the game looking at you lyrics

Walkin down the street, smokin, chronic. Walkin down the street, smokin, chronic In my black locs, lookin, +AT+ you [The Game:] Guess who's back on the West coast tracks It's the motherfuckin messiah of gangsta rap Still dip in the six-fo', still puffin on the same chronic Haters mad cause I still got it I never fall off, even without the Doc You niggaz sellin your soul tryin to stay on top Bitch nigga check your Kotex, you niggaz ain't movin shit like the hand on …

Rain hits so we floodin the game When you come to Compton respect the grounds, leave you shook man (And I look good, from Compton to Brooklyn) Hey yo I don't give a fuck who you are, fuck ya ice Looking at You Lyrics: (Verse) / I've gone afar, collecting objets d'art / I know the whole game by heart / Why, Joe Duveen / Will tell you what I mean / 'Twas I who gave him his start / But since I In my black locs, lookin, (AT) you. (feat.

The Game Lyrics. In my, khaki suit, doin what (I) do. "Lookin' At You". Mac Minister) [Chorus: sung by Tracey Nelson] Walkin down the street, in my All Stars.

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