un taxi de Islamabad à Swat 399.2 km; $120 - $150. I thanked them for their kind welcoming service and minutes later we were back on our way. The snowy mountains of Mankial and Flaksair add up to the beautiful scenery, each region of Swat is so captivating for the tourist just like the Swat falls in the province Khyber Phatunkhawn of Pakistan. Moreover, streams and waterfalls are abundant here. Pashtuns are conservative followers of Islam and dress traditionally. I have only spent seven days in Pakistan, which seems like a mad choice of rushing it. Do not underestimate this trip though. After the slow start the day before, I know that if I want to get anything out of my trip to Swat I need to go somewhere.

Blasphemy by France: Pakistanis to Boycott Carrefour Soon – Here is Why! Moreover, the road to MalamJabba is beautifully constructed into curves and the adventure lovers visit the spot to enjoy skiing on a thick snowy carpet. Almost done! That means that the best thing to do in Swat is to go on a multi-day hike in the mountains and explore some of its villages the way I did.

They first want to see my passport and then show me their police ID. Luckily the story ends well and I set up base in the Rose Palace Hotel for the next 2 days. The moment we step out of the car I take two pictures with my camera (see above), when I am immediately approached by two men. France 24 - Infos, news & actualités - L'information internationale en direct.

Things today are much better. The cool and pleasant weather of these locations makes a perfect combination for the tourist. My mood tells me I am not planning to stay there for long. I would suggest to spend at least 3 weeks in Pakistan, preferably even a full month if your agenda allows. When after 5 minutes I enquire on the situation they explain me they just want to ensure my safety. En 2012, les regards du monde entier se tournent vers le Pakistan lorsque l'adolescente de 15 ans y est la cible de balles tirées par les Taliban. My guide explains him how we have already been to the police station an hour ago, and that he should not worry as I won’t be staying long. They speak Pashto, which is a different language than for example what people speak in Lahore or Islamabad. 2 autres options. © 2016–2020 Offbeat Travelling - All rights reserved Are you planning to do so? La situation des femmes s’est également améliorée.

10 Places are a must-visit in Swat in 2019 & 2020 especially in winters because Pakistan is a land of beauty and Swat is the proof of this statement.

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