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March 25, 2020. He isn’t a narcissist, at least not until the end. This addition to Blum Houses’ series Into the Dark is a lot different than its predecessors, where its previous twists and turns almost seemed cathartic.

They are feature-length long installments and they seem to be designed by Blumhouse Television to be horror scripts that thought would make interesting forays but wouldn’t play well in a theater. In an irrational world, anything is possible. The next theory focussed on what the leader does rather than who they are. Jones operates in both of those lanes so efficiently that it’s almost like he’s playing two different roles. The Current Occupant doesn’t shy away from its overt themes, but it allows the viewer to shape their own narrative. It’s as simple as that. My one complaint is the film doesn’t build on the story of Henry Cameron. Through leading questions and little hints, we find out Henry has built a wall around his mind, where reality and fiction blur. The series itself is a bit odd from a conceptual level. Dhruv Sharma. He is forced to kill his only ally, his “Secretary of State” and starts spiraling down in further denial. When he goes through his computer, he discovers that Tomas had some serious drinking problems in the past and using this to his advantage, Javier sets out to sabotage his life.

It’s unconscious, unreasonable, and it’s unavoidable. Henry’s growing fears about his surroundings prove accurate, and he finds that he no longer lives in a rational world. It’s certainly an anthology series in the vein of Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone but it’s also slightly more grandiose than that. In The Current Occupant, Henry doesn’t live in a rational world. Into The Dark: The Current Occupant Review- What If The President Was a Mental Patient?

In several scenes, a stark contrast is created between Javier’s old and current lifestyle.

Ideally, the President puts smart people next to him or her so that he can be advised appropriately. Even at this point, after completely ignoring his old family and even murdering an innocent man, Javier shows no guilt or remorse for what he has done.

The Twilight Zone Season 2 is a Sharper More Relevant Journey. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. He then befriends Tomas to be able to directly interact with his family. He has a wonderful duality here in that he can both be this soothing presence to Henry who tells him that everything’s going to be okay and then he can turn it on a dime to be a male Nurse Ratchet. Want more from Tell-Tale TV? Hulu’s Into The Dark The Current Occupant may not be for everyone but for those feeling helpless and scared it’s an all too real possibility. And of course, the scene in which his ex-wife later threatens him that she’ll tell the police about everything he has done, he does not flinch once when he blackmails her that he’ll take away their son’s college funds and spend it all on a lawyer. The orderly Marvin Jones III from CW’s Black Lightning is menacing and sadistic. This is when he begins to go down a dark downward spiral of envy which forces him to pull off a sinister plan. When he steps out from the elevator at the end, it will just be another floor to the hospital, rather than the White House. It’s as simple as that. Tell-Tale TV is a Tomatometer-Approved Publication. This concept evolved into characteristic specific theories, which would define an individual’s adequacy by their traits. The Occupant Netflix Film Review and Ending Explained. This is a straight-up psychological thriller, and like we said at the top, your enjoyment in this will greatly depend on how willing you are to go along with that particular brand of horror.

This has lead to a lot of bad reviews, but I think they miss the point. But his wife seems to have a problem with this and does not agree with his methods. Subscribe to our newsletter here! Is he part of a greater conspiracy, or is she? Quiz: How Well Do You Know 'Julie and the Phantoms'? Ultimately, a lot of people genuinely enjoy this subgenre.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Many currently believe in Management Theory. It uses mental illness, which is an entirely different subject altogether, as this magic button a writer can press so that any kind of concept of reality can be useless. For unknown reasons, she wants to drive Henry mad. Anything can happen and anything can be explained by way of a sick brain. It’s true.

Season 7 Episode 10: Stolen, The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Review: Labyrinth (Season 2 Episode 3), 36 Greatest LGBTQ+ Television Couples from the Past Ten Years, 18 Best Supernatural Television Shows Ever. Unfortunately, it doesn’t capitalize on a mentally ill President as much as it could considering that we have an actually deranged one currently, so that’s a serious missed opportunity. Into the Dark Season 2 Episode 10, “The Current Occupant,” is one of those stories where your mileage will very much vary depending on how forgiving you are towards the genre. Dr. Larson vaguely discusses this idea during her “ sessions” with Henry.”Is it fundamentally good to empower an individual over the masses?” she asks. ‘The Occupant‘ does something similar and represents how a man chooses to conform to his deepest impulses during moments of crisis and walks down a very dark path.

As his obsession with his old life grows, he enviously admires everything that Tomas has. This shows how negligent he is towards being responsible for his own family. All images property of their respective owners. An unnecessarily convoluted films that does its job at being creepy but at what cost? One scene, in particular, shows a leaking tap at his old luxurious home and then after he moves to his new home, a very similar scene is depicted in which he glares at a leaky tap in his kitchen. Catch The Current Occupant streaming on Hulu now. In contrast to this, despite Tomas’ previous alcohol addictions, his wife supports him no matter what. But I didn’t care for Mohawk, his last collaboration with Ted Geoghegan, so I went into Satanic Panic, which I caught with a great crowd at the Screenland Armour as part of Middle of the Map Fest, with some reservations. There is nothing like a raunchy, ridiculous chuckle-fest that is[…]. All content is the property of Signal Horizon. In fact, he seems proud of what he has managed to achieve. Despite not being able to afford his old lifestyle, he firmly believes that he’s better than Tomas and even thinks he’s better off without his own family. And with this, he not only intends to get his old home back but is also determined to get Tomas’ wife and daughter as well. What did you think of Into the Dark: The Current Occupant? Just like Henry, we are left stunned, disbelieving, and lacking in agency. From ‘Hannibal‘ to Patrick Bateman from ‘American Psycho‘, psychopaths in movies and TV shows have always been luring viewers with their depiction of the darker side of human nature. Table 1004.1.2 displays the occupant load factor based on the function or use of a space or room. More. What would you do? This theory argues history can largely be explained through the impacts of great people; highly influential and unique individuals who, due to their natural prowess, have a decisive historical effect. He is just a poor schmoe being tricked by those he should be able to trust the most. The episode follows Henry Cameron, a man with no memories who was in a traumatic accident and slowly starts to suspect that he is the President of the United States being held against his will as part of a big conspiracy. As his grip on reality wavers, we all begin to feel a little like we are in The Twilight Zone. It’s the worse type of unreliable narrator not only because it’s the protagonist that you can’t trust but also the very world itself and everything you see happening. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Although the show doesn’t shove an answer in your face, it certainly hints that egoism is just a symptom of something worse. Earlier in the movie, Javier tries to take his own son out for a run just to make him lose some weight so that he’s not bullied in school anymore.

Similar to Participative Theory, where leadership is more democratic, the group builds up the leader and helps them make the best decision. Imagine what would happen if you were forced, to be a participant in a questionable experiment? As a result, we, as an audience, become quickly attached to Henry emotionally, especially with help from great performances. The Current Occupant leaves you feeling despondent. In several scenes, a stark contrast is created between Javier’s old and current lifestyle. He then opens the automatic shades of his new home and admires the view outside his window.

The deliberate ambiguity left the viewer in a similar mindset as Henry.

Even Tomas’ daughter practices ballet and seems to be the exact opposite of Javier’s son, who just plays video games at home all day. The Occupant Ending Explained The movie ends with him in a giant home with his wife and new family. So further down in this article, we’ll be explaining his character in context with the overarching plot and also how it leads up to the film’s conclusion. Ignoring that all of the professionals involved seem to be very bad at their job, the slow rollout and reaction to Henry realizing that he might be the President is executed quite well.

The episode poses an interesting question, is anyone who thinks themselves fit to run a country sane? This installment is designed to disturb. It’s how most of us feel about the pandemic. The occupant load factor is based on function.

When he leaves his own family just to live his old lavish life, he shows how shallow he is when it comes to having feelings or emotions of any kind. There’s nowhere for it to take this idea, even if it was inclined to, because it’s too invested in the is-he-is-he-not part of it to even be concerned with that. Dr. Larson played brilliantly by Sonita Henry, is an expert gaslighter.

Check your inbox or spam folder now to confirm your subscription. The ending of The Occupant on Netflix Yet again, this is not an “ending explained” bit for The Occupant on Netflix since we don’t do spoilers in reviews.We do “explained”-pieces here and this Netflix movie doesn’t really require one.. At the ending of the current occupant, Helen was also seen insisting that Henry was not … While he’s executing this, Javier seems to tick all the right boxes which prove that he is a psychopath. Preview -- Pen15 Season 2: Sure To Be Da Bomb, High Fidelity Season 1 Review: Remake Finds Its Own Rhythm, TV News Wrap-Up: The CW Renews 13 Shows, 'American Horror Story' Gets Three-Season Order, Connie Britton Eyed for '9-1-1' Return, & More, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Preview — Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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