taurus revolvers reviews

Of course, every person owning a weapon must have a sensible place to keep the same for the safety of himself and his family.

Accuracy with the 942 wasn’t terrible. I have the stainless 5 shot 85. I’d be very hard-pressed to recommend the Taurus 942 for anyone.

Recutting them to an 11 degree angle made for a much less disruptive introduction of bullet to bore. All that extra ammo handling really got tedious.

Of course, one of the well-known revolvers of this kind is the Taurus 608 by Smith & Wesson. Anything else is probably best for my .22 rifle only. Defender 856 with VZ grips (courtesy Taurus).

Marlin Vs. Henry Rifles – Which One Is Best? There’s another alternative for a rock solid low recoil carry gun. One of my Smiths is over 56 years old and still works every time I pick it up which isn’t often but the Tauruses do the same!

I honestly don’t think either of these are outstanding carry options, and I’d probably try to discourage anyone from carrying either of these. And if I somehow run out of ammo, I’ve got a pretty fair club.

SIG Academy's Hana Bilodeau joins Rich and Jim to discuss the essential skills all handgunners should master.

This one just wasn’t it, unfortunately. The CCI Velocitor, Remington Viper, and Winchester Varmint HE were in the second tier of ammunition fired in the Taurus 942; I had two malfunctions with each in 56 rounds of Viper and 32 rounds of Velocitor. I bought a 7 shot Ruger .357 stainless steel revolver right before this lock down started. As a counter-counterpoint is the Bersa’s complicated action: a DA/SA with a decocker. It doesn’t please me at all to write an unflattering review.

The Bersa comparison was totally a whim! There is a world of difference when you move from a 2 inch barrel to a 3 inch one.

Furthermore, the revolver is also made with a transfer bar safety, which can be manually set up. The GP100 is the most accurate (heaviest), also smooth acting. But that extra inch does make it not a pocket gun and that’s why I have the j frame. However, due to the short barrel, is also VERY loud (good for scaring would be perpetrators). Hell, in the time it would take me to get my pant leg up over my boot and high enough to draw my assailant could mill and assemble an 80% AR to shoot me with. The double action trigger is fairly heavy. Come to think of it, wouldn’t a home-defense revolver also make more sense if it had a seven or eight-round cylinder since thickness and weight are not important? Maybe I have girlish ankles, but I’ve never tried an ankle rig that didn’t make me look like I had a clubfoot or something. It performs much better at the range than does the j frame. From the rumored faulty weapons in their early years, they have slowly but surely risen from the lowest step of the ladder to the roof of firearms manufacturing and design. Welcome back to The Rimfire Report!

Give a Gift   The big advantage of the Taurus Defender 856 over most revolvers is a high visibility front night sight. My High-Standard did not like Sellier & Bellot Subsonic .22LR. I had closer to (maybe greater than) 50% failure rate with the Aguila “Super Extra Hollow Point” load pictured in the article. I would like to have the opportunity to try another sample of this gun – I wanted it to work and did everything I could to get it to work.

Whatever’s causing it, the easy solution is to use different ammo, like you did. these were at shot show in Jan.2020. Somehow, the commercial end of things doesn’t get the same attention. For both experienced and amateur shooters, the most important consideration in purchasing an addition to their arsenal, or maybe even their first ever firearm, is shooting accuracy.

Appears that TAURUS has re discovered that fact. It would not index the cylinder at all if I remember correctly. The 22LR Taurus 942 right off the bat has a big negative for me – its weight. The Taurus is also a much heavier gun, at 23 ounces unloaded.

I purchased two of these little .22’s and one shot flawlessly while the other had the same problems you described. Remington 700 ADL vs. BDL – Which One Is Best? During one shooting session the blade could move enough to alter impact by several inches. It handles personal defense loads well and invites practice. The rear sight is very like the rear site on the early Ruger SP-101’s in .22 and .32 H&R. The Thunder jams a lot, or fails to go into battery, often after the first round, even with various magazines. Unfortunately I don’t want live .22 rounds scattered all over my yard, so that means taking a some extra time to fish them out. The Taurus 856 Defender is one of those handguns that is light, powerful and accurate enough to go along hiking or camping.

5 shot 2 inch groups at 15 yards. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

If this makes it onto the CA roster, I’ll own one. The 2″ revolvers pocket carry.

The trigger is what you’d expect.

The size of the two is real close. Still, this malfunction is uncommon enough that I was interested to see it. Quite often I carry two guns out of long habit from police work.

We’re not gonna spam.

Fire 3 or 4 rounds…cylinder binds hard against the forcing cone.

The ideal use case for a smaller revolver like this isn’t home defense per se, but being able to do double duty as a concealed-carry pistol and a nightstand gun.

The front sight on the Taurus 942 really isn’t any surprise.

It’s tough to shoot quickly. We’ve previously discussed on The Rimfire Report how 22LR should not be dismissed out of hand or discounted as a viable 22LR option. I don’t think it is perfectly executed but I very much appreciate the concept. The 3″ ones generally don’t.

The rate of unreliability made shooting a bit of a headache, and somewhat limited the scope of this review.

I estimate the double action trigger at 12 pounds. As for ammunition, we recommend a .38 Special to get used to the revolver and eventually move further up to .357 loads once you get the hang of it. I had (many ages ago) a S&W M34 Kit Gun that was rock solid reliable. Nice looking gun. The Taurus’ trigger is of an appropriate width.

The revolver is also a simpler instrument. Copyright 2020. The right side of the frame features the Taurus bull logo and “Taurus Int’l Mfg Miami, FL-USA” along with the serial and model numbers.

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